‘Eyes in the mirror’ – seeing memories

I find it is the strangest of things that set off memories especially when I can remember all sorts of moments in life.  I looked in the mirror not so long ago and the sunlight caught my eye, showing the deepest colours. I’ve tried to capture this in a photograph but to no avail (yet). But alongside this I remembered things from years gone by from simply looking into the eye in the mirror.

Although the mind holds the memories it is with my eyes that I saw the moments with and in turn remembers them. I’ve looked into many eyes trying to read many a mind, but there’s something about the colour of a humans eye that says more than words.

So naturally this got my poetry cogs working and here is a poem called ‘Eyes in the mirror’.

Eyes in the mirror

The eyes in the mirror
show everything in life
every moment
happy or sad

It sees faces that brought joy
& the faces it brought tears to

Each colour in the eye
I see in everyone I’ve ever loved

As I look deep into the eyes
I still see your eyes
as they went deeper
more than anyone else’s

However this is more
than about one soul
as the eyes in the mirror
have captured everyone’s eyes
that in turn captured my heart

Blink and the memories are refreshed
delving further into eyes gone by
I see more and more beauty

Yet some eyes will always be at the forefront
where the sunlight shines
highlighting the brightest colours

All this from a glance
when the eyes look back
to the person I am now

The eyes in the mirror
show everything in life
that is and has been.