‘She isn’t on the hill anymore’ – New Poem

Once in a while I get the idea of writing a fictional poem and here one is.  A poem about waiting for someone you adore or love but leaving it too late.

‘She isn’t on the hill anymore’

She isn’t on the hill anymore
Walk away

No longer does she wait for him
That moment has passed
Even through every weather
She waited

Looking longingly at the hill
Time thinking of walking
As she is no longer on the hill
Time to walk away

As the rain dripped down her face
All the thoughts were of him, for him
The rain washed them away
But there was a time
She could wait no more upon the hill
She left

He finally walked up the hill
Knowing that too much time had passed
He made the choice
Yet this didn’t stop his heart sinking
His thoughts were for her, of her

Reaching the viewpoint
He saw no one but a lonely self
Although he already knew
He saw
With his own eyes
She wasn’t on the hill anymore
She’d left

From that moment
He had to make his mind up
As she had waited
With every hope
Only for him never to arrive
& he realised
How very wrong he was

She isn’t on the hill anymore
Time to walk away
Remember what was
& not what could have been.

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