‘Once a muse, always a muse’ – Volume 18 By Poet Jordan


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  1. Find your muse
  2. Air
  3. Across our land is beauty we rarely notice
  4. How to explain the place that inspires
  5. All I ever asked
  6. I imagine
  7. Once a muse, Always a muse.
  8. Same walk, same route
  9. One more glance
  10. The message remains the same
  11. To continue?
  12. Through the trees
  13. To Pursue
  14. Walk to Organise
  15. New horizon
  16. A letter of happiness?
  17. I’m never gonna
  18. Negative / Positive
  19. Hill Top Trees
  20. Price upon a view
  21. Imaginary Pain

1. Find your muse

One day you will find your muse,
You may understand why this is your muse,
You may be able to fall in love with your muse,
Although more importantly,
Make the most of your muse,
For some muse may not last forever,
For whatever reason that may be,
One day a muse is found, lost and gained,
One day a muse is inspiring, loved and adored,
No muse should ever be taken for granted,
Live for today and take the muse by its hand,
And if that hand isn’t taken,
Write and write until the hand is held.

2. Air

The love of the air,
The smell of the air,
Replenishes the heart,

What love there is,
Confronts me by view,
With nowhere to look,
I can only stare,
As the beauty is far too strong,

The air in my lungs,
Is what keeps me alive,
And what keeps me going,
To see you and me,

Love will never end,
As long as there is air to breathe.

3. Across our land is beauty we rarely notice

I have walked across many lands,
Seeing places I may never return to,
Within this lifetime that I have before me,

I have seen stunning views,
Seen stunning views that would take anyone’s breathe away,
From views of land, seas and beaches,
To beautiful faces, people and souls,
I will go back again one day,
See everything I have ever adored,

Yet the beauty on our doorstep,
Is just as worth the short trip to see,
As it is to travel the world around us,

We never stop to admire what we actually have,
The country in front of us,
Like any other,
Has beauty within,
And we should stay and look a little longer,

Across our land is beauty we rarely notice,
Take note of what we see,
And make sure we know what makes it great,
For across the many lands I have walked,
One of the greatest, is on our doorstep.

4. How to explain the place that inspires

No one will ever understand,
Why this place means so much to me,
Why I never tire of coming back here,
To the same place over and over,
Taking what some may see,
As the same photograph, over and over,

But each time I walk here,
I see something different,
Something different in the view,
Something different within me,
I take every moment I can to scale the hills,
However the time between these adventures,
Is further between than I would like,

How do I explain something,
That means so much to me,
Yet without truly knowing myself,
What it actually is that it is,
Since coming here as a small scout,
I have always felt at home here,
Comfortable in my feelings here,
Helping me think what to do,
What to say,
And what to feel,

I walk here from time to time,
To see a the view,
Whatever the weather,
Each weather bringing their own challenges,
Yet each time is worth the walk,
To find out a little bit more,
Why this place means so much to me.

5. All I ever asked

All I ever asked you to do is walk with me,
See the places I go to think about you,
Why I think like I do and believe in you,

I still believe one day we will walk together,
Talk together like we have done so for each day of our lives,
Just until that day when I will ask and ask,
For you to walk with me and see what I see,

I wouldn’t ask if I thought that you wouldn’t appreciate,
What I thought, what I see, what I feel,
Wouldn’t mean anything at all to you,
Invited to walk, invited into my heart,

It was only ever a question,
To stand by my side as we paced along the ground,
All I ever asked you to do is walk with me,
Next to me to share what I have for you,

Time has gone and walk I continue to do,
I just don’t expect you catch up,
For I have walked further from where I was,
Too far to turn back, for you must catch up.

6. I imagine

I imagine you,
As I walk,

Turning the corner,
I imagine that I see you,

All but brief,
You walk away,
Further for me to walk,

Each time I get closer,
You become further away,

I imagine you,
Hiding behind a tree,
Waiting for me,
To find you once and for all,

Waiting to share your smile,
And your beautiful laugh,

I imagine you,
As I do,
While I walk to you.

7. Once a muse, Always a muse.

Why I climb the hill,
To see the views,
That inspires a thousand poems,

Once a muse,
You are forever in my mind,
Digging deeper than anything else has,

Always a muse,
Because quite simply,
You will always be in my mind,

Once a muse,
Always a muse,

How and why this is to be,
For I cannot control from here.

8. Same walk, same route

How different would it be,
To carry on walking,
To end up,
Where I do not know,

Like life,
We do not know where we will go,
Yet each different life we have,
We often walk parallel if not together,

We walk through many forests,
Terrains of life,
That will test us, to our whit’s end,

How much we try in life,
We have to do the same walk, same route,

However much we enjoy this route,
However much we may dislike it,
We walk this life,
And choose whether,
We go further than we should.

9. One more glance

Just one more glance,
To make sure you aren’t there,

One day I will see you here again,
One day that extra glance will be worth it,

With each glimpse of hope I feel,
The speed that it is gone,
Are equal and the same to what I feel,

Each glimpse of hope is quick,
Just as quick as it feels,
It has gone for good,

No glimpse of hope is quicker,
No hope is quicker than going,
In that one last glance,

Just one more glance,
To make sure you aren’t there,
If I glance for too long,
I fear I may never look round again.

10. The message remains the same

It started with one line,
To write and receive every message,

The screen became bigger,
The buttons disappeared,
And touch screen it became,

However the message still remains,
As clear as if it was yesterday,
I still think about you,
I still love you like it was only a minute since we met,

For which ever device at the time,
From message to message,
It all remains the same,

From only mental imagines to remember,
Real photographs can now be captured,
To be remembered for much longer,
Than any memory could do,

The messages are long gone,
From here I sent many a message,
Hoping that you would one day join me,
Yet knowing you are out there somewhere,
Is all that mattered to me and my heart,

Whatever means of contacting you,
You were always at the other end,
Reading what I wrote,
Hearing what I said,

I have one more message to send to you,
Yet no longer a number to send it to,
The message will wait,
Unread and no number to send it to,
Yet at least,
The message remains the same.

11. To continue?

When you have walked so far,
Choices have to be made,
To whether to continue your journey,

No matter how tired you are,
Physically or mentally,
Choices have to be made,

Where time is limited,
And the final outcome,
May not be what’s expected,

Even if the route is blocked,
With fog covering the path,
A choice has to be made,

Go back,

Rethink the route,
Try again another time.

12. Through the trees

Through the trees,
I know that you are there,
With the wind rustling the leaves,
I just don’t know,
Exactly where you are,

I call out to you,
Nothing is heard back,
Frustration runs though the blood,
I know you are there,
But how do I get to you?

Through the trees I run, I walk, I look,
I can’t see you no matter how hard I try,
The wind continues to rustle the leaves,
Blocking out any noise that you may make,
To make me find where you are,

I look long and hard,
Through the trees,
Yet the harder I look,
The more I just can’t see you,

The wind continues,
I just don’t think today is the day,
That I will find you,
Through the trees.

13. To Pursue

Pursuing the perfect walk,

To find the love that be,

Perusing the perfect person,

To find the beauty I adore,

Pursuing the love that you feel,

To make my heart a better place,

Pursuing the dream you have,

To live as you want to,

Pursuing what you feel is right,

To be honest as one can be.

14. Walk to Organise

If you were me,
You’d understand,
That I walk alone,
Not because I want to,
Because I don’t have you,
To walk next to me,

So I walk alone,
I walk along the path,
I have my own self to think,
Be free for a little while,
Leaving the manic world behind,

If you were me,
You’d see the chaos,
Within the mind,
And how the walk unravels it all,
And rebuilds the chaos
Into organised bliss.

15. New horizon

With a new horizon,
There is new hope,
As the sun rises,
So does the confidence,

The sky is lit,
The sky is bright,

Brighter than it has ever been,

Each day the horizon is new,
Filled with hope for now,
The future,

With a new horizon,
The light is most rewarding,
Inspiring to the mind,
I feel there is hope,
I know there is hope,

With the new horizon,
This is the time to strive forward!

16. A letter of happiness?

A letter of happiness?
Or one of sorrow,
For each I have written,
For each I have received,

A letter of happiness?
Received and read,
Never mind how long ago,
Brings a smile to the face,
That is often so sad,

A letter of happiness?
That brings joy and not sorrow,
For each letter written,
A new smile is created,
A new smile to live forevermore.

17. I’m never gonna

I’m never gonna tell you again,
That I love you so,
My heart and my mind is made up,
That the love I have,
Will never be shown again,

I’m never gonna tell you again,
That you are the one I love,
The one I want to be with,

I’m never gonna tell you again,
Because I have no more breathe to speak,
Why shout so hard for only to suffer pain,
And left with little air in my lungs,

I’m never gonna tell you again,
Because it is not for me,
To share the belief I feel,
For it has been shared,

I’m never gonna tell you again,
That I love you so,
Because you should know,
After all that I have shown.

18. Negative / Positive

If you don’t believe in me,
I will find someone who will,

If you won’t walk with me,
I will find someone who will,

If you cannot look at me,
I will find someone who will,

If you,
Cannot be you,
I will find someone who will,

If you cannot believe in me,
I will find a way for you to do so,

If you won’t walk with me,
I will instead walk with you,

If you cannot look at me,
I will leave a photo for you to look at,

If you,
Cannot be you,
I will find a way for you to be you.

19. Hill Top Trees

Imagine being a tree,
Gently swaying in the breeze,

Growing in such a beautiful place,
Seeing the seasons change,

Battling the bad weather,
Basking in the better weather,

For the long hard days,
The better days are well worth the wait,

Being a tree here,
Would see every change,
That occurs around and below,

A hilltop tree,
Would be a breeze to be,

Long standing,
Hard growing,

And plenty to see.

20. Price upon a view

How do you put a price,
On the views that lay before you?

The price to get there,
The price of the clothes you wear,

What you see is unique,
And nothing could ever buy what you see,
No price will ever take away what you see,

Whatever you see price as,
Is what you put upon such things in life.

21. Imaginary Pain

No walk will heal the pain,
The walk will be a time to forget,
It will take time to forget,

The walk will allow time,
For the pain to heal,
For one to come to terms,
With what is felt,
And what has happened,

No walk will heal the pain,
As it is for you to dull the pain,
Grow from the problem,
And blossom into life.