‘Phonics’ – New Poem

I can’t remember where I first heard the Stereophonics for the first time, it must have been on the radio and thought they were good. So I looked through my brothers CD collection and found an album by them, played it on the CD player downstairs and I was instantly hooked. I made copy of it onto tape so I could listen to it on my Walkman.

Unknown to me at the time it was their second album, Performance and Cocktails I had first listened to. So when I found out that they had a first album I looked through my brothers CD collection again and lo and behold there it was: Word Gets Around. I can remember the first time I saw it, listened to it and fall in love with it.

So from then, thanks to my brother, my favourite band was found. And through the years after that their music helped me through the great times, the sad times and the unknown times. Every album has many great songs with various meanings and feelings associated with them, in which they’ve helped inspire a few poems.

For a long time I wondered if I could incorporate just song titles into a poem and so I tried. Not even knowing if I could use just the song titles or even what it would be about I looked through the titles and started to write. It soon became apparent that I needed to fill out the story with my own words so in the poem below I put [in brackets my words] to link the poem together. And in true Poet Jordan style I made a love poem.

This is ‘Phonics’ – inspired by the Stereophonics, written by me.


All in one night [I thought]
Could you be the one
[as] We share the same sun [?]

In a moment [my heart is]
Caught by the wind
[&] Maybe tomorrow
I wanna get lost with you
[just for] A minute longer

[This] Song for the summer
[like my] T shirt sun tan
[I don’t wanna to say] Geronimo [to]
[thinking] I could lose ya
[I felt my] Crush
[I wanted to] Rewind [time]

[I would have] Taken a tumble [for you]
Before anyone knew our name [s]
[& asked] What’s all the fuss about
[with this] Girl
[they say she’s ] Nothing Precious at All
[yet I say she’s my world of] Rainbows and Pots of Gold

[Before I could] Wonder
[I had to choose to] Fight or Flight
[even if] A thousand trees [stood in my way]
[I didn’t know what the] Chances are
[I just thought] Help me (She’s out of her mind) [I hope]
[if she likes] The local boy in the photograph

[I was ready to] Pull the pin
[to find my] Ladyluck
[even if it meant] Climbing the wall [with] Jealousy

Would you believe
I got your number
[I felt] High as the ceiling
[& best of all]
She’s alright
[after a] Caravan holiday
Lying in the sun
Maybe [one day]
[you’ll] Step on my old size nines
[& we’ll be] Mr and Mrs Smith.

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