‘Bristly thistles’ – New Poem

I remember when I was younger going on walks up hills and across fields that weren’t the path we were meant to be on.  With that huff and puff I still sometimes find myself on the same paths, but with a purpose of getting to where I need to be.

‘Bristly thistles’

Bristly thistles
Like little missiles
Penetrating clothes to skin

Path after path
Scratch after scratch
Thornes pain fades away

Off route
Thistles deepen
Foot on earth falls
Branches flick
Narrowly missing the eye

Thistles in the thigh
Start to burn
Muscle aches
Bleeding from scratches
Walking through
Thistle patches

Step by step
Pain thrives
Drives the heart
To where I
Need to be

Never sessile
Like bristly thistles
So no matter how sharpe
Or painful
Your thistle thorns
Will not stop me
Being me.

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