‘A Poets Bench’ – Volume 10 by Poet Jordan

Poet Jordan Volume 10.JPG


  1. Sitting with an Angel
  2. Sessile Shore
  3. Our Playground
  4. Tell me where your heart is
  5. Before I die
  6. The Day:
  7. Holding on
  8. Swimming in the lake
  9. A Summers Day
  10. The Fall
  11. 3 Way Path
  12. Paranoid
  13. Bookcase
  14. My Energy Source
  15. Vast
  16. Bench
  17. I too, love you
  18. Outside
  19. Tree
  20. Photograph to adore
  21. Stop & Think
  22. Through the grass
  23. Every spare moment to worry
  24. To reminisce
  25. I/we drink
  26. Who I am
  27. I fell in love
  28. Everyday
  29. One Wonders
  30. Export me
  31. Invalid
  32. Faster Heart
  33. Map

1. Sitting with an Angel

As we sit under the tree on the green grass,
My little angel sits upon my crossed legs,
She’s fascinated by the flowers that surround us,
We pluck a couple so she can see them more closely,
Her babbling voice describes the flowers she points at,
No one know what she’s saying other than her,
But there is no care as it is beautiful to hear,

As we sit the breeze picks up,
Shuffling a few leaves from one place to another,
This is natural,
Our surroundings,
Our time together,

We could sit here for hours,
Staring out at the world ahead,
Picking, talking to flowers,
Laughing out loud from tickles and peek-a-boo!
So loud the wind takes our laughter beyond the trees,
Sharing the joy that is alive within us,

The laughter must have travelled far,
More young voices appear from the woods,
Time to let the angel play,
They’ll be other times when we sit and enjoy,

As she runs to play,
The breeze picks up once again,
The grass is a great place to rest,
While the world keeps spinning,

And the young voices play.

2. Sessile Shore

The sessile shore,
With nothing more,
Than some Fucus Vesiculosus,
To cover the shore,

In our world,
We may see the creatures,
Living within the seaweed,
As extraterrestrial,
With their strange looks,
And often slimy texture,
But that is to us,
To the creatures this is the norm,

The sessile shore,
Forever changing with the ebb of the tide,
Forever showing us new creatures,

Open your mind to a whole new world,
The sessile shore may not be so,
But it is a strange world,
We can get lost in,
Find new worlds to live in,
Imagine we are a part of it,

The sessile shore,
Not so sessile,
With more to explore,
Than your mind could ever imagine.

3. Our Playground

Through the trees,
Into the widest part of the plane,
Room to run freely,

The trees surround us all,
Standing tall above our heads,

The sun beams down,
The world is our playground,

Come and play,
We have one life to live,

Run through the trees with me,
Let’s run freely together.

4. Tell me where your heart is

Tell me where your heart is,
So I can I join you,

If it’s lost,
I will find it,

If it needs help,
I will help,

Tell me where your heart is,
Because mine is next to yours,

The only way I will be able to find it,
If you tell me where to be,

If you are far away,
I will travel to see you,

If you are stranded,
I will save you,

Tell me where your heart is,
Because I know my heart is with you.

5. Before I die

Before I die,
I will hold you,
Hug you,
Tell you how I feel,
Why I feel,
This way,
And no other way,

Before I die,
I will spend the night,
Talking to you,
Living my life with you,
Just for one night,

Before I die,
I’ll watch the sunrise,
With you next to me,

Before I die,
I will miss you,
Tell you,
I love you,

Before I die,
I will make sure,
You are happy.

6. The Day:

I wake up,

I travel to see you,

I talk to you for hours,

I hug you,

I kiss you,

I leave you in a perfect moment.

The actual day:

I wake up,

I see you,

We talk,

I leave you.

7. Holding on

Hanging on for life,
To the edge with no grip,
The fingers tire,
The mind drained of will power,
How much longer before the fall?

8. Swimming in the lake

Swimming in the lake,
The water clear as the blue sky,

Our feet touch,
Interlocking toes for balance,

The water is cool,
But not too cold on a summers day,

We find a shallow shelf,
Where the current is slow,

We wave our hands to steady ourselves,
For our feet still touch,

This is the moment I have dreamt of,
You and I,

Swimming in the lake,
We take a break,

Holding hands,
We laugh that echoes around,

I’m never letting go,
Of this memory,
Or you.

9. A Summers Day

A summers day,
Is all it takes,
For me to shine,
Just like the sky,

My heart opens up,
The warmth is let out,
Like the sun,
Coming from behind the clouds,

A summers day,
Warms the heart.

10. The Fall

It’s not the fall that hurts you,
It’s the sudden stop at the end of it,

You can free fall all you like,
Without a shadow of a doubt,

Yet as the stop approaches,
Nothing can prepare you,
For what is about to happen,

The fall does not hurt,
It’s a brief time to think,
Of what is about to happen,
What has happened,

When we stop,
After the fall,
How long does it hurt for?

11. 3 Way Path

Here lies a problem,

A path with 3 routes:

• As I am,

• You,

• Unknown,

Which way do I go?

Are they even real paths?

Only one way to find out,

Walk them all,

See what is good,

And turn away from the bad.

12. Paranoid

I’m not paranoid of failing,

as I have already failed.

13. Bookcase

Don’t think of me being the same,
We’re on different page’s,
Even different shelves,
Different volumes on the bookcase,

But this doesn’t stop me being your perfect companion,
On a long journey,
Or even for reference,
Quote me if you wish,

Once you have finished,
Just put me on a shelf closer to you,
I’d appreciate the company.

14. My Energy Source

You make me feel alive,
Like no one else,
You are the push I need,
The power to my soul,
The wind to my sail,
You get the idea.

15. Vast

From outer Space,
To inner Earth,
There is no one like you,

The world / universe is vast,
More so than you ever think,
At times incomprehensible,

From the core of my heart
To the very core of my soul,
To outer places that I can only dream of,

There is no one like you.

16. Bench

as I sit on the bench,
I await for you to arrive,

there is only one other beauty,
I can enjoy this beautiful view with,

I still not need to look far,
for a beautiful view.

17. I too, love you

I too, love you,
words do not describe this feeling,
only my actions will ever show,
how and why you mean so much,
my actions will speak louder than words,
than words could ever be,
yet my words are forever written,
and nothing can ever change that.

18. Outside

finally! at Last!
outside in nature,
I write about nature,
I may as well be here.

19. Tree

if I were a tree,
I would be your branch,
to support,
hold you,
stretch out in the wind,
with each day,
I grow stronger,
to be with you,
strengthening the branch,
to support you,
to keep you safe.

20. Photograph to adore

every picture I see of you,
I just adore!
no matter where it was taken,
by who,
or even if it’s perceived as unflattering,
I will adore it,
because it is of you.

21. Stop & Think

for the first time,
in a long time,
I’ve had the chance to stop and think,
and I still think the same,
the same about you.

22. Through the grass

through the grass I expect you to run towards me,
arms held out,
ready to embrace,

yet the wind blows,
and the grass shakes,

there is no sign of you,
I’ll wait,
if that is what it takes.

23. Every spare moment to worry

I cannot spare a moment,
every thought I have,
is with regards to you,
the worries you have,
are my worries too.

24. To reminisce

Bringing up the past again,
It’s gone, it’s gone,
Don’t ever think it’s going to change,
What’s done is done,

How many more times,
To reminisce,
About the same thing,
Over and over again,

We all have our moments,
Of reflection,
Of times had.

25. I/we drink

I/we drink to forget,
but somehow it doesn’t get forgotten,
the pain,
the reason one drink is never enough,

I/we drink to forget the problems,
Still the problems do not get solved,
The answer seems so clear,

I/we drink after a few,
It all seems far away,
The pain has now become dull,
A distant memory from which we are free from,

I/we drink to forget,
Yet the next time we awake,
The pain is more, if not added to,

With a head full of pain,
And the need for water,
We remember why we are like this,

I/we drink to forget what?

26. Who I am

You make me who I am,
What I write,
How I think,
And why I think,
Why I think the way I do.

27. I fell in love

I fell in love,
It was all I had,
To get me through the day,
But there was no return,
My heart has gone away,
I fell in love.

28. Every day

Every day is a new start,
That’s what I say to myself each day.

29. One Wonders

One wonders if the heart is ever worth putting into poetry,
The hours of words from the heart cannot be replaced,
It is speaking what it truly feels and it’s written down,

Every heartbeat is another poem,
Every word written is from within the heart that makes me work,

One wonders if anything will ever come from poetry,
One wonders if my heart will ever speak to yours.

30. Export me

Export me to the place where I belong,
Take me to the port and send me off,
Export me to your world,
I can fit in,
I honestly can.

31. Invalid

Life is invalid,
Without you.

32. Faster Heart

you make my heart beat faster,
as you lay next to me (on the sofa / couch),
my arm is around you,
holding you,
I’m able to kiss the top of your head,
my heart beats faster.

33. Map

I can’t find my path in life,
So I’ll just use Google Maps instead.