Behind the Crowds – Part 2: ‘The Walk’

Everyone sorts their thoughts out in one way or another, mine is by walking, taking photographs and listening to music. Hears another poem that reflects sorting out thoughts by walking.

The walk

Cheers for the walk today
It really helped me clear the mind
Getting rid of all the unneeded thoughts

A long thoughtful walk it was
Beyond the scope of any landscape imaginable
Placing those hard to put into words thoughts
High in the trees so the breeze can take them away

It’s hard to find the time to get those few extra steps
To go that little bit further for the mind to get lost
I wouldn’t want to stop you from releasing unwanted moments
That just don’t belong in the mind today and never should be there tomorrow

Space in the mind becomes a little confined
Like a pressure cooker some steam just escapes if slightly released

With a walk all the talk, thoughts and pressure
Are released carefully being place up in the trees
The breeze comes and takes them away one by one

A walk can clear a thousand thoughts or sort the ones that are stubborn
The view eases the mind and finds ways in which to let things go
Making room for more important elements of life to be thought out clearly

Cheers for the walk today as it really cleared the mind
The pressure has been let go and in the breeze it went

Until the next time whenever you’ll be
The walk will be even more pressured the next time the view is seen.

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