‘Book of life’ – Social Media

Recently I’ve started to write a few poems around elements of social media.  For years I was against signing up for Facebook (exactly why I’m not too sure), but looking back now I see all sorts of memories, old photographs, old ‘friends’ just lost in time. Like any social media it is a great place to store moments in life, communicate and even use for work and poetry purposes!

There’s always more to the photograph, the moments before and after – to which I remember a lot of detail, why? I don’t know.

This inspired me to write the poem below entitled ‘Book of life’, which I feel is a little unfinished.

Book of life

Pt 1.

Rotting photos from years gone by
Times gone by of drink filled times
Or times when we use to be better friends
Sitting on a server doing nothing at all
So many memories you/I don’t even remember

Memories left to rot from time gone by
Lives have changed and our minds moved on
However the photograph remains
Capturing the moment the memory had forgotten


If I had a book of life it would be filled with pictures of you
With every smile and emotion documented
So that we could look back and see the joy, the love
& what we thought at that moment to compare our hearts now

Each and every day I look back at photographs
Somehow remembering that exact moment
As if it was just yesterday not yesteryear
Almost remembering the vibe and the smell of the day

Pt 3.

Lost friends of lost memories of lost photographs
They still all exist somewhere in the world today
But we may not have access to moments captured
As friends have been lost, tossed or just plain forgotten
Are we friends on here or just a place to spy on the world around us

P 4.

When no one else remembers that moment that photograph
& you remember everything and simply cannot forget
What are you meant to do? It’s every moment every photograph
& the moments that lead to the photo and moments after – are remembered
In the greatest of detail that no one will ever want to know or hear (ever)
The unprecedented detail takes up space in the mind
With the mind becoming overcrowded by everything stored away
Those details are the making of the moment that can’t be forgotten

Pt 5.

Beautiful moments captured, first dance, first kiss, first child
Life moments captured in a positive light, a vast positive light
Liked by many loved by more
Our moments captured for us to save and cherish
Always adding to our book of life with new pages every day.