‘Pembroke Castle’ – Volume 14 by Poet Jordan

Poet Jordan Volume 14.JPG


  1. Sea Shore
  2. Back to the Sea
  3. Beach
  4. Pembroke Castle (The Man at)
  5. With the hair down
  6. Shy
  7. Through the eye of the lens
  8. I always knew there was something there
  9. Summer Sun
  10. Same be said
  11. Showing my Heart
  12. Be my own me
  13. Side
  14. Star Gazing
  15. Remember me
  16. Music
  17. Knock Knock
  18. I cannot resist
  19. The view that never was
  20. A little bit better

1. Sea Shore

Standing next to the sea shore,
The view I see is beautiful,
The eye can see for miles around,
But it’s no more beautiful than you,

The sea gently laps against my feet,
And the coolness of the water,
Helps me keep in touch,
With the real world I currently stand,

I love the sea,
The smell and the sounds,
Associated alongside the sea shore,
With such a beautiful view & place,
Bringing back good memories,
From many times around,

I love the sea,
It is as fond to me,
As much as you are,

With the diverse shoreline,
The sea becoming high tide,
Their world changes,
To something not many will see,

Our worlds may differ,
Our eyes see different tides,
But the gentle shore,
Is just like the gentle ways,
I’d treat you,
Live to be with you,

The sea shore is all but joy to me,
Every grain of sand as beautiful as can be,
Every view equal to your beauty,

Standing next to the sea shore,
I never feel anything but relaxed,
And with you next to me,
It is all a perfect sea shore.

2. Back to the Sea

Back on the sea,
Back on the sea,
Is where I want to be,

Back on the sea,
Back on the sea,
Is where I feel I should be,

Back to the sea,
Back to the sea,
That’s where the mackerel be,

Back to the sea,
Back to the sea,
I would love to live next to thee,

Back to the sea,
Back to the sea,
The views I see, are just beautiful to sea!

Back to the sea,
Back to the sea,
Is where I want to be.

3. Beach

Playing on the beach,
Next to the sea,
I’d forgotten how fun this could be,

With a beautiful daughter,
To share the joy,
Reminds me of me,
Playing with my parents,
And what it’s done for me,

I will emulate every fun day,
With the beauty of my daughter,
So that she grows,
Just like I did,
And remember these moments,
So she can pass them on,
Just like I have to her,

Playing on the beach,
Not much else matters,
Seeing the little hands,
Build great big castles,
Exploring a whole new world,

For what I gained from the beach,
I truly hope she does to,
The sun and the sand,
Should be enjoyed by everyone,
At least once in a while,

Playing on the beach,
Next to the sea,
I’d forgotten how fun this could be,
But now my daughter is here,
She’s opening up my childhood again,
Finally I have someone to play with!

4. Pembroke Castle (The Man at)

The man at the door,
Greeted us with such joy,
Taking two weeks to arrive,
By horse and cart,
The greeting was one that was welcomed,
With open arms,
And a great big smile,

He made us think from the start,
He’s quite a character!

Yet from here,
That was not all the man had to offer,
As many characters unfolded,
He guided us through the history,
Of the grand castle we’d come to see,

He sang,
He played the guitar,
And with a rhyme or two,
With his friends,
Or characters should I say?
The audience around,
Laughed and chuckled,

People looked on,
Entertained and joyous,
Even little ones joined in,
Sat for what must to them,
Must have been an eternity,
Yet they not once moaned,
And enjoyed the performance,
With laughs and smiles,
And continuous clapping,

To bid fair well,
When the story was over,
Was sad enough,
He sang to the crowd day by day,
Forever leaving a forever lasting memory,
On every face and mind that crossed his path.

5. With the hair down

With the hair down,
You’re more gorgeous than you believe,
Flowing in the wind,
The colour of your hair,
Match that of the setting sun,
The beautiful sun set I may add,

With the hair down,
And the smile upon your face,
You’ve made my day,
My week,
My life,
All that bit better,
Than I could ever,

I look on and can’t help but quiver,
With the hair down,
You’re beautiful,
And I adore you,
Like there is no tomorrow,

So relaxed you look,
So beautiful you are,
With the hair down,
I’ve fallen into your arms,
Without you even knowing,

With the hair down,
I smile at you,
Believe in you,
Forever wishing this moment,
Would not end.

6. Shy

As shy as a person can be,

As beautiful as one is to me.

7. Through the eye of the lens

Through the eye of the lens,
I see the views I have always dreamt of,
The view I rarely see into my eyes,
The light I need to see in my life,
To make me capture the picture,
That spurs me on in life,

Through the eye of the lens,
I view the part of the world,
I want to take and keep a picture of,
Imagining one day this is what I’ll see,
Every day morning and night,

Through the eye of the lens,
I focus on what is beauty,
As you come into view,
To adjust the lens doesn’t take long,

Through the eye of the lens,
I need not always take the photograph,
As my mind will capture the light you stand in,
Automatically focus you into my view,
And capture the beauty that stands before me,

This image will stay with me forever,
And no one else will ever see what I saw,
Except the eye that saw through the lens.

8. I always knew there was something there

I always knew there was something there,
Something worth fighting for,
That’s why I fought so hard,
To spend a moment with you,
To talk to you,

I always knew there was something there,
Otherwise I would have given up,
Given up before I even knew I cared,

I try each day to give up,
Forcing myself not to care,
But I can’t do much else,
Than love and care for you,

I always knew there was something there,
It just would never seem right to show it,

I always knew there was something there,
But what difference does it make?
I force myself to hide it,
All because what I feel,
Is sometimes what feels like a parallel world,

I always knew there was something there,
I always knew,
And will always know.

9. Summer Sun

When the summer sun ends,
It’s time to reflect,
On what has been,
The best summer for years,

No energy has been greater,
Than that of the summer sun,
And the fun that has been had,

When the summer sun ends,
I fear all the joy is over,
With no more sunshine to help me,

When the summer sun ends,
I look forward to the next time,
When I know more good times are to be had,
Yet until then,
I ponder on what has happened this year,

When the summer sun ends,
There are certain memories,
I will remember forever,
A certain is that you are one of them.

10. Same be said

When I see you:






Forever believing,

Could the same be said for me?

11. Showing my Heart

My heart was on show,
But no one looked at it,

I showed you my heart,
But you wouldn’t look,

I was hoping,
If I showed you my heart,
That you would show yours back,

My heart was on show,
Yet it passed people by,

My heart shouted as loud as it could,
But no one listened,

I was hoping,
That you would listen,

Just softly say,
My heart wants to show you,
Listen to you,
What you have showed to me,

Showing my heart,
Is not always the first,
And best thing to do.

12. Be my own me

With the wind behind me,
I want to set sail,
Leaving the shoreline for a day,
Be my own me,

With the wind behind me,
I can take on anything,
Achieve just about anything,

But sometimes I just need,
To be my own me,

My mind gets confused and full of doubt,
And all I think of is to set sail,
Be alone for a while,
To clear my head and my thoughts,

Sometimes the wind is short lived,
The sail has no life in it,
To be my own me,
I have to make my own power,
To get me going,
This is hard on some days,
And other days,
Just not even possible,

Even when I’m being my own me,
There’s always a voice telling me,
I should be with you,
To be my own me with you,

Some days I just wish the wind would pick me up,
Take me away,
And help make my own mind up,
Eventually one day,
I will be my own me.

13. Side

The room may divide,
With love for you,
On one side,

And the rest,
Of the world,
On the other,

My heart,
Is never divided,
When it’s with you,

I sit on the side,
Where my heart feels right,
That is the side with you.

14. Star gazing

Star gazing,
Star gazing with you,

See the planets from far away,
Glow in the early evening sky,

As the stars twinkle,
They may no longer be,

But we see,
The vast distance that space is,

Space stations may fly by,
Just as time here flies,

Yet more stars will appear,
As the sun fades,

There is more star gazing to be had,
More time needed to explore the night sky.

15. Remember me

Remember me,
When I don’t,
And I can’t think why,

Remember me,
The one,
Who adores you,
From afar,

Remember me,
I see,
I hear,
But I’ll never be,
With you,

Remember me,
Because I will always,
Remember you.

16. Music

No one knows what music means to me,
What it does when I listen to it,
How it makes me feel,
How much it makes me think of you,
And wish you were listening to it with me,

It shows how I feel,
Sometimes why I feel like I do,
The music accompanies moments in life,
Moments I want to remember,
And sometimes moments I’d rather forget,

So when I hear a particular tune,
Wherever I am, whatever I am doing,
My mind wanders without anyone knowing why,
More often than not I’m thinking,
Thinking of you and wishing I could be with you,
Just so you can hear what I hear,
And ultimately what I feel,
And what you mean to me,

So when I can’t hear the music,
My mind feels like it’s going to explode,
And to relax and become me again,
I need to hear the vibe of the music,
To release the pressure within my mind,

No one knows what music means to me,
And every moment I get,
I have the need to listen to it,
To help me control what I feel.

17. Knock Knock

There’s a knock at the door,
A startled head looks towards the closed door,
With the heart now racing a little faster,
I try to think who it would be,
I know who I want to be behind that door,
Yet as ever, I doubt it would be,

I forever wait for you to arrive,
Relishing the time to spend with each other,
But that knock at the door,
Could be filled with happiness,
Or just another knock like every day,

I walk towards the door,
Taking a deep breath,
And just hoping this time,
It is you that has knocked,

I place my hand upon the door knob,
Ready to feel exhilarated,
Or ready for the shoulders to slump, again,

I turn the doorknob and open the door,
A moments silence occurs,

‘Oh hello!’ Come on in…

18. I cannot resist

I cannot resist you anymore,
Many thoughts have crossed my mind,
Whenever is there a better time than now?

I take your hand,
We look at each other and smile,
We run,
Run around the corner,

We both are slightly out of breath
I look deeply into your eyes,
You look back and I feel what you think,

Your hair covers your eyes,
As we breathe heavily,
I push your hair back behind your ears,
Revealing your shy smiling face,

I tell you you’re beautiful,
I have never met anyone so kind,
I’m just awe of you,

We giggle and laugh spontaneously
We hold each other,
Close to each we stand,

Silence prevails,
With what feels like only our eyes talking,
I become closer to you,
Hold you gently like I have always dreamt of,
Our heads become closer,
We kiss, our lips touch,
It just feels like what is right,

After a time that I never wanted to end,
We look up,
Brace in most comfortable hug there has ever been,

And yet we wonder what we were running from?
As far from whatever it was,
It does not matter,
We are together at this moment in time,
And that is worth running for with you.

19. The view that never was

I should be sharing that view with you,
The one you’ve shared with the world,

The view you’ve shared,
Is more wonderful than I’ve seen in a while,

I should be there to see it with you,
That view is what our eyes should be seeing,

Instead you see it not with me,
But with the world I left behind,

I know what I would feel,
If I were there seeing that view,

How I would feel towards you,
Looking out at that view.

20. A little bit better

You made my world a little bit better,
And I can’t even talk to you,
To say thank you for what you did,

It is like I’m;
Waving to say hello,
With the biggest smile on my face,

Yet saying goodbye every time,
With every tear I have falling down my face,

You made my world so much better,
But words are never enough.