‘Sunset View’ (Part 1) – Volume 21 by Poet Jordan

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Part one of two – to find part two please click here.


If you wondered where I get my ideas from for poetry, I also wonder myself sometimes to where they come from. For any poem I may simply have the idea of a situation, an idea of an emotion and from there I just write. So what I write my not represent what goes on in life, it may be a hypothetical situation to write about and give everything I can to write about that idea to portray a story.


  1. .Bus stop
  2. Countryside Thoughts
  3. +ve
  4. A Different Look
  5. I caught you without knowing
  6. Troubled Woods brings new life
  7. You’ve made me wonder enough times
  8. Closing the Gap
  9. The album that changed my life
  10. Hard to see, Always ready to help
  11. Went to Waste
  12. The view that is
  13. Remember me (Please)
  14. What today taught me
  15. Changes Occur
  16. Take me down to the water’s edge
  17. My Last Ever Dream
  18. History Yesterday History Tomorrow
  19. The smallest hand I hold
  20. I let you go (Pt 1)
  21. I let you go (Pt 2)

1. Bus stop

Always seeing each other every morning,
Yet they didn’t know what other thought,

The road was wide,
The traffic was heavy,

Yet they saw one another sat at the bus stop,
Often looking back at each other,
Morning after morning,

On the odd occasion when the road was clear,
A smile was exchanged,
Nervously it would seem,

Some mornings,
A waved would be exchanged,
With a smile to soon follow,

But there was always the same outcome,
The traffic built up,
The bus came,
Moved off again,

And they were gone again,
With one gone,
The smiles went with them,

The only thing that they would do, could do,
Was waiting until the next morning,
When the warm feeling returned,
Even on the coldest of mornings,

All that separated them was a wide busy road,
With a bus stop either side,

They were lovers from across the road,
Yet they didn’t know it just yet,

That one day they would meet,
Sat side by side on the same bus,
To start the same journey together.

2. Countryside Thoughts

I prefer the countryside,
Where my thoughts fit in,

Probably because no one can hear them,
Or there is just enough time and space,
For my thoughts to spread out and live,

Yet they fit in,
Every time I have a thought,
Because I feel at home with the countryside,

The city,
Doesn’t allow me to think,
Be me,

With little space and all the rush,
I stand back and find somewhere to hide,

With the build up of thoughts,
A visit to the countryside,
Releases all the pressure,
And every thought that has built up,

So if I ever seem a little stressed,
Or not giving much thought,
Just take me to the countryside,
And everything will seem a whole lot different.

3. +ve

Be +ve,
Because thinking -ve,
Is just not thinking +ve,

Be +ve,
About what you do,
What you think,

Being -ve,
Can last longer in the mind,
Yet being +ve,
Gets you back up,
And keeps you going,

From there on in,
Being +ve is always the first thought,

You make me +ve,
There is no other way,

So stand next to me,
And share the +ve ways we have,
With the world, with each other,

Let’s make the world more +ve,
More like a place we call home.

4. A Different Look

The words from your mouth,
Are very different,
From the look in your eyes,

The words you speak,
Are those not appearing,
On your face,

Your eyes are telling me,
More than the words you are saying,

Yet you may wonder how I can tell,
I just can,
Because I can see that look in your eyes,

There is more to the words you are speaking,
But I cannot help,
If you do not tell me,
What your eyes are trying to say to me.

5. I caught you without knowing

I caught you without knowing,
That I could save your life,
By endangering mine,

I leapt from where once stood,
With my arms held out,
With every hope,
That I could catch you in time,

I jumped for you,
Because I simply cannot be without you,

No time to think of the consequences,
I just jumped for you,

I somehow caught you,
Grounded myself without falling with you,

I open my eyes and I see you clinging to my arm,
I cling back,
I am not letting go,

I caught you without knowing,
If I would be successful,

Thankfully I was,

What more can I prove to you,
By jumping to catch you,

Without knowing if my life,
Would end with you,
Or catch you in the nick of time?

There is nothing I can do more,
To prove to you,
What you mean to me.

6. Troubled Woods brings new life

From the troubled woods,
Comes troubled times,
Deep dark times,
Like walking into a darkened wood,

The leaves may fall,
On a deep dark day,
With what would seem,
No life to be seen,

From fallen leaves,
In the troubled woods,
Comes new life,
New light from the ground up,

The leaves have fallen,
Leaving fallen times behind,
And something for new beginnings,
To grow,
And be stronger be from,

Time is given,
And from the patient wait we give,
New life begins,
New shoots grow,

And stronger they become,
From what was troubled woods,
Becomes new glorious life,

Something that you may never thought would be,
Yet here it is,
Growing in front of your eyes,

We must not let the dark times,
Like the dark wood,
Take control of how,
And where we grow.

7. You’ve made me wonder enough times

You’ve made me wonder enough times,

No tear is big enough,
No amount of tears is enough,

As I miss you,

Each tear,

Shows how much you mean to me,
How much thought there is for you,

No moment is too short,
Between the last time I think of you,
And the next time

You’ve made me wonder enough times,
And you always will,

How do you make me think of you so much,
When I don’t know what else to think of?

There is so much to wonder about,
And I don’t think there will ever be enough time,

You’ve made me wonder enough times,
And to continue to do so you will.

8. Closing the Gap

I see you,
Albeit brief,
I think,
What I,
About living,
Next to you,

The world,
Is large,
The feeling,
Is bigger,
Albeit big,
I try hard,
To close,
The gap.

9. The album that changed my life

The album that changed my life,
Would not mean much else,
To anyone else,

You’d have to go,
A long way to understand,

In many ways,
What I felt and where I was going,

You have to gotta go there to come back,
To understand why,

From the darkest memories,
To the lightest moments,

They do not come all at once,
Nor do they ever disappear,
If ever they do,

The album that changed my life,
Brings memories,
From deep down,
To inspire forwards,

To replenish what was,
With what is now,
And how we go forward,
As what was,
Cannot be replaced,

The album that changed my life,
In forwards we strive,
And not back upon the past that was.

10. Hard to see, Always ready to help

It’s hard to see a problem,
If it’s invisible to our eyes,
How can we comprehend a problem,
That is invisible to us,

We be aware of the problem,
But blinded by something,
As we can’t see for what it is,
That is the problem,

Yet we know that the problem is there,
Support is needed,
To get through every step of recovery,

It’s hard to see the problem,
Yet help is all that can be given,
Always ready to help.

11. Went to Waste

I decided to say,

I love you,

Love like no other feeling felt,

But it went to waste,

As you didn’t listen,

And from that moment on,

There was no one to listen,

No more,

After I told you,

I love you,

It just went to waste,

Like water,

Missing the source.

12.The view that is

The view that is,
Is not the one I see,
The view is mentioned,
And how wonderful it is,

Is it one created in my heart?
Or one made from my mind?

I cannot see any other view,
Other than you,

Yet the real world,
Snaps my view back into place,
A very different scene,
To the one created within my mind,

How the mind can overreact,
To a view that may never be real,
Yet it makes it real,
For my eyes to see and enjoy,

Why change a view that is,
If one enjoys it,
Let the view continue,
Whatever creates it.

13. Remember me (Please)

I’ll keep coming back,
Just to see if you remember me,

I’ll look into your eyes,
Until the day that I die,
So you will remember me,
And why I want you to,

When the day comes,
And you don’t remember me,
I will lay down,
And die,

Because it is you,
That made me,
Be me,
And why I’m here today,

I’ll keep coming back,
With every ounce of a smile I can give,
Just so you know,
It is you I want to remember forever,

And one day,
You’ll remember me,
As it is you and I forever,

Remember me, please,
For I cannot forget you,
Live without you.

14. What today taught me

What today taught me,
Will make me stronger tomorrow,

What I thought this morning,
I will forget this evening,
Yet remember for the rest of my life,

What I felt today,
For the first time with you,
Is something new,

Maybe once in a lifetime,
Maybe never to be repeated,
Maybe never to be spoken out loud,

Yet what today taught me,
Is that flutter I feel in my stomach,
Is from you,
When you pass me by,

What today taught me,
Will make me think longer, harder,
And tomorrow,
I will see what feelings I have.

15. Changes Occur

Changes are occurring,
All around the world,
In my world,
Your world,

Some changes,
We are just not ready for,
And others,
I simply cannot comment upon,

Changes occur,
And we adapt the best we can,

Some changes,
We can never forget,
Never adapt to,

But we must carry on,
No matter what changes,

I am a change,
Just like the world changes around me,

We need to change,
To live in the world around us.

16. Take me down to the water’s edge

Take me down to the water’s edge,
Where the world we lived,
Was far simpler than the one today,

We watched the water lap our feet,
As we sat hand in hand,
No world was greater,
Than the one we lived in,

The water could have kept rising,
But we would not have moved,

With our hands held tight,
Nothing would make us move,
Such as the love that was felt,

The water lapped our feet,
It made us calm and still,

Time it brought us to think,
Sit and hold each other,
When the world doesn’t stop at all,

Take me down to the water’s edge,
It was where I knew I was safe with you,
The water was rarely rough,
As it lapped against our feet,

My head and my heart,
Is always on that shore,
Waiting for you to come back,
And sit next to me.

17. My Last Ever Dream

I dreamt I spent my last day on earth with you,
It was perfect in every sense,
The connection we made,
The touch of your skin against mine,
I held you close,
As it was my last day on earth,

I dreamt that my last day was with you,
When I know it will never be,
Except if I wake up now,
To see you lying next to me,

My last day on earth was perfect with you,
I held you close,
Spoke softly in your ear,
And I told you everything that I feel,

When the eyes opened,
And the dream was over,
For now,
All I could do,
Is all but smile inside and out,

You gave me the last dream I ever had,
And I will always love you for that,

I dreamt I spent my last day on earth with you,
Therefore I cannot love anyone else,
No matter what happens in time and space,
You are the one for me and me only,

You are my last,
And only dream,
I will ever have.

18. History Yesterday History Tomorrow

No day is tougher,
Than yesterday,
When you look back,
Wishing that things,
That occurred then,
Could be different now,

To how things are today,
You could have changed,
The way it went,

There is no tougher day,
Than today,
As yesterday has occurred,
And we live with the history,
That was created yesterday,

No matter how big or small,
Yesterday’s events were,
Today is a day to change,
And head forth,
To new ways,
New history is to be made,

Today is tough,
Remembering yesterday,
Yet today, tomorrow,
Is a whole new day,
To make history,
New history,
Good history.

19. The smallest hand I hold

The smallest hand I hold,
Is the greatest responsibility,
That I have,

The smallest hand,
The highest trust I have,
I have to give to her,

The smallest hand I hold,
I treasure and I adore,
As it is for me to learn from her,
As it is for her to learn from me,

The smallest hand I hold,
Is the greatest love a person can give,
Through the frustrating times,
The happy times are much longer lasting,

No matter how small the hand is,
How big it grows to be,
I will always hold it tight,
Yet not to hurt,
To keep you safe.

20. I let you go (Pt 1)

When I heard nothing,
It was like you had died,

After all,
I had to,
I had to let you go,

I let you go,

Hearing nothing,
Was like you had died,
But without knowing how,

I heard nothing from here to there,
And with no mention,
No word of something to let me know,

I let you go,

After all,
I heard nothing,
Could act upon nothing,

So I let you go.

21. I let you go (Pt 2)

I will never let go,
Because I will never,
Understand / know why,
I let you go,

So I will never let go,
Until I understand why,
I did so,

You haven’t died,
And in my heart,
You live loudly,
That any other heart I know,

I will never let go,
No matter what I say,
Even without understanding,
I will never let you go.