‘I walked the hills alone’ – New Poem

The times before camera phones I walked the hills to help the mind escape.  I wished I could have had a camera then to see the world as my eyes grew.  For those views are in my mind and now and with the camera by my side I capture the light that falls upon the world we live.

‘I walked the hills alone’

I walked the hills alone
A time before a camera on a phone
Summer sun to winter winds
I’d walk to, from, over and far

The same view in different light
Was always the greatest of sights
A heart never bored of hills near and distant

A heart accelerates as it pushes up the hill
Only soon to be calm as the view entered the eyes
Sitting on the edge with the world below
There is no other silence like it
Giving time to think, properly think
To where the heart is heading
& how to get the best out of life

I have walked the hills alone
Yet you were always with me
In my mind to encourage
In my heart to love

Time may have passed
With new memories created
Whilst others are lost; temporarily
The hills remain all year round
In every light you can imagine
Providing a backdrop to life

I walked the hills alone
Yet never without you
In my heart.

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