‘It was love’ – New short story poem

A long poem exploring the growth of love for a person.

‘It was love’

I looked into your eyes and immediately fell in love with you
My breath captured for a moment I could not speak a single word
Something changed that day within my mind, body and soul
It was like the world slowed. almost. to. a. steady. stop.
With only you in my eyes and could not look anywhere else

Yet that was only a single moment in time after the immediacy of meeting you
Like pressing unpause the world became full speed ahead once more
My mind had to think and act with quickness;
Otherwise your impression of me would be somewhat strange

I made you laugh, somehow I did, I made you laugh
Words from my mouth made you giggle making a special smile appear across your face
Somehow I was imparting happiness from one person to the next
Again something changed on that day, I felt love, initial love of a human like never before

History was being made as we spoke and learnt about one another
Time with you, grew, confidence higher, conversations evolved
A trust was building between two hearts that were stronger each day
An hour became a day, a day became a week, a week a month,
A year followed, there was never enough time

I felt love, initial love, but my heart had changed once again. I was in love.
My heart sank when you weren’t there, it grew when I was with you
A physical touch of your hand on mine felt like electric through my body

I had to tell you, those three little words, I love you, as I hinted I did
I read you a passage from a book about love and fondness
We led down in each others arms, it was the perfect moment

The day was drawing to a close as you sat on the edge of the bed
I sat on a chair placing my shoe upon my foot, laces in hand
You leapt towards me, “I love you”, “I love you”
Not once did you say it but twice as you held me tight
You felt what I did, you loved me like I loved you
A kiss on the lips before you left, it felt like the hardest goodbye

Late night the light was still very much bright
As my thoughts of you ran around my mind late into the early morning
My eyes finally closed with you in sight, as tomorrow is another day
I fell asleep that night in sight of love and in deep belief of you and I.

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