An ode to my time at university – ‘We were social and didn’t need the media’

Many years ago university came and went. But with that there are still many great memories. And with my recent thoughts on social media I thought about the two.

Starting university in September 2002 many years have passed, yet memories of those years still remain fresh. Social media wasn’t around like it is today, some not even existing until the later years of university, yet still not like the power they have become today.

So I’ve written the poem below, probably more personal so I’m not expecting people to understand (unless you were there).

‘We were social and didn’t need the media’

We were social and didn’t need the media
I ask myself;

What if social media would have been around in my university days?

How much would have been different? If at all.

I could have checked-in to the pub(s) I was in
Taken photos of people at the house party
Tagged a thousand people who I don’t know today
Catalogued every thought I had each day and with that
Have seen how many people just didn’t care

I could have looked back now to see more memories
As social media reminds me of times gone by from years that passed
I cherish the great uni memories I have stored in my mind
But something tells me it just wouldn’t have been as fun as it was
If the modern world that is now was back then

The best times always remembered by friends who were there
At the end of the night the memories stayed there
With no social media to remind the next day
I felt I could be free to be me every day

However I do wish I had a camera to capture more moments than I remember
Moments of laughter, beautiful views and those random life moments

The days without the social media presence were better than ever
It is only in hindsight that we can look back now and know this
As at the time we just did what we did when our lives were side by side
Through learning the world, our topics and our social ways

I’ll meet you at the yellow (pub), pound a pint all night (Tuesday)
Play some tunes on the jukebox while we eat our scream burgers
(Ffriddoedd on Thursday for pound a pint, a first year delight)
Maybe head to Time (nightclub) for some 80’s (Monday) music
Run up Glanrafon hill at the end of the night, only to instantly regret it

We were social and didn’t need the media
Exploring our world, our topics, our young thoughts
The world at our feet and our feet walked together

There were no filters to hide behind or enhance the moment
The laughter we created, together, each one of us
Was the greatest laughter that I have ever heard

The years may have gone by but I haven’t forgotten you all (and I)
Living and breathing the same Welsh air
Making the best memories that are remembered today
As if they were only yesterday

Only wishing that it could be done all over again

We were social and didn’t need the media
& I’m certainly glad we had our time before social media took over the world
As I felt I could be free to be me every day.

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