‘To every poet, there is a muse’ (Short Poetry) – Volume 15 by Poet Jordan

Poet Jordan Volume 15.JPG

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Short to the point quotes / sayings / one liners / made up / real / positive / negative / thoughts / feelings.

If it works, it works. You read them, you make what you will of the words.

1. Opening the heart to you,
Closing a thousand doors behind.

2. You are a muse,
To my mind.

3. To make feelings known,
Is a risk to the heart.

4. Texting use to be fun,
But then everything went quiet.

5. I have been waiting,
And wait I will,
Until I hear an answer.

6. The days come and go,
No chance to talk,
Therefore no chance to show love.

7. Waiting in the wings,
Ready to step on stage.

8. Tomorrow is not today,
And today is yesterday,
But a little wiser.

9. It started with nothing,
It ends in nothing.

10. I took on the world,
And I let life carry on.

11. The sky is the limit,
But I have no way of getting off the ground.

12. Living in a parallel world,
I said to myself, Why?

13. I’d catch every teardrop just to save you.

14. Each time I look,
I care for you just a little bit more,
But like a mouse,
Not saying a word.

15. I forever try to show,
Who I am,
What I am.

16. I realise what is what,
Then the world doesn’t agree.

17. I use to know more than I did now,
Now I know nothing.

18. I like walking,
It clears my mind,
That’s why I like walking up that hill.

19. That hill is meant to clear my mind,
But all it does is make me think of you.

20. How long do you wait before giving up?

21. Poetry is like a swear word,
Just don’t use it.

22. Seeing is believing,
And all I see is you

23. Standing behind a closed door,
Waiting for someone to open it.

24. Every smile,
Is for you.

25. I say I like you,
You give me a silence.

26. I have shown,
All my thoughts to you.

27. Look deeper,
Find more.

28. I make my own dreams,
And I invited you in.

29. I still live in the time I enjoyed most,
I haven’t moved on.

30. I am no dream,
To you nor anyone else.

31. Honesty is not always the best thing to do.

32. This world I live in,
Is not the world I expected.

33. Let the birds fly away with the feelings,
They are no use to me here.

34. My mind is incapable of believing anything,
But living in the past.

35. Everyone has grown,
Except me.

36. The world has gone mad,
My world,
Not the world you live in.

37. These words may mean nothing to you,
But they are everything to me.

38. To every poet,
There is a muse.

39. You make what is,
And what is impossible,

40. Never mind who you adore,
Sometimes you just have to let go.

41. If I never tell you,
Face to face,
Every moment I live,
Is for you.

42. When in doubt,
I make you my number one thought.

43. I put my hand up,
There is no more I can do.

44. One’s effect on me,
Will never be explained.

45. I hope one day to be a muse,
To someone.