‘Love beyond the hill’ – New poem

A simple idea that love doesn’t stop whether you are next to someone or not or whether you are in one place or another.  Remember the smile that makes you walk for miles and gets you through the tough times.

Part 17 of the ‘Behind the crowds’ collection.

‘Love beyond the hill’

He held her hand
Over hills through fields
Steady over stiles
Her smile went on for miles

Not only was the view his muse
But like you it was his fuse to write
Igniting my heart to be alive
I thrive when my eyes look into yours

The love felt upon the hills
Doesn’t stop at the field’s edge
Nor do the smiles end between stiles

Letting go of one’s hand
Doesn’t mean I am letting go of you
As I know you don’t always need my hand
To get over stiles, hills or the challenge ahead
But it’s there for you, always

Until the next hill or countryside path
We’ll walk with a smile on our faces
In all places that we find ourselves.

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