The Grey Collection – Volume 8 by Poet Jordan

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  1. Poetry Underlined (Short poetry)
  2. How is it (Short poetry)
  3. Conscious consequences (Short poetry)
  4. The One (Short poetry)
  5. The World Through My Eyes (Short poetry)
  6. Alien (Short poetry)
  7. Force field (Short poetry)
  8. People (Short poetry)
  9. Shared Love (Short poetry)
  10. Memory of You
  11. Some Days
  12. Something About You
  13. Version 1: There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
  14. Version 2: There was an old lady who swallowed a fly: Setting the scene: An old lady revisiting (reminiscing) a place she loves as she had her first kiss here, with magnificent views on a warm sunny day, country lanes and on her bike, she just had to get to the place one more time.
  15. So why walk it?
  16. Modern Communication
  17. The Past
  18. Dancing
  19. My Dear
  20. Roaring Fire
  21. I look at myself
  22. Hopping over streams
  23. In a Moment
  24. We don’t know what we have
  25. That Look
  26. Deep Beauty
  27. Perfect Day
  28. Bridge
  29. Your Smile
  30. Turning the World
  31. I Fell
  32. What you feel is best
  33. In Awe of You
  34. We all
  35. Busy World
  36. Never Far Away

1. Poetry Underlined

Poetry will forever live on,

However I will not.

2. How is it,

That I always think of you,

But you never think of me?

3. Conscious consequences

Conscious of time,

But never of consequences.

4. The One

I will endeavour to find you,

Even if it does take my whole life.

5. The World Through My Eyes

No one will see the world through my eyes,

For this may be a good thing,

However you’ll never understand me.

6. Alien

I am an alien in familiar world.

7. Force field

The world is here,

To be lived,

Yet I only feel,

That I am being crippled by it.


8. People

People who should be close,

Are the furthest away,

People who I should be close to,

Are the furthest away.

9. Shared Love

It would appear,

How much you try and share your love,

Some people just do not want it.

10. Memory of You

When did the memory of you die,
It was meant to last forever,
But you passed away,
In my mind and my soul,

Nothing else to give,
I took your heart,
And I broke the world,

I broke my world,
Without ever knowing,
What happened to yours,

As the world shattered,
I thought I could fix it,
To my despair,
There were too many pieces,
Too many to piece back together,

A truly shattered world,
Lay in front of me,
No glue in the world could fix this,
A half hearted effort got me not far,

When did the memory of you die?
Letting go of that moment,
I heard the crash of the broken heart,
I awoke to realise,
It was meant to last forever,
In reality it did not,

The passing memory,
Has passed once again,
Forever seeing shards,
Shards of the world I broke,
Lay upon the floor,
Wasted and never remembered.

11. Some Days

Some days,
It feels like I’m talking to myself,
With no one to listen,

Some days,
If I were ever to leave a note,
Only I would have read it,

Some days,
I don’t even know why I open an eye,
Sitting all day,
Waiting until the end,

Some days are better,
But not by much,

Some days,
Are just another day,
With no direction,
Or anyone to talk to,

Some days,
I am talking to myself,
Like I am today.

12. Something About You

There was something about you,
That I never knew,
If ever we met earlier,
We could have been so much more,
A reflection that was,
Is now a glorious memory,
There was something about you,
Or actually someone about you,

A smile shared from you,
Is a smile never forgotten.

13. Version 1: There was an old lady who swallowed a fly

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly,
She then turned into a spy,
Having swallowed the fly,
She used the fly,
As the proverbial on the wall,
To see how to make a pie,
But as a spy,
Who swallowed the fly,
Learning to make a pie,
The tale of today,
Is not to swallow a fly,
Because she died,
From a bad pie.

14. Version 2: There was an old lady who swallowed a fly

Setting the scene: An old lady revisiting (reminiscing) a place she loves as she had her first kiss here, with magnificent views on a warm sunny day, country lanes and on her bike, she just had to get to the place one more time.

There was an old lady who swallowed a fly,
As she rode her bike along the country lane,
She was undeterred by the fly,
Because she knew where she had to be,

As the lane ended,
Through the green of the countryside,
The world opened up,
The lane led to the view of all views,

Leaving her bike upon the floor,
She saw the view,
A view she remembered from her youth,
One which meant the world to her,
And she just had to see one last time,

From this view her first kiss was felt,
She learnt here what joy meant to the heart,
Her memory flashed back to her youth,

She remembers the day she was here before,
As if it was only yesterday for sure,

As a tear falls from her eye,
Remembering what this view meant to her,
Why she had to come back,
And just feel what she did all those years ago,
She remembers a simpler time,
When this view was all that mattered,
And the kiss that was felt here and loved forever more,

The last trip along this lane,
To this place of beauty to adore,
This journey may be her last to see,
The place she knew life was good,

With a million memories,
The place and this view,
Will always be first in the memory,
And the last to leave,

As she looks back for the final time,
She sees the kiss and the hands that were held,
The sun shining with a light breeze,
Just as it was back then,
Even the laughter of joy could still be heard,

With the wind in her hair as she rode her bike,
She may not be as quick now as she was back then,
But what she sees in this view from here,
Is pure love she had to feel and see again,
To see before her journey,
Her journey of life comes to an end.

15. So why walk it?

The path goes nowhere,
So why walk it?
It’ll lead you nowhere,
And answers will not be found,

So why walk it?
Why walk all that way,
Just to find nothing,

The endless path,
We all walk,
It’ll end one day,
But when is unknown,

So why walk it?
The path may give you joy,
However the reality is,
The path is just leading you on,

Someone may be stood,
On the path to encourage you on,
You soon realise,
It’s not the encouragement you think it is,

So why walk it?
Why walk that path?

If we didn’t walk it,
We would never know,
That it was endless.

16. Modern Communication






17. The Past

Some things are left better in the past,

That is why this poems ends here.

18. Dancing

Dancing in my mind with you,
Throwing a few shapes,
Getting vibes from the records that plays,

We dance until the early hours,
Daft punk blasting on the stereo,
The moonlight is all we need,
To dance this night away,

Dancing all night in my mind,
Never a drop in the energy levels,
The music, the place, the person,
Contribute to the good vibes,

Letting all your memories go,Your
memory doesn’t care,
Listening to the sounds,
Being free in your dance,

The soul is replenished,
The heart has had a work out,
The dancing in moonlight continues.

19. My Dear

My dear,
I have fallen for your eyes,
They hold so much beauty,
I cannot look away,
And when I have looked away,
All I can see is your eyes,

My dear,
My true inner thoughts,
Are secret to all,
If eyes could talk,
Mine would never stop talking,
Fixated on you,
And your eyes,

Your eyes glisten with beauty,
To which I can do nothing,
But stare and see you from afar,

Just look once more,
It would make my day,
When you look away,
It’s like a light has gone out,
Like the sun has set,

My dear,
I have fallen for you,
As well as your eyes,

On days when the world is dark,
You are my light,
Enabling me to see beauty,
Not just in yourself,
But the world that surrounds us,

My dear,
Never look away,
Never take your eyes for granted,
For I will never forget your eyes.

20. Roaring Fire

The fire was roaring,
The breeze blew sand across the beach,
I sat alone while others looked on,

I knew they wanted me to leave,
So that the night could go on,
However I sat,
I enjoyed the warm evening,
With the world in front of me,
Although dark,
I was in paradise,

With a heavy heart I left,
Knowing that is what they wanted,
Not what I wanted,

The moment they had,
I truly longed for,
Hoping to capture the moment,
But tonight it wasn’t meant to be,

The fire roared,
As much as my passion,
But the night had taken its toll,
And I couldn’t take much more,
Despite being in paradise,
I was very much alone,
With time to think,
But no way to act,

The roar of the fire,
Would eventually calm,
My eyes would close,
And the night would go on,
From the fire to dreaming,
I would always be in paradise.

21. I look at myself

I look at myself,
And I only see what’s wrong,
What could be corrected,

I look at myself,
I see the failures,
And not the success,

I look at myself,
And see the mistakes,
The missed opportunities,

I look at myself,
Time and time again,
Reminding me of what I have lived,
And what I should have done to live,

I look at myself,
And I am my own greatest critic,
I never praise what I have done,
Dwell on what was,
And what should have been,

I look at myself,
And I don’t see myself,
I see a hundred different people,
Frantically running around,
Trying to find who I am,

I look at myself,
And see each scar I see,
Represents the failures I have achieved,
Yet I only see these scars,
But they are there,
Under the skin to others,
On the surface to me,

I look at myself,
And I see differently to you.

22. Hopping over streams

Hopping over streams,
Making dreams,
As the walk ascends into the mountains,
We gain trust with each other,
Learning more each day,

As we hop over streams,
The water flows,
Steadily and clearly,

At times we talk,
Without a pause for breath,
Never minding the terrain we walk,
We breathe easy,
We are our own energy,

Hopping over streams,
Encouraging each other,
I know our strength is stronger,
We’re making dreams,
Become real,

You and I,
Can get through anything,
Be everything that we want to be,
Just one more stream to hop over,
And a little bit more to climb,

Then we’d see,
Why every effort is put in,
To hop over streams,
To talk for hours,
To reach the view so high,

Some may say it’s love,
It may be friendship,

No matter what it is,
I’ve hopped over streams,
Climbed mountains,
It was all with you,
Making dreams come true,
Creating memories with you.

23. In a Moment

In a moment,
I see you,
I need you,

In a moment,
I know I can’t be the one,
But I believe in you,

In a moment,
I realise what is love,
Why it is here,
And what is to be done,

In a moment,
Everything becomes clear,
I see you,
In every thought,
Feel you in every emotion,

In a moment,
Panic sets in,
I do not know how to be,
A moments silence comes over me,
I am in the presence of beauty,

In a moment,
I’ve planned every detail of a perfect moment,
From the perfect speech,
To the perfect kiss,

In a moment,
A lot can be realised.

24. We don’t know what we have

We don’t know what we have,
Until the world takes it away,
Slowly we are covered by earth,
With memories outlasting life,

Sometimes the world doesn’t know,
What it has,
For us to give to you,
To let us create memories,
With the earth under our feet,

Slowly we are covered by earth,
Not knowing what we have,

To what we would like,
Or to what we want,
Everyone knows in their heart,
Where they are,
And want to be,

Until the world takes it away,
And we haven’t acted upon what we feel,
We don’t know what we have,
Until the world has taken it away.

25. That Look

I’ve seen that glimmer of hope before,
I’ve seen that look,
You know you want to be free,
Hold my hand and take me away,
That look is all I needed to see,

I’ve seen that look before,
I love you in ways beyond this world,
You love me, I just don’t think you know yet,

A glimmer that brings a smile,
A smile of a thousand dreams,

Let’s be free,
You and me,
I’ll hold my hand out,
And there is only one to hold it back,
That is you,
A soft comforting hold,
One never to want to let go,

A glimmer is all that it takes,
A hand hold is all that it needs,

I’ve seen that look before,
It offers hope,
It is what keeps us going.

26. Deep Beauty

Beauty is deeper than the skin we see,
We must learn to love all,
Beauty starts with what we see,
From here we learn what’s underneath,
Given time and peace to talk,
We see the beauty that one holds,

I can see the beauty in front of me,
I have dug deep,
Finding the inner beauty is greater,
Than I could have ever have imagined,

I must love the beauty I see,
Let the imagination live,
Forever searching deep for more and more.

27. Perfect Day

My perfect day,
My almost perfect day,
Time spent with you,
Forever treasured,
Never forgotten,
A brief kiss,
Truly savoured,
Forever hoping,
One day,
Our lips will kiss,
Our hearts,
Will beat fast together,
My perfect day,
Just a step away.

28. Bridge

The world that divides us,
Is like a crevasse,
This is why I need to create a bridge,
To get me from here to you,

I’d build all day and night,
Unforgiving pain,
Would be worth every effort,
Slowly but surely,
Getting the bridge across to you,

The world that divides us,
Would then be not so far apart,
A clear path laid to walk,
No boundaries at last,

Every ounce of effort,
Would be worth building a bridge,
Connecting two worlds,
Becoming one great world.

29. Your Smile

Your smile makes me feel warm inside,
No matter what type of day I have,
I know it’s there,
And when I see it,
The joy will spread from you to me,

Your smile is nice,
It calms the mind,
Settles the strife that’s in the world,

I always know your smile is there,
Even when the tears fall from your eyes,
Wipe away the fallen tears,
And you will see the smile of life,

From good day to bad,
I can close my eyes,
And imagine your beautiful smile,
Forever hoping when I open my eyes,
You’ll be stood in front of me,
Smiling back,

You smile is stunning,
So much so,
I wouldn’t give it back,
If I ever had the chance,
To look after it,
Treasure it,
Enjoy the beauty.

30. Turning the World

Turning the world up is down,
I find that my heart is next to yours,
After everything the world holds,
To stand and stare after all,
I see you,
And you are looking back,

The world has been turned,
Suggesting chaos,
In my mind there is nothing of the sort,
The world could keep turning,
Yet my heart will always be next to yours.

31. I Fell

I fell in love with you,
When I thought couldn’t anymore,
I’d jump in front of you,
To say I love you one more time,

I fell,
I was caught,
You are the one I love,
Is there no happy ending in this world?

I cry for you,
I scream to be with you,
The hand I hold out,
Is never held, never warm,
Never warm because it’s never held,
By you,

I’d save you from any fall,
Be the barrier between you and the floor,
I will never let you feel low,
As I will raise you high above,

I fell in love with you,
Even when you didn’t know,
Admired from far,
Loved so closely.

32. What you feel is best

I will take your hand,
And we will walk,
Brisk but not too fast,
I will hold you tight,
Before I tell you,
I adore you,

We will embrace,
Love, life, living,
Holding your hand,
I will guide you far,
Letting you decide,
What you feel is best.

33. In Awe of You

I stood in front of you,
Eyes wide open,
I let my heart speak to you,
Like never before,
I told you every detail,
Of the feelings my soul has to offer,

No one inspires me more than you,
Because you are someone,
I look up to,
I see every piece of goodness you have,
And I want to be part of you,

No one knows what you mean to me,
Other than I,
A soul in need of you.

34. We All

We all live,
We all die,
What happens between?
Is up to us.

35. Busy World

The busy world is a busy place,
Never knowing whether I am coming or am I going,
I could stand still and look around,
And the world would fly by,
People rushing, moving, always thinking,
People busy like a bee collecting pollen from flowers,

Once in a while,
Stand still,
See what is going on,
Rest like a bee does upon a leaf,

The world is a busy place,
Take stock of what is here,
As forever it will change,
Remember what is good,
Do not dwell upon the bad,

The busy world will never stop,
However you can,
Just for a while.

36. Never Far Away

Feelings you have,
Are feelings that you cannot control,

What feelings you have,
Are from within and nowhere else,

Somehow these feelings take control,
Beyond the power of the mind,

Feelings you have,
Are never going to change,

They may be silent,
But never far away.

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