‘Love will not be divided’, ‘I got a few words out of my mind tonight’ & ‘the same steps’ from Volume 44: ‘You were greater than any hope’

Three poems from my last collection of poetry. Looking back it’s all again a mixed bag of poetry with it all just seeming a bit pointless in writing. But yet I keep going.

‘Love will not be divided’ is my favourite from the collection which can be read in full at poetjordan.co.uk/volume-44


Love will not be divided
never split
nor subtracted
as the heart will share

Love will not be divided
but multiplied
with added belief
that the world we live
will be fair and true

Love will not be divided
but shared equally
with the addition of a new heart
a bond will be built
holding each other’s hands
together we will grow.


I got a few words out of my mind tonight
words I found out that no one will listen to
but at least I’ve said them out loud

Better out than in right?

My words won’t change the world
however it may change the way you feel about me
or you’ll go into the night and forget everything I’ve said
& your perception of me will differ somewhat to before

Letting you know the words my heart holds
makes it feel like it believes again
like it can be a open heart and soul it use to be
(for at least a moment)

With the words let out there is now an empty space
a void
something feels like it has been lost
& indeed in some way it has

Those words filled my mind and heart with hope
but now they have been let out
everything feels a little bit hollow
as the words somehow completed me

I got a few words out of my mind tonight
merely losing a whole lot more than I thought I would
all because deep down I feel something for you
& stupidly thought that you thought something for me

Now those words have gone somewhere
not knowing if I will get them back in some form or other
I walk aimlessly wondering if was ever worth letting them out.


I walk the same steps as you
almost following the exact steps
however some time after you
but never before you have I been

In the breeze I smell your fragrance
as if you have just been here
with the silence between the breeze
I take the moment to think (of you)

There will be a time when we cross paths
as we did on hills gone by
(when you saw and scampered a different way)
but when and where that will be
may be only God will know as I
cannot see the future of where I decide to walk next

The same steps of the hill / countryside we walk
yet our lives differ but good they are
in a world where life can be unfair
our lives have treated as well to be who we are

Our lives path I hope will be long and adventurous
& if I do walk the same path with striding steps
I’ll always look out for you as I have always done
over every hill and every field I explore to be closer to you.

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