‘Behind the Crowds’ – Part 1: #MentalHealth

With the passing of Chester Bennington, it is another sad case of what seems to be a mental health issue. It was only the other day I provisionally entitled my next poetry collection #MentalHealth, despite not all my ideas being based on this the strong . Linkin Park got me through my university days, in good mood, bad mood or an indifferent one. So to hear of him taking his life at 41 is incredibly sad and their albums will continued to be listened to.

I’m not saying that I can completely relate to what people are going through but at times I have thoughts that strain the mind – as we all do.

I’ve started writing various poems covering topics of mental health to love to the random thoughts as per usual.

This first poem is entitles ‘Behind the crowds’. A poem I wrote as I feel like just one of the crowds, doing what I do, but still here.

Behind the crowds

Behind the crowds
& past the clouds
You’ll find me

A father A brother
A husband A poet

Human like you
No better no worse

I am one of the crowd
Just travelling past the clouds
Trying to find me (once in awhile).

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