P**try: The Swearword 

Stood in a room and mentioning ‘poetry’ I feel like the room has gone quiet. Like I’ve just dropped the ‘f bomb’. Sometimes I think it would have more of a reaction. Nevertheless I try to carry on the conversation but usually the topic moves on swiftly.

I’m not sure why I see ‘poetry’ as a swearword in a way. Perhaps it’s just people don’t like it which in all fairness, is fair enough.  Maybe it’s my timing of bringing up the subject or it’s just the people I talk to? Some poetry/writing I don’t like so I can see where people are coming from but when a poem is related to it is a great feeling, a sense of achievement.

Even a colleague at work said that they weren’t into poetry but one poem that she read has caught her eye. This gives me belief that there is a poem out there that someone likes – whether it is mine or not – people deep down will find a poem that they like if they get a chance to look and to read.

I’m not a massive book reader so poetry is perfect for me as usually captures my concentration for just the right amount of time.  Conveying my ideas into something for people to read is becoming more of a challenge, but if I am honest I’ve stopped writing expecting people to read it, so I write for myself and publish my work with any reaction gratefully received.

This small blog has been in my drafts for over a year – something I’ve been working on for that long. And at the end of all of this, a new poem. Enjoy.

P**try : The Swearword

S/He who writes p**try
Swears by it

Swears that it will tell you
How one flipping well feels

Up down
Upside down
Right way round
P**try is how I share
My thoughts

Without ever being taught
My p**try writes itself
From the first word
Until the last

I will swear by p**try
I’ll even swear
To get my point across

You may not care
Read, explore, know
How much this all means
Or even
Why I want everyone
To read my words

But here it is

My p**try
My heart
My everything I have
Just to show you
My thoughts
The love
The worries
The life
That has been written
Into and around p**try
For far too long
To let it go.