‘All that we do’ (for children) – New Poem

When a child enters your life your whole world changes, facing new challenges.  But everything that we do makes it worthwhile, even at times when we can’t think straight from lack of sleep or numerous feeds – that one smile or giggle of a little ones voice makes everything worth while.

All that we do’ (for children)

Distraught eyes
tired mind
emotional dismay

Late night
early start
last feed
another feed
in total need

Day into night
there seems no end
in sight
but we fight
for them

But one night
everything’s right
yet the next
is not the best

With not much rest
a smile appears
across their face
simply making
everything ace

Forgetting that late night
or fight to feel human
their eyes meet yours
with a gleaming face
& all that we do
makes our world
worth all that we do.

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