‘A leaf didn’t leave my sole’ – New Poem

A new poem about walking and making memories or remembering memories from days gone by.

‘A leaf didn’t leave my sole’

Over muddy ground
Flooded paths
Through fallen trees
Each step over stones
Closer to the clouds
Where the water gathers
Upon trees before falling
To the ground, or on me
One soul gathers thoughts
Whilst the other sole
Gathers mud and leaves
As I travel over terrain
On urban roads and rural earth
The heart desires deep rural paths

When the walk is over
For this moment or day
Breath caught, mind settled
With boots left covered in mud
Earth and leaves still reside
Upon the boots sole

The boots tumble, I see
A leaf didn’t leave my sole
Resembling a memory in the soul
Is a reminder of times
Forever walking to remember
Over grounds high and flowing streams
Breathing life into new memories
& letting go of others from time gone by

Whatever land is walked over
Memories are brought back upon the sole
(it may be mud, stones, sticks or moss
But it’s a reminder of the people and places)
Reminding the soul what it thought
(about what is important – person and place)
Whether it be that minute, hour or day present or gone
A leaf didn’t leave my sole.

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