‘Rural in every heart’ – New poem from Volume 49

I have always enjoyed the countryside and nature.  This poem encapsulates love and nature which is my favourite things to write poetry about.

“Rural in every heart”

Find the rural in every heart
& that’s where I start
My walk, our journey

Go beyond the rural
Where we all reside
& find what we are like
When there’s nothing
But nature

If you walk over unknown land
But more than happy to take my hand
& let me guide you through the world
This journey will be anything but bland

In the heart is a little rural
Away from the modern world
Where people can stop, think
& be who they want to be
Without the rest of the rural
Judging them on who they are

To escape we don’t have to travel far
Urban roads will become rural
Like rivers become streams
The further you follow them
The more natural the world becomes
– Only the factor of time gets in our way

How far we want to travel
Depends on who we are with
& how rural we want to go

Yet we can only travel
As far as our hearts want to go
For I see the rural and never want to come back
– As long as I am with you

Finding your rural I want explore more
Getting away from all the urban ways
I want to walk with you forever
Through every rural place I can

You’re my rural haven
Taking some back to urban lands
To keep me sane from going insane
Until the next time our hearts walk
Through lands of rural beauty.

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