‘Song Title: Poem’ – Volume 20 by Poet Jordan

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The words in this collection are words I have written in relation to the song title only. The poems include my thoughts, feelings and ideas. There is no intention for these words to replace the song lyrics or to be sung with the song that the title has come from. I have merely used the song title as an inspiration for the poems as the song itself means something to me, or I just enjoy the song.


  1. Local boy in the photograph
  2. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall
  3. Mr Writer
  4. We share the same sun
  5. Yellow
  6. Pieces of people we love
  7. 12.51
  8. Living is a problem because everything dies
  9. An honest mistake
  10. Called out in the dark
  11. Walking on a dream
  12. Madness
  13. Mr Brightside
  14. By the way
  15. Recover
  16. Not Nineteen Forever
  17. Love is noise
  18. Charmer
  19. Set the fire to the third bar
  20. Maybe Tomorrow
  21. That Kiss
  22. The Funeral
  23. Hurry up and wait
  24. Maps
  25. No one knows
  26. Bad habit
  27. Angels
  28. Why do you only call me when you’re high?
  29. One step closer
  30. Use Somebody
  31. Reference


1. Local boy in the photograph

Once a boy in a photograph,
He grows into someone,
A person with their own mind,
Own beliefs and ways,

Local surroundings,
Inspire and mature,
The boy in the photograph,
As where he stood,
Will always be in the memory,
As well as the photograph,

From a local boy,
He travelled and lived,
In places foreign and far,
Yet he always knew his place,
That he called home,

The local boy in the photograph,
Has come a long way in life,
From a boy to a man,

However with so much still to learn,
The photograph always remains prominent,
On the mantlepiece,
And on the heart and the mind,
To keep the man grounded,
And the youthful memories alive,

Once a local boy,
Born and bread,
In the photograph,
Forever captured,
A local boy in the photograph.

2.Every Teardrop is a Waterfall

I noticed that the water was flowing down the hill,
Slowly but surely it trickled, gaining pace and mass as I looked further,
The woods opened up with a waterfall carving the earth into two,
Roaring as loud as a lion the water flowed over the edge,
So loud was the noise I couldn’t hear myself think,
Never mind shouting to find where you were,

I head down the waterfalls edge,
Finding the plunge pool I walk along the flow of water,
Looking up at the water falling,
It amazes me of the power that water actually has,
How something that would seem so simple,
Could carve the earth apart,

I continue on to find where you are,
Following the water,
As it flows from the hills to lower pastures,
I stop to look,
The storm must have hit hard last night,
The world looks ruffled, hard hit,
No footstep is safe along this journey,
No footsteps can be seen to follow you,

I look harder and I find you,
Lying still,
I run over to you as quick as I can,

I pick you up and hold you,
You were cold but alive,
Grateful I have found you,
Now I must make you safe and warm,
And that I do,

As the tears that fall from my eyes,
Are uncontrollable,
As I could not think,
If I had found you any later,
What would have happened,

Every teardrop is a waterfall,
As the love I have, For you,
Is that of happiness you bring to me,
Shared in every teardrop that I have,
So glad I found you, and always will be,

And I would travel over a thousand waterfalls,
To find you,
Be with you,
For one moment,
Just so I could say,
I love you.

3. Mr Writer

Mr Writer,
Why don’t you tell it like it is,
Write what is real,
In the heart of hearts,
Your heart,

Tell it like it is,
Like it always has been,
And always will be,
Make a note,
Ready for someone to read,

Mr Writer,
What you write,
May never be read,
Just tell it like it is,

Because one day,
You’ll realise,
All this was about you,
And what words are here,
Forever remain real,

Mr Writer,
Just keep writing,
Because what is written,
May never be believed,
One day,
It’ll all make sense,

Mr Writer,
Write what is true,
And someone will know,
What it’s all about.

4. We share the same sun

We share the same sun,
That is all about we do,

Our thoughts and our hearts,
Will never be the one sun,
That has been longed for,
For so long in this world,

We share the same sun,
Yet we stay apart,
With the earth expanding,
We have no other way,
Of knowing,
That we share the same sun,

Our thoughts and our hearts may be alike,
But just as we share the same sun,
We may never know,
That this is what is,
In the real world.

5. Yellow

How yellow I felt,
When I knew I would leave you,
For this journey,
Would have not been as it was,
If it wasn’t for you,

Saying goodbye,
Was and still not easy,
As I still feel yellow,
As the day I first said,
The parting words,
To which I will remember,
Forever more,

As the boat sailed,
I could only think of you,
The boat moved on,
The world carried on,
Yet my heart stayed with you.

6. Pieces of people we love

If only we could take each part,
Of every person,
That we love,
Have ever loved,
And combine them into one,

To make the pieces of people we love,
The one that we love,
From inside out,
Each piece making up perfection,

The pieces of people we love,
May all be from one,
Or from every part of life,
That we live and loved,

Grateful for each piece,
We should take it into our lives,
Love and never let go,
Of pieces of people we love.

7. 12.51

What time do you remember,
In your life,
That changed your life,
From that moment forwards,

How you noted the time,
And that time,
Changed everything forever,
Never being able,
To miss that time again,

What time do you remember,
That changed the way you think,
The way in which you believe?

8. Living is a problem because everything dies

I thought I was living with the hope,
That somehow you felt the same as me,

I thought I was living in the world,
That has everything to give,
And make one happy place,

I never thought that the problem would be this,
The one thing at one time kept me alive,
Engaged in life and your life next to mine,

Living is indeed the problem,
Because you see things die,
From hope you had in your hands,
For it not to be passed onto me,
Or for I to pass on what I have,

Living is a problem because everything dies,
Including love once felt,
Or at least we think that it dies,

It now grazes itself on the past that has been,
And continues to graze,
Yet not growing as it should,
Until the time is right,
Or given the opportunity to grow.

9. An honest mistake

It was a mistake,
An honest one,
How I thought it was right,
To choose like I did,

I never chose to love you,
I never wanted my heart,
To think of nothing else,
But you and what you mean,
Are all but a happy mistake,

For longer than I can remember,
I have made many mistakes,
However there was one mistake,

An honest mistake,

That was falling for you,
A mistake,
Never have I regretted.

10. Called out in the dark

I called out,
And there was no reply,

I called out louder,
And still no reply heard,

I called out in the dark,
Hoping you would bring me light,

I called out once more,
And i saw a light,

I called out in the dark,
And a light came to my aid,

I called out and you came to me,
You and only you had the light,

I could not thank you enough,
Because without you giving me light,

I could be here to share,
My thoughts and my love with you,

I could tell you all now,
But now I have found you,
After calling out in the dark for so long,

I will just use the light you have,
To show me the way to be the real me.

11. Walking on a dream

Each and every day,
I wake up,
From walking on a dream,

A dream I have,
Again and again,
Waiting for it to be real,
Instead of a dream,
Constrained to ones mind,

I walk to walk in life,
Live the life,
Walking on the dream,
I have repeating,
So often in my dreams,

I wake up,
From walking on a dream,
Hoping it to be the dream.

12. Madness

Ever hear the voices,
Asking your beliefs,
What to think or do,

Sat thinking,
Listening to music,
The music plays,
Giving me something,
To get my feelings straight,

Driving along I think so hard,
It becomes a constant pain,
Like a thorn in the side,

The final song plays,
Before obliteration,

An evening of contemplation,
Before the last sip,
Last thought,
Before madness,

For what I am about to tell you,
Is something so personal,
I thought I would never speak of it,

Before long,
It would all appear,
That madness has occurred,
As the beliefs the voices have spoken,
What the music has encouraged,
Has all lead to a silent madness,

Now all I hear is the voices,
Regrettably reminding me,
You shouldn’t have done that,
To cause the world of madness.

13. Mr Brightside

Bring him out,
When the time is right,
And the sun is bright,

For when Mr Brightside is out,
There are no worries in the world,
And nothing can stand in his way,

Mr Brightside is the best of all sides,
Let him out and enjoy the sunshine,

He is the positivity within,
And when he is let out,
The world is a better place,

For Mr Brightside,
Is better for him,
To be let out,
And about.

14. By the way

I meant to say,
From the moment I met you,
I have always had,
A soft spot for you,
Forever adoring you,
But never telling you,

I always meant to say,
How wonderful you are,
Just never finding a chance to tell you,

By the way,
I love you,
Never ever telling you,
Why and so this is true,

It may not mean a thing to you,
But knowing that I can adore you,
Keeps me alive each day,
Just ignoring the fact,
That I may never share,
The something inside of me,
That is that I have a soft spot for you.

15. Recover

Get up,
Self inflicted pain will not tolerated,
No matter how much of a struggle it is,
Get up,
The self inflicted pain deserves no sympathy,
One [infliction] too many and the mind is heavy,
Get up,
Work hard to get rid of the thumping mind,
Then the whole process starts again,
Get up,
Get up,
Then one day you just can’t get up,
Is not that easy,
The body and mind cannot take no more,
Recovery takes time,
To recover is to succeed,
And to succeed,
Is to recover!

16. Not Nineteen Forever

For I may not 19 years of age no more,
Young and no fear against the world,
Grown old and wiser,
And greater responsibilities,
Than I thought I could ever have,

I think I may not be 19 forever,
Physically I change,
Older does my mind become,
But I will be 18 forever,
For that is where my mind may be.

17. Love is noise

Love is silent,
We need not share all our love,

Love is all around,
Even when we are by ourselves,

Love may not speak every day,
Love may not act for a long time,
Yet it is still there,

Love can wait as long as need be,
Because if it is there,
It will always be there.

18. Charmer

In my mind,
I have already asked you to marry me,

From the moment,
My eyes first saw you,
I knew that you were the one,

Instantly drawn to your beauty,
Your smile said a million things,
Even without your lips moving,

You charmed me from the first moment,
With just the look you gave,
And the few words you said,

No one has had that effect,
No one charmer than yourself,

How the first sight of you,
Charmed your way into my heart.

19. Set the fire to the third bar

Set the fire to the third bar
As I know I will never be with you,
So turn up the heat,
And let the flames take my life,
Knowing I will never be with you,

Set the fire a little higher,
Higher than it has ever been,
Or ever will be to me,
I will forever now think of you,
As the one that got away,
With no way back,

I will stand,
With my head held high,
With the fire set to the third bar.
Close my eyes,
And remember the great times,
And the beautiful moments you gave,

Close the eyes for one final time,
And now I can be closer to you,
By setting the fire to the third bar.

20. Maybe Tomorrow

The way to my heart may be found,
A way in which it has always pointed,

Maybe it will be tomorrow,
That all lays beneath the surface,
Rises and surprises for everyone,

Rises to release the pressure on the shoulders,
Surprises to what is felt within and why,

Maybe tomorrow,
No more lies will be kept,

The way to my heart may be found,
A way in which it has always pointed,

That may well be tomorrow,
Maybe tomorrow,
For that day cannot come soon enough.

21. That Kiss

If I had kissed you,
I would have not forgotten that moment,
It would have stayed in the memory,
And nothing would have let me forget it,

If I had kissed you,
That would have been the moment,
That changed everything for me,

A moment of pure pleasure,
I am for sure I would not forget,
If I had kissed you,
Had the courage to do so,

Although that kiss never happened,
I am sure in what I think,
It would have been perfection.

22. The Funeral

When I’m laid to rest,
I’d like to rest,
Next to a view,

One that has inspired the mind,
A view,
As beautiful as you,

I need not move,
From my final resting place,

In order to find,
Such a beautiful view.

23. Hurry up and wait

I need to wait a little bit more,
As I haven’t already waited enough,

To walk again,
Throughout the world we live,

I gained so much,
Yet lost out in even more,

I have waited for too long now,
There is no end to the wait,

I have tried to hurry up,
Walk again and again,

Offering you a chance to walk with me,
I cannot and will not ask again.

24. Maps

I made a map for us,
A plan for us to follow,
Adaptable as we grew,

The map showed,
Why I love you,
And why this was made,

No map had greater detail,
No map was more adaptable,

I made this map for us,
For us to look at,
And travel through life,

However we ended up lost,
Lost is a wide world of wonder,

Neither of us looked at the map,
To see where we were,
Or where we were going,

I made a map,
Yet we ended up lost.

25. No one knows

Except you,

And only you.

26. Bad habit

I couldn’t sleep,
So I went for a walk,
Around the island,

A million miles away,
And all I could think of was you,

A bad habit that I have,
Never sleeping,
Always thinking,
Never being able to forget you,

The walk eased the mind,
Bought some time to myself,

So small was the island,
I walked around it in time,
To see the sun fully rise.

27. Angels

If you love someone,
Why not tell them,

Make them aware,
Of what you feel,
Before they become angels,

If you never say,
What you feel,
You never know,
What may happen,

If you love someone,
Tell them so,
Before we all become angels.

28. Why do you only call me when you’re high?

What ever you have taken,
It is only now that you talk to me,
Wanting to know all the answers,
For when you are like this,
I cannot tell you everything,
Because I know you won’t remember,

Why do you only call me,
When you’ve overdone it,
On what makes you worse,
When you think it makes you better,

Is there no pure confidence,
Just to pick up the phone,
And call me to ask how I am,
For every day,
The minutes pass,
And I wonder why you haven’t called,

You only call when you’re high,
On whatever you choose to take,
Never wondering why we never speak,
Other than when you are high,

Just try to be you, Always,
Don’t just call me,
Talk to me,
Not only when you’re high.

29. One step closer

I have bigger plans,
I had bigger ideas,
Which I wanted you to be part of,
That is why I needed you so close,
So close to me,

Just one step closer,
And the plan would have been right,
All would have fitted into place,

The bigger plans,
Included you by my side,
To see what I did,
Feel what I felt,

One step closer,
Is all it would take,
The step can be seen,
It just feels so distant,

If you just hold my hand,
That one step,
Would be nothing more,
Than a usual step,

Take my hand,
Be a part of the bigger plan,
Just one more step,
One step Closer.

30. Use Somebody

I could use somebody like you,
To talk to from time to time,
Talk about everything that bothers my mind,
For I know that you will listen,
Think if there is any solution,
And in your own words,
Share how to brush away anything that bothers,

I could use somebody like you,
Just to rest my head upon,
To take away all the bad thoughts,
And let the warmth we have,
Be shared with one another,

I could really use somebody.
Just like you,
More than you could ever think,
To listen to me,
Advise me on what I think.


If you wonder what the band is that is associated with the song title, it can be found here.

7. Local boy in the photograph – Stereophonics
8. Every Teardrop is a Waterfall – Coldplay
9. Mr Writer – Stereophonics
10. We share the same sun – Stereophonics
11. Yellow – Coldplay
12. Pieces of people we love – The Rapture
13. 12.51 – The Strokes
14. Living is a problem because everything dies – Biffy Clyro
15. An honest mistake – The Bravery
16. Called out in the dark – Snow Patrol
17. Walking on a dream – Empire of the Sun
18. Madness – Muse
19. Mr Brightside – The Killers
20. By the way – Red Hot Chilli Peppers
21. Recover – The Automatic
22. Not Nineteen Forever – The Courteeners
23. Love is noise – The Verve
24. Charmer – Kings of Leon
25. Set the fire to the third bar – Snow Patrol
26. Maybe Tomorrow – Stereophonics
27. That Kiss – The Courteeners
28. The Funeral – Band of Horses
29. Hurry up and wait – Stereophonics
30. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
31. No one knows – Queens of the Stone Age
32. Bad habit – Foals
33. Angels – The XX
34. Why do you only call me when you’re high? – Arctic Monkeys
35. One step closer – Linkin Park
36. Use Somebody – Kings of Leon