‘Dockside’ – Volume 13 by Poet Jordan

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  1. Walking along the sandy shore
  2. Social Status
  3. A fissure I’ll never fit into
  4. Tied Heart
  5. When the name changes
  6. Never Replaced
  7. Ebb & Flow
  8. You make my heart call out
  9. Knock Me Down (My Mind)
  10. With the flutter of each eye
  11. Guilty your honour
  12. Forever a joy
  13. How to be free
  14. When you go
  15. Every last bit of energy
  16. Stood from the outside
  17. Will
  18. Make me believe again
  19. The deep blue eyes
  20. Year or few
  21. Some things
  22. “I’d drink to that!”
  23. Wake up captain!
  24. CAPTAIN!
  25. For those days
  26. A World Apart
  27. Poetry
  28. I’d
  29. If you were a tree
  30. A Quick Note

1. Walking along the sandy shore

I can see us walking along the beach,
With each other’s hands guiding our way,
With the sea lapping against the shore,

The sun just sets as we walk further away,
Further from where we started,
Although ever closer we become by waking together,

The beach can never be long enough,
With so much to talk of,
If we could walk on water,
There would only just be enough time to talk,

The water’s edge is our boundary for now,
Until it recedes or we turn back to home,

For every moment I have to walk alone the shore with you,
I will always savour those moments,
And speak of what my heart wants to say.

2. Social Status

I ‘like’ your status,
Just as much as I like you,

I ‘favourite’ everything good you say,
Just as much as you’re my favourite person,

I ‘comment’ with the hope it will make you smile,
Just as much as I hope that you reply,

I ‘tag’ you in every photo I can,
Just because you are beautiful to me.

3. A fissure I’ll never fit into

Not sure where I am meant to fit in,

Sometimes trying to fit into a fissure,
The slightest opening one hopes to fit,
Pushing hard but never truly fitting in,

As I look through the smallest of openings,,
I can see you on the other side,
Being you, having fun, living,

Yet no matter how much I try,
Push the sides of the fissure,
I just do not fit in,
I cannot fit into the world,
The world that lay on the other side,

I can but try,
But I will always be on the outside,
Stood looking into the fissure with hope,
Forever trying to fit in,

One day hoping I will fall into place.

4. Tied Heart

Tie my heart to a piece of string,
Attach it to a stone,
And let it go over the sea,

You’ll see it sink,
To the depths of the sea floor,
Slowly you will see,
The heart,
And the stone,
Slowly sink below the surface,

You’ll stare until it has gone,
Out of sight,
With only the glimmer of the sea surface,
Eventually coming into focus,

Then the heart has gone,
And at that moment it’s realised,
It’s at the bottom of the sea,
And there is no way back.

5. When the name changes

When the name changes,
A whole new life begins,
From which I can only look from afar,

When the names changes,
The chance has gone to say I love you,
Show that what I feel,
And what may have one day become real,

When the name changes,
It doesn’t matter what I feel,
As you have a new life ahead,
And I cannot be part of that,

When the name changes,
The old name and memories,
Are put to one side,
So that new ones can grow,
And what you remember from before,
Almost becomes obsolete,
Especially when they mean no more,

When the name changes,
There is no more I can do.

6. Never Replaced

No one will ever replace you in my heart,
You are there to stay where you belong,
I never know why you aren’t there in life,

Never shall you be replaced by someone else,
Never shall you leave my heart,
The one place that brings hope to my life,

You shall always be in my hopes,
I shall never replace you,
For you are the soul to my heart,

Unlike a light bulb,
You are not easy to replace,
But you are my light that guides me.

7. Ebb & Flow

I flow towards you with the tide,
The water cannot bring me fast enough,
Or close enough towards you,
Each time with new hope,
New thoughts and new beliefs,

Just as when I think I am close enough,
On a point or verge of something positive,
The ebb of the water takes me away,
There is nothing I can do,
The power of nature is far too strong,
No matter how hard to fight the ebb,
The ebb is too strong for me,

I stop and stare as I ebb away,
Seeing you become further away,
I breathe deeply from all the effort to get to you,
For when I flow to you my love grows more,
And when I ebb away my love does not change,
I just don’t know how long it’ll be until I flow to you again,

With each chance to see you I have ride the flow,
Make the most of the time I get close to you,
And with each ebb I make sure I let you know I care,
Even when I am so far away, mentally and physically,

Like life, like the ebb and flow,
Nothing ever stays still, always moving,
Despite this,
One thing which will always be level,
Is the love that I have for you.

8. You make my heart call out

You make my heart call out,
Providing the words for me to write,
The words to be written,
If not spoken out loud,

You make my heart call out,
To places I have never been,
Giving me optimism each day,
To take on anything that comes my way,

You make my heart call out,
With open arms,
And forever ready to welcome you,
With a brace of a hug,
Or just a simple sweet smile,

You make my heart call out,
And I know all too well,
There are not many people,
Who can make my heart call out.

9. Knock Me Down (My Mind)

Build me up, to knocking me down,

Oh why do you do it to myself,

Building that bit of hope one brick at a time,

Only to knock me down,

Each bit of excitement that I have,

And you come and knock it all down,

When the mind is settled and happy,
It thinks that the world is great,
Then just like a switch,
It goes and knocks me down again,

If the mind could just be on par with the world,
I could be as level as a millpond,
Rather than a messy stormy sea,

Building me up, to knock me down,
Even my own mind doesn’t know what to build.

10. With the flutter of each eye

With the flutter of each eye,
It’s a reminder of why I see how I feel,
The shy smile and the nervous giggle,
The eyes may flutter,
But no more so than my heart,
When I’m next to you,

With each flutter of the eye,
The blood rushes a little quicker,
With hope and enthusiasm,
With a cheeky joke here and there,
The giggle becomes stronger,
And the flutter of the eyes,
Forever becomes more enjoyable,

With each flutter of the eye,
The world slows down a bit,
Just so I can adore your smile,
For just a little longer,
Before you leave,
Along with all the love and joy you bring.

11. Guilty your honour

Guilty your honour,
For having feelings,
Finding something to believe in,
These feelings,
Are they that of something I should be guilty of?
I am guilty your honour,
I have nothing to hide,

Guilty your honour,
I have fallen in love,
And there would be no sentence to reflect this,
As this is a natural feeling,
And one that I cannot get rid of,
For I shall never plea not guilty,
For this I am far too guilty of,

Guilty your honour,
I should be given a life sentence,
For falling in love and never the story be told,
The sentence will be no equal,
To that of the heart aching for loving so much,
And with that in mind your honour,
For I feel I have served my sentence already.

12. Forever a joy

Forever a joy,
To see,
To hear,
To be next to,
Someone of beauty,
And honesty,

But always remember,
Below the surface,
Is a different world,
One to be controlled,
Yet a world to be,
Cared for,
Even nurtured,

Forever a joy,
To look out for you,
Somehow make sure,
That you are ok,
Make you smile,
In a world that is,
Not always a great one.

13. How to be free

How to be free,
When the mind you own,
Doesn’t let you be free,

How to be free,
If we,
Are never free,
To be our own,
To have the space,
And time to think,
Of who we are,
And what we need to do,
To go forward,
Rather than backwards,
Or repeat what we have done,

How to be free,
When you know,
There is no way out,
To be free,
Would mean there is an option,
Wouldn’t it?

How to be free,
To let the mind breathe,
For it cannot hold its breath forever,
And the air refreshes the mind,

How to be free,
May not be so easy.

14. When you go

When you go,
Alarm bells ring out,
Something must not be right

When you go,
What do you think?
What makes you go,

When you go,
I feel all alone,
The words that I write,
Are aimed at a black hole,
As there is no one take notice,

When you go,
I feel like I want to go,
But it just doesn’t work like that,
I say carry on,
Like nothing is wrong,

When you go,
There is no connection,
Connection lost,
Connection br..ok..en,

When you go,
I shall stay here,
Waiting for you,
To return,
To speak.

15. Every last bit of energy

Every last bit of energy,
Is sucked out of me,
Leaving nothing left,

Every last bit of energy,
To find the passion,
To live a life,
That has so much to give,
Dwindles on collapsing,

Every last bit of energy,
Drained away,
Like a bath plug being pulled,
And only being able to watch,
As the water flows away,

Every last bit of energy,
That was once used so positively,
Is now just exhausted,
And any energy gained,
As hopefulness or prospect,
Is just sucked out of me.

16. Stood from the outside

Am I that different from everyone in this world,
I breathe the same air, I see the same things,
Yet it feels like I look in, stood from the outside,
For I am younger, but the same responsibilities,
Seem to make no difference in the trust I yet to be given,

Never will I seem to fit into the place I should already have a place for,
Whatever I have done I never see why I should be stood from the outside looking in,
Especially when nothing has been done to disturb my place that I call home,

Am I that different,
From the years apart that should make us so different,
A different era you and I were brought up in,
But the same steady nucleus that guided us all,
Has and will always have us at heart,

Yet the people we bring into the lives of us all,
Have a vast different way of life to my eyes,
Yet it’s not a bad difference,
Just different eyes seeing different worlds,
I am younger but not different in many ways,

As long I am stood there,
Inside or out,
My place will never be superseded,
By anyone that thinks they rule this nest.

17. Will

The person you want to speak to and listen,

Will not,

And the person you don’t want to talk to and listen,


18. Make me believe again

Make me believe again,
Make me feel who I am,
Why do I not believe anymore,
I have given so much,
With nought in return,
With what I have believed,
Not coming to life,
Making me feel like a fool,
So what I believe,
Makes me feel negative inside,
After thinking so much,
Too much into everything,
Or is that everyone,
I need to believe again,
Make me who I am again.

19. The deep blue eyes

No one looks deeper into my eyes,
Than when I look into a mirror,
I see what’s behind the eyes,

I see the deep blue eyes,
Eyes that have had people,
Say I love you to,
And from,

Only these eyes remember,
What has been seen,
And what has been said,

These eyes remember everything,
The good times had in life,
Even what you and I had,
Because they were the best times of my life,

And I can only recall them,
When I look into the mirror,
And think to remember,
Because no one else was there,
Apart from my eyes,
Capturing every moment,

I see deeper into these eyes,
More than anything,
As they’ve been with me from the start,
And be here until the finish,

There is still pain behind these eyes,
Pain that will never see the answer,
To make it comprehendible to me,

I’ve seen those blue eyes before,
Deep as mine but just more beautiful,
That pain is lying there forever more,

No one looks deeper into my eyes,
Than when I look into a mirror.

20. Year or few

When something becomes so,

It’s just not worth commenting upon,

As if it has been that way,

For many a time, a year or few,

It’s just easier to remain quiet,

With own views,

Never to be shared.

21. Some things

Some things,

Are just better,

When they are left alone,

That is why,

This is the end,

Of those thoughts.

22. Some things

Some things,

Should never have been said,

Because it does no good,

To anyone,

Especially me,
Some things,

Are true,

Other things,

Are just words,
Some things,

Will one day,




23. “I’d drink to that!”

“I’d drink to that!” Said the captain,
Any excuse for a beverage by dear friend,

The captain often had a drink or two,
Often leading to three or four,

“What’s the celebration today” Said the captain,
Not that there needed to be a celebration,

The cork popped with a cheer from the crowd,
The captain had a favoured glass,
He lifted it above his head with resounding cheers,

What was poured into it didn’t really matter,
He’d drink to anything, but he had his favourite tipple,

No one ever saw his battle,
Being the captain of the ship,
People often thought he was in control,

“I’d drink to that!” Said the captain,
After a long day battling the world,
But which world was more harmful to him,
His surroundings or the one in his mind?

From past to present some things are never forgotten,
A beverage or two to forget all for now,
Would lead the captain into a stupor,

He’d drink to that, the captain would,
Even behind closed doors,
As he sat in his captains quarters,

The drink was poured,
By himself, for himself,

His quarters were finally quiet,
His thoughts finally forgotten, for now,
A stupor was just around the corner,

Just one more captain,
One more tonight,
It can do no harm, can it?

“I’d drink to that!” Said the captain.

24. Wake up captain!

Wake up captain!

The eyes opened
And the head was throbbing,
The ship needed its captain,

Like many times before,
He was always there physically,
But mentally drained,
And more often than not,
Still intoxicated from his ways,

Wake up captain!

I need your thoughts,
I need you to direct me,

The captain struggled up,
Like many times before,
And went about his ways,
Forever putting on a brave face,
But deep down knowing,
There was something wrong,
And only feeling a drink would fix it,

Captain! I fear my feelings are for you,
The captain look stunned,
What do you mean feelings?

The captain misheard what was said,
The brain was starting to catch up,
And what was heard was not what was said,

What are your feelings on the day ahead!?
Come on captain let’s do something!

But the only thing the captain could think,
Was how long until the end of the day,
When the next ‘celebration’ could take place,

Wake up captain!

I am awake the captain announced,

The daily routine went on as normal,
Steering his ship as best he could,
Sometimes feeling all alone,
Even with his crew around him,

The captain needs help sometimes,
Even if he’s fearful to ask for it,
After all he is the captain,
But yet still human like all,

Wake up captain!

The captain knew,
There was something,
That needed to be done.


Another drink sir!?
The party has begun,
Everyone is waiting for you,

Another evening, nothing special,
The captain knew their party had started,
What they didn’t know,
Is that my ‘party’ had already started,
For me, in my quarters,

I know what it’s like to have a drink,
Just one more,
Hoping people are staying,
Forever wanting to have a good time,

With a drink in the hand,
One drink is never enough,
Nor will it be,
Each sip bringing hope,
That fun would be had,
And problems solved,
Or at least forgotten,
Briefly if not longer,

Drink sir?

I’ve guided myself,
Round and round,
This is the time,
To step off the ship,
And let someone else take control.

26. For those days

For those days without you,

I try to forget you,

But that’s not without,

Having to think about,

What you are to me,

For those days without you,

Are as tough as days,

Trying to not think about you.

27. A World Apart

Their world,

My world,

Why would they ever cross paths?

28. Poetry

Sometimes I don’t know where these ideas from,

And I think it’s taking its toll on my mind.

29. I’d

I’d set sail today,
If it meant I would see you tomorrow,

I’d cry for you,
If it meant you wouldn’t feel any pain,

I’d stand in the way of the bus,
If it meant that I would save you,

I’d walk a long way,
Just so that I could say hello,

I’d go a long way to see you,
So I could ask if you were well,

I’d do a lot for you,
If you would just let me in.

If you were a tree (Page 1 of 2)

If you were a tree,
Where would you plant your roots?
The roots to settle,
Expand and grow,

If you were a tree,
You could spread your branches,
Feel the air,
Feel the sun upon your leaves,
Forever growing and stretching out wide,
Feel like you are one with the earth,

If you were a tree,
And didn’t want to settle the roots,
Not just yet,
You could be a tree in a pot,
A little cramped,
But a tree nonetheless,

If you were a tree,
You would be as strong as an Oak,
As beautiful as any tree is,
And as precious as mahogany,

If you were a tree,
I’d take good care of you,
Provide water,
And sufficient soil,
To grow and be yourself,

If you were a tree,
Would you let me support you,
As you would with me?

30. A Quick Note

Why is poetry important to me?
Because it’s probably the only thing,
That is truly me.