‘The door’ – Behind the crowds: Pt.16

‘The door’ is about leaving thoughts behind.

‘The door’

The door may have closed once and for all
But I keep on writing as it is all I can do

Words of love, hate and everything inbetween
Penned from a mind that can think of nothing else

Whether the key has been lost or snapped in the lock
I press my ear against the door to try and hear your words

The door is thick and cold but not very old
So I sit back and write the words that enter my mind

I ponder to whether you are on the other side
Doing the exact same thing as me with just as heavy heart

Again and again I try the door handle to see if it will turn
With no movement I leave the door and stand back

When I realise that the door will never open I pull a pondering face
& at the end of the day it was I who decided to close the door

For once and for all it may be the end of my thoughts and all but what could have been
Will forever be behind the door with no key to open it once more.

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