‘through the eyes’ – Behind the crowds Pt.14

We all live our own lives, however we tend to live like others do which might not always be the correct thing to do. This poem reflects upon that and also goes along side some of the poetry I’ve written about social media.  We gain a lot of information about peoples lives through social media, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.

‘through the eyes’

living life
through the eyes
of someone else
can do no good

what they see
you may
not believe

what you see
may be
what they
want you
to believe

their life
is theirs
& for you
you make life
through your
own eyes

yet one
cannot help
but look
to see how
your eyes
at life
either to
or dream

living through
other’s eyes
doesn’t define
who you are

your life
by your eyes
who you
actually are

yet we all
& wonder
through the eyes
whether they are
mine or yours.

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