‘Sunset View’ (Part 2)- Volume 21 by Poet Jordan

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Part two of two – to find part one please click here.


If you wondered where I get my ideas from for poetry, I also wonder myself sometimes to where they come from. For any poem I may simply have the idea of a situation, an idea of an emotion and from there I just write. So what I write my not represent what goes on in life, it may be a hypothetical situation to write about and give everything I can to write about that idea to portray a story.


  1. The wind in the hills
  2. Flower
  3. Angels from the Sky
  4. Scrambled Words
  5. You
  6. The biggest statement, With the least acknowledgement
  7. The day of never
  8. The door is ajar
  9. The Scientist
  10. State of Mind like Water
  11. If I close my eyes
  12. You were my favourite accent
  13. Sorrow of unknown
  14. Understanding
  15. Plastic Growth
  16. Speak louder above the noise: To be noticed, To be heard.
  17. Will you be my X
  18. Let Me Be No More

1. The wind in the hills

The wind in the hills,
It hard and tough,

The wind brings in the rain,
Hurting the eyes as I walk along,

Push on I do,
For cover by the trees,

How grateful I am,
To reach the trees,

As the trees,
Break the wind and rain in two,

The eyes can see,
The wind is deflected,

The cold sets in,
Walk on I must,

No harsh conditions,
No fear of the wind,

Will stop me from getting,
To where I need to be,

The wind in the hills,
May hamper,

Yet never not stop me in my tracks.

2. Flower

I’d buy you a flower,
Each and every single day,
Just to let you know,
I care a little bit more than most,

Each day I will leave it upon your chair,
So you notice I’ve been,
To make the effort of leaving a flower,
For one so unique,

I’d buy you a flower,
As you are as pretty,
As pretty as the flower that be,

Each one I would by,
Would present the little bit of joy,
You bring to me,

Each day,
Whether it be dark and dull,
Would already be a bright day,
Made brighter by you,

I’d buy you a flower,
Just to show I care,
A little more than most.

3. Angels from the Sky

As the lights come from the sky,
We look up and see,
What is only the brightest light,
We have ever seen,
And the warmth that arrives,
The warmest glow ever felt,

Angels arrive from the sky,
Glow and flow as they come down,

Angels plucking us one by one,
Ready to go or not,
The angels come down,
Pause above us to hover,
And then pick us up,
Take us away into the sky,
Only leaving memories behind,

As the angels leave,
They leave us taking another soul,

One by one the angels pluck us,
Take us to another world,
To start a new life,
In new ways.

4. Scrambled Words

You make me think,
Like no other person,

How I can concentrate,
With beauty like you,
So close to me,
I just do not know,

When I look at you,
As you speak to me,
I stare and adore,

As I cannot say much more,
Other than scrambled words,
Words that you may not understand,
Because my mind is dancing,

You make me think,
More than you could ever know,

To tell you this,
Would never become true,
As I would scramble my words,
And mind dancing mind,
Would come over,
All very confused and unclear,

So you make me think,
Like no other person,
You make me dance,
Like a mind that has never danced.

5. You

The more I see,
The more I fall,
Not in love,
But in admiration,
Of your beauty,

The determination,
The looks like no other,
A scent of an angel,
The presence of a savoir,

Some sort of link,
Yet not connected,
You’ll always make my heart,
Skip a little faster,

Calm I appear,
Yet lost in awe,
You’ll never see,
This feeling,
It will always be there.

6. The biggest statement, With the least acknowledgement

How we all make statements,
With different degrees of meaning,

For when the thoughts have passed,
And the heart has thought an awful lot,

We decide to make the biggest statement,
One that is everything to us,
With people we look to,
To acknowledge,
And would hope to let them understand,
What it is,
And why it means so much,

How the one thing,
Or many things,
That means so much to one,
Can be kept to one side,
In a statement of their own,

When the time has come,
And no more thinking can be done,

We decide to make the statement,

The biggest statement,
With the least acknowledgement,

Which the doubts every thought had,
To which did it not mean a thing?
Every ounce of feeling,
Receiving the least acknowledgement.

7. The day of never

The day of never,
Never occurred,
Never in my mind,
Would this day arrive,

For if it did not arrive,
It did not occur,
And nothing would have happened,
At all,

The day of never,
Never did I think this would be true,

And to this moment,
It is the day of never,
As it should have never occurred,

Yet the day of never,
Happened in life,
And now learn to live with it,
And not to ponder why it occurred.

8.The door is ajar

Leave the door open,
Just ajar,
So when you leave me,
You can look back,
After I think you have gone,
And see me for who I am,
And what you mean,
Once you have left the room,

The door, ajar,
But not much more,
Enough to see me,
Just not enough for me,
To see you,
For I may sit and smile,
Sit and ponder,
Or hold my head in my hands,

The door is ajar,
For not purposely left,
So that you can see me,
It’s just so I know,
There is a way to escape,

If you do look back,
And see me,
You’ll see the real me,
For who I am,
And who I am here for.

9.The Scientist

The path of silence I follow,
A scientist I want to be,

My ideas ready,
My understanding differs,

In the end,
Real scientist you became,
The one who succeeded,

Standing next to genius,
You were the one to pursue the career,
Be the scientist,
That I never became,

I stood next to a genius mind,
Just once or twice,

A change in the world you will make,
And a scientist I will always want to be,

No one ever said I would be one,
No one ever said I wouldn’t be one,

It is up to me,
And what I strive for,
For you,
For me,
You are the scientist,
The Scientist.

10. State of Mind like Water

From a state of mind,
That changes state so many times,

Like water,

The mind could be that of solid,
Frozen in thought,
Frozen in the actions we do not take,

The mind could be fluid,
Like a waterfall flowing,
Passing on what is thought,
From place to place,
From one heart to another heart,

The mind could gain energy,
So much so its state changes,
Into something explosive,

Sometimes not knowing what it is doing,
Saying or feeling,

From whatever state the mind is,
It will always change,
Always be a different state of mind,
From one day to the next,

Like water,

Our mind never stays still.

11. If I close my eyes

If I close my eyes,
You never went away,

I could put my hand out,
And you’d hold it,

Just to let me know,
You are still there,

My eyes are just playing tricks,
You are there,
I just can’t see you,

I sense you are there,
I feel the warmth you bring,
I smell the fresh air you are,

If I close my eyes,
You never went away,

I can only be who I am,
If I see what I see with my eyes,
Is real to me,
From inside out,
And outside in.

12. You were my favourite accent

I loved everything about you,
You were everything to me,
Like many things in life,
I thought I would be next to you,

The accent of your voice,
I would recognise anywhere,
From a loudly filled room,
To a million miles away,

I look forward to hearing your accent,
Every time you called,
Every moment that we met,

By far the favourite accent,
One distinguishable from any other,
You were my favourite accent.

13. Sorrow of unknown

Sorrow as it will never be known,
Because it will always be left unknown,
How the story was played out,
Time and time again,
In the mind that should have seen it,

How the story ended,
How the beginning was long,
It is the sorrow of unknown,
That will play on the mind,

We may not worry what is was,
That made the world like it is,
We’ll just the sorrow,
Of being unknown how the ending is,

The story so far,
Not so addictive,
Just a slow burner,

To see how the sorrow unfolds,
And what unknown we come across,
To heal and forget the sorrow that is.


It’ll take a lifetime to understand me,
And even then,
You won’t understand me,

For I ,
Do not understand everything myself.

15. Plastic Growth

The world,
Is a plastic world,
Not everything is at it seems,

When it breaks,
We expect what is broken,
To be easy fixed,
Replaced in a blink of an eye,

No one has time to stop and think,
Take time to create,
And build something to last,

The world,
Would seem all plastic,
Yet out there somewhere,
Is a world of growth and belief.

16. Speak louder above the noise:To be noticed, To be heard.

Think of me last,
Forever the afterthought,
Put me off until the end of the day,
For it doesn’t matter what I say,
Or what I am here for,

I wait,
All day,
All my life,
What would an extra minute,
An extra hour,
Or even an extra day make?

The conversation spoken,
Yet someone else’s voice,
Is always louder than mine,
One to steal the words,
From the voice I’m already speaking from,

I shall speak when ready,
Yet not loud enough to be heard,

How many times more will this occur,
Before I just remain quiet,
And take what comes?

How about the simple solution,

Speak louder,
To be heard,

Do you think this has not been tried?
Every noise muffled,
By something or someone,
Louder and stronger.

17. Will you be my X

I’m in love with you,

Why do you reject me,

The love that is shown,

Why do you not respond,

Is it that you can’t hear me?

Do I need to shout a little louder?

Are you no longer there?

18. Let Me Be No More

Let Me Be,
Was he,
But is no more,


Once was,
Is now no more,

For I am a Poet,
By the name,

Poet Jordan,
If you will,

Let Me Be,
Served me well,
And will always have a part,
As it started what is now,

But to new pastures I go,
Out as me,
And as me I write,

From Let Me Be,
To Poet Jordan.