‘Robinswood View’ – Volume 17 by Poet Jordan

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  1. Where to Walk? (You can decide)
  2. Give & Go
  3. Plucked from the hedge
  4. Eyes across the room
  5. Here & Now
  6. Running for Love
  7. You make me humble, You make me tumble
  8. For so long
  9. There was once a time
  10. Will we ever go back
  11. What is, is just that.
  12. With a blink of an eye
  13. WAR
  14. Sadness in my heart
  15. Life Mission
  16. Every beat, every time
  17. Prepared to believe

1. Where to Walk? (You can decide)

I went for a walk,
On a cold crisp day,
With the sun bright but low in the sky,
I did not know where to go,
My mind was not all in one place,
So I left confused and the walk started,

There was no doubt I could walk far,
It just bothered me it may not be long enough,
To clear the mind that laid heavy with thought,

With every turn I make,
It is no clearer to where I am going,
Or no nearer to clearing the mind,

It would seem I head in a direction towards [you / hill / a place],
Even now I cannot think of anyone but you,
You would have thought a new direction would have been learnt,

After a brisk start albeit confusing,
I calm myself into a nice walking pace,
The mind comes into focus knowing that it’s starting to feel better,

The cool calm air is nice to breathe in,
Seeing the air I breathe out in the sunshine is a reminder of the time of year,
Changing seasons once more,

For now I have walked far,
Thought even further than I ever have,
And here is where I have ended up,

I stand and look but I cannot figure out why,
But my feet, heart and mind have led me here,
I just stop for a moment with my hands on my knees,
Catching my breath from such a journey,

Now I have made it here,
What do I do?
Do I open the gate and knock at the door?
Never mind would I be welcome here?

I left with the mind confused,
And now it is filled with fresh oxygenated air,
It remains confused but just happy to be here,

I don’t stand here for long,
It’s getting cold,
And yet I am so close to warmth,

Deciding to remain on this side of the gate,
And therefore this side of the door,
This is where I be for now,

However I am glad that the walk ended here,
But there is not much more than I can do,
Other than walk back and enjoy the day,
Knowing that my head and heart,
Are and have always led me to here.

2. Give & Go

I know there will be no good time,
I know I have everything to tell you,

A moment is all I need,
A moment is all I have,

Waiting is what I have to do,
Waiting is all I can do,

My chance is now,
My moment is here,

Giving you everything I know,
Giving you every emotion I can,

I go,
I go from here with nothing to show.

3. Plucked from the hedge

Plucked from the hedge,
Liked raspberries off a bush,
We are taken when not expected,
And taken to a different world,

How we grew in one place for so long,
Yet all change ahead,
And even into the unknown we go,

Plucked from the hedge,
And hurt it did somewhat,
Questions unanswered,
And a lot more to ask,

Plucked from the hedge,
Without a care for any pain suffered,
Yet in life we should expect this,
However we do not,
And should not be plucked,
For unnecessary pain and change.

4. Eyes across the room

Our eyes,
Met across the room,

How I never knew,
How much you’d mean to me,

From that moment,

If I knew,
That it would end up like this,

I would,
Have never looked across,

Meeting your eyes.

5. Here & Now

Here I am standing in front of you,
Here I ask you why I feel like I do,
Here I stand and believe in everything you do,

Now I can’t understand why you don’t speak,
Now I know this is what life is to be,
Now I forget everything that has been,

Here and now I declare I fight for love,
Here and now you must show something,
Here and now we go on, Or,
Here and now we diminish what I thought there was.

6. Running for Love

“Run to me and I won’t let go,
Wherever you may be,
I will run to you like there is no tomorrow”

Words I would say to you if I had the chance,

Then SUDDENLY I see you,
You are far in the top hills,
Heading for the summit of the hill,

A burst of adrenaline,
And I am away,
Running for the hills,
I’m not even sure of the way up,

All I can think is I need to see you,
And do I have the energy to make it,
Then I remember one thing I said to you,

“If I ever have the chance,
I’d wait for you at the top,
And if you cared,
I think you’d wait for me”

As I scramble through the bushes,
Jumping over fallen trees,
My heart is racing,
But I just don’t think I am quick enough,

I have to rest,
I have to catch my breath,
I have to make sure I am in the right direction,
I have to carry on,

Onwards I go, up and up,
This is the final push,
To the summit,
And what could break or make me,
As I reach the top,
I am out of breath,
Almost scrambling the final stretch to the summit,
As I look up I see no one,
Hear no one call my name,

I almost collapse on the floor,
Eventually I sit and stare out at the view,
Exhausted I am but breathing forever calming,

What seems like a long wait,
Through the golden coloured grass,
I hear footsteps in the grass behind me,
And eventually the voice I have longed to hear,

“You waited for me,
You remembered what I said!”

Still almost gasping for air,
That is all about I could say,

She said, “Why wouldn’t I wait?
All I have done is wait for this moment”

Something I thought that I would not hear,
But why run so far up a hill,
When you could have just spoken to me below?
Prove the love is worth running for?

For it did not matter,
The proof had been laid,
We had a connection,
There were feelings there,

No one would wait for follow,
If they did not care or love.

7. You make me humble, You make me tumble

You make me humble,
With the beauty in your eyes,
With each time I see you,
Humble I become like you,

You make me tumble,
Head over heel,
Wanting to be next to you,

You make me humble,
Because you have such an effect on me,
No matter how mad life can be,
Humble you make me,

You make me tumble,
From as high as a kite,
Back to earth with a soft landing,
Guiding me to where I need to be,

You make me humble,
Because that is who I need to be,
From you, I can be that person,

You make me tumble,
When no one else can,
At least I know,
You will be there to catch me,
Make me humble,
From any tumble.

8. For so long

Why does it take so long,
For something to be discovered?

For someone to make a change in your life,
When you think the world just carries on,

This moment comes from nowhere,
And everything you feel for,
Makes some sort of sense,

Yet the strength of what you feel,
Comes out and feels right in the world,

For so long what is felt,
Has come out from the heart,
Into the open world we live,

But love hidden,
Should stay hidden?

For it is a world in which,
We do not know what will happen,
When thoughts and feelings are let loose.

9. There was once a time

There was once a time,
I knew who to turn to,
Who to let know,
That my heart was not right,
And I needed a hug,
To let me know that it’ll be ok,

There was once a time,
That only you mattered to me,
And everything else was just life,
And I took it as it came along,
To make the most that I could,

There was once a time,
That I wasn’t like I am today,
A person of hope and enthusiasm,
With dreams clasped in my hands,
Ready to fight for no matter what it takes,
Make believe and come true,
Be real other than dreams that I, dream,

There was once a time,
I looked in the mirror,
And I knew who was looking back,
A blued eyed youngster with the world at his feet,
Where has he gone?
So many similarities I see,
Yet a difference there is to be seen,

There was once a time,
Where I could think in this world,
Occasionally share a thought,
And it would make sense to me,
Even make sense to others.

10. Will we ever go back

Will we ever go back,
To the place that we adored,
The place we travelled so far to get to,
And not really realising where we were going,

Will we ever go back,
To see the sun rise again,
In the early hours of the morning,
With blurry eyes,
And wishing more sleep was had,
Yet seeing the most beautiful light,
One has ever seen that early,

Will we ever go back,
To the place that was a different world,
Because we couldn’t be further,
From the reality that was life,

Will we ever go back,
Or for what was,
Just an adorable memory?

11. What is, is just that.

It doesn’t matter,
It really doesn’t matter

What has happened,
What has been said,
What is,
Is in front of us,

You sit next to me,
And you look beautiful,
And yet,
There is nothing I can,
Because what is,
Is just that,

I just adore you,
Because there is nothing in this world,
That is anything like you,

And the saddest thing is,
I cannot tell you,
Be with you,
See you with you,

Sit and admire,
Be a part of what could be,
But is not,
And what is,
Is just that.

12. With a blink of an eye

With a blink of an eye,
Time and memories have gone,
For it was only a blink,
But so much has gone,

Where has the time gone,
And in turn the memories,
I adored those memories,
They were all I had,
To remember you,
And every moment that we had,

With a blink of an eye,
It feels like it was only yesterday,
That I held your hand for the first time,
Kissed your lips hidden by your hair,
From preying eyes and photos too,

Where has the time gone,
From the day I met you,
To the day I said goodbye,

With a blink of an eye,
The memories fade,
Where has the time gone,
I just do not know,

With a blink of an eye,
The world has somewhat changed,
We have all moved forwards,
But the memories are still here,
Yet within a blink of an eye,
The time and memories could go.

13. WAR

I’ve never been to war,
Not like you,

I don’t have the memories,
That comes with the pain,
Each time they are thought,
About what you fought,

Each day we fight our own wars,
Battling for one thing or other,

Each day never easier,
Than the day before,
But fight on we do,

As if we were to give up,
What life would we lead?

I don’t have the memories,
Like you,
Of the pain suffered,
And the memories to match,

Yet each day we fight,
For ourselves,
For each other,
Always pressing for a better time,
Better memories to live for.

14. Sadness in my heart

No one hears,
The sadness in my heart,

I could be sat,
Next to you,
Screaming out,
Yet no one will hear my heart,

I could be,
Holding a sign to tell you all,
To listen just for a moment,
Yet no one seeing the sign,

You wouldn’t hear,
The sadness in my heart,

If you could listen,
Just for a moment,
It would make me feel,
All but a bit better,

For the sadness is hard,
The silence is a little harder,

No one to hear,
No person to respond,
Yet life goes on,
And listen is all one does.

15. Life Mission

Everything in life,
Could be a mission,
Sometimes is a mission,

I never set out on a mission,
To make me love you,
As much as I love you,

Day by day I took you in mind,
And applied everything good I had,

You were the fuse to everything,
Lighting you was the energy I needed,

After waiting the fuse went quiet,
Before an explosion of thoughts,

Albeit life is a mission,
I never set on a mission,
To make me love you,
Because I never really knew,
That I did so.

16. Every beat, every time

Every time,
I thought of you,
My heart,
Skipped a beat,

By beat
My heart said,
Please don’t let this be,
The end of what is love,

By skip,
I knew what my heart,
Felt for you,

Every time,
I thought of you,
My heart would skip a beat,
My mind would fill with love,
Making my heart beat,
A little bit quicker,

Every beat,
Every time,
My heart,
Would call out for you.

17. Prepared to believe

Reading into the story,
You may be forgiven,
That I am prepared to believe,

The story told of how a person felt,
To another person,
With every intention,
Of being prepared to believe,

Reading the beginning of the story,
Gave hope and inspiration,
Made you want to read more,
And prepared to believe the characters inside,

The middle section of the story was long,
As long as a dark day with little light,
Yet prepared to believe in a brighter ending,
Prepared to believe it could only get better,

Reading into the story,
Sticking by what you felt was right,
Dreaming into the story,
Taking what was felt,
And prepared to believe in true love,

You find there is no ending,
The story is over,
And the end will never be read,
Never prepared to believe again.