‘written in the land’ – A walk to find words

I never bat an eyelid when I get a chance to go for a walk in the countryside to where I prefer to go.  Off to Coopers Hill I go. I enjoy this area as I have been walking up here for the majority of my life. I’ve lost count of how many times I have walked up, down and around this area but I never get bored.  As life is always busy, I try to make the most of these walks, gathering thoughts as well as getting as many photographs as possible.

Coopers Hill, a hill close to my heart, I walk here feeling at ease and comfortable. Sometimes starting at the garage to stock up on snacks and drinks I head off up the path and up the hill that has inspired many poems, thoughts and feelings.

When my ideas of poetry are far away I feel like when I walk along the land I gather in the words to write new ideas and explore new thoughts. So this poem below is about just that, walking to fine new poetry. Enjoy!

written in the land

poetry is written in the land
with the words in the earth
making the landscape we see

so as i walk through fields
over stiles up hills over walls
i walk through the words
gathering them in

i can write the love that i find
from the earth to the hearts that walk upon it
with these words i have collected
piecing together the way i feel

the land has been written
only changing its word between seasons
allowing me to pick up new words
to create new thoughts as i walk
from winter to spring
summer to autumn
& everything inbetween

in any weather
& whether i am in your company
i find the words to write
even if i have to walk further each time
to discover new words to explain
how i feel about you and the world

written in the land are the worlds words
that make me feel like me every day
walking to find them across the land
helps me understand who i am
& where i am going.