‘The heart unsaid’ – Behind the crowds Pt.5

Behind the crowds – Pt 5.

Sometimes we try to show how much we care, what something or someone means to us. However sometimes this can all be a bit too much and the heart becomes hurt, all because it tried to show a little bit of love.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that when the heart is hurt, it hides.  Learning from previous experience it hasn’t given up, it just decides not to show anything.  This of course can cause the opposite affect that it may seem it doesn’t care at all.  A hard balance to achieve in some cases.  ‘The heart unsaid is a poem about showing too much, yet it is still there.

The heart unsaid

The heart went quiet
but it kept on beating

The heart hasn’t said anything
for a while
but it still feels
for you

Silently saying
I adore you
when I see you

The heart
kept quiet
everything unsaid

It kept on beating
like it has always done
just slightly slower

The heart
gathered itself in
so not to get hurt
once more
as the world
did not always
what the heart felt

Through everything
the heart went quiet
except for its beat.

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