‘Cherry Orchard View’ – New Poem

I live in a house that was once surrounded by countryside back in the 1800’s. If I had a time machine I would go back and see what life was like.

In this poem I try to explore the imagination of what it would have been like to live and look out of the window.

‘Cherry Orchard View’

What the view must have been like (~1880)
With fields and trees for miles to see
A hill in the distance it must have seemed like an adventure to go there

From the window sill it must have been a place to ponder
With a roaring fire in the fireplace on a cold winter’s day
Crackling away as the world lay untouched through the window that the eyes see

A house at the end of the street with no end in views of fields in sight through the window
Seeing the sun rise and set at night must have been a delight from the garden or window sill
At night the house must have stood in silence in unspoilt countryside, stars bright without much light

As time went on the world grew and the countryside turned from green to brown (~1925)
& I can only imagine as the cherry orchards went and the bricks built up, with a heart somewhere, saddened
The view from the window would never be the same again

There may be no photographs of the time the house of what it use to be like
& the eyes that saw the house as it stood by the countryside and cherry trees
Have all gone from the world, taking those images and memories to the ground

I imagine what it would have been like all those years ago to see the view, of fields, street and house as it stood then
Now today I am blessed to still see the hill, albeit from high above, and the extraordinary light that goes by throughout the year
With a later modified roof (~1970) I can see the Cathedral, far away but the eye can just see it, a stunning sight it is

Today I close my eyes and run through fields without a care in the world as if they were there back then
On a summer’s day I can feel cool breeze as I walk to Robinswood hill, a trek it would have been
& in my mind I imagine how the view changed through the window as the world grew brick by brick

In time the house at the end of the street may have changed through the years
But one thing for sure is that it has held many hearts within its walls
Sheltering them from the wind and the rain yet hearing every laughter, cry, hello and goodbye

The house is old and sometimes she’s cold with a little tender care she looks after us as we look after her
& the window view still remains although it’s changed through time the sun still rises and shines until sunset
The cherry tree filled fields that eyes from eras gone by must have seen, now bricks and lights, now a different time

For the eyes that look out of the window today are young, growing and will ponder life from the window one day
From seeing me leave for work I look back to see a family home with my loved ones waving back at me
We are another piece of history to this house and the land we walk and breathe.

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