‘I try’ – A poem about being a dad

I woke up this morning and instantly thought of this idea for a poem, got up and started to write.  After a tinkering with it all day I decided to jump this poem ahead of the que.

A poem about being a parent and trying to do everything I can to be the best dad I can.  I need not say much more.

‘I try’

I try
to be the best
dad that I can
fixing bikes
cut knees
everything else
providing a hand
when an extra one
is required
(& sometimes
when not)

I know one day
I’ll have to fix
a broken heart
in the best way
I can’t
but I will try
picking up the pieces
making your heart stronger

I try
to be as supportive
as a dad’s meant to be
not always having
the answer
yet always thinking
of new ways
to be supportive
even if it’s just (as usual)
holding your hand
to let you know
I’m always there

I try
even if
I have no idea
what I am doing
thinking on the spot
just hoping it’s right
& if it’s not
I learnt how not
to do something

I try
learning from
how to be
the best dad
I can be.


Behind the crowds – Part

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