‘Purple sky’ – Volume 22 by Poet Jordan


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  1. Each leaf picked from the floor
  2. The Cottage
  3. You Can’t Stay Cold Forever
  4. The book may have closed
  5. A scent that could only be you
  6. My Love
  7. Would you…
  8. Love Others First
  9. Words are everlasting
  10. The Rolling Sea, The Rolling Waves
  11. Would it mean a single thing?
  12. The bond
  13. Sand
  14. As I walked
  15. Loud Enough?
  16. I forgot something
  17. 140
  18. Hindsight
  19. Moon
  20. Like a Flower
  21. Jet stream
  22. Smile
  23. Gem Stone
  24. What it is
  25. If you
  26. Always
  27. #Untitled22_1
  28. Natural Course
  29. The North
  30. #Untitled22_2

1 Each leaf picked from the floor

If each leaf picked from the floor,
We could adore much more,
The tiny hands that picked up that leaf,
Shows there is something to why it was chosen,

From the colour to the shape,
Our eyes do not see what it is,
That made such tiny hands choose that leaf,

Yet the chosen leaf,
Is picked from the green grass,
And passed to us,
With love,
As a simple gift,

That a young eye can see something,
Worthy enough to give to us,
Something naturally beautiful,
From one so naturally young,

Each leaf picked from the floor,
The smallest of gifts,
With the biggest value of all,
From such small hands,
Picked with an eye for detail,

With a leaf in hand,
And with a beautiful face looking up at you,
We should treasure every gift passed our way,
No matter how small that it may be.

2 The Cottage

As we sat in the cottage,
We sat and drank wine,
Steady as the drinks came,
The more and more,
Our conversation became deeper,
And deeper,

The wood fire glowed in the background,
With only a distant sound could be heard,
Of a crackle and a flicker of light,
Catching the eye and the ear,
For a brief moment or two,

The evening went on,
Our body language changed,
We became relaxed,
And everything seem to make us laugh,

You placed your hand upon my leg,
And I could not help but place my hand upon yours,
I had this feeling for you like I’d never felt before,

A crack in the fire startled us,
Yet for us only to laugh once more,
Another drink was poured,
And sat back we relaxed once more,

I looked into your eyes,
With half your face lit up by the fire,
The warmth of the fire gave me hope,
Your hair covered your face,
It created shadows upon the fire side,

I leant over and gently pushed your hair behind your ear,
Revealing a sweet smile to the glow of the fire,
I smiled back and held your hand,
For a moment there was silence,

CRACK! The fire made us jump once more,
Nervous laughter followed,
But we were soon talking like we were,

Her hair covered her face once more,
I leant over once more and moved it to one side,
This time she leant in,
Looking right into her eyes I was lost in another world,
Before I knew it we were kissing,
Something I had thought about,
Yet never thought would be real,

The cottage we were in,
Was the setting of something truly beautiful,
With beautiful company,
And an unforgettable moment,

The cottage was a place in my heart,
A place in my heart with you by me.

3 You Can’t Stay Cold Forever

Something said in conversation,
While we sat on the bench behind a cold stone building,
Would make me think for many years to come,
How life would be from this moment forwards,

After a long warmer summers day,
A relief from the hot summer sun that we basked in all day,
The evening came in,
The cooler breeze became cooler,

I knew our time here would be brief together,
Although a whirlwind of a time it was,
We met, we talked, we kissed under the stars,
A greater time has never been had,
In such a similar short amount of time,

It will be hard to forget you,
Because you will be gone soon,
Leaving this week behind,
Our time together here is short and sweet,

You shivered and you shook,
I tried to keep you warm,
I said to you,
You can’t stay cold forever,
You’ll warm back up soon enough,

Yet something said in conversation,
As we sat on that bench,
Life you said, may be short for you,
Maybe not as fulfilled as a life should be,

Prompting me to think,
That you can stay cold forever,
When people pass by, they go cold,
Cold by not in choice,
Just what the cycle of life is,

In that moment I realised,
We are warm, We are living,
At this moment and in this time,

From the sunlight that gave us warmth,
To the cooler evenings,
The love we have shared this week,
Would last a lifetime beyond any mind,
And our loves even warmer,
Keeping me warm until this very day,

You can’t stay cold forever,
But until that day comes,
Love is what keeps me warm,
Love is what keeps me going.

4 The book may have closed

The book may have closed on what we had,
Yet there will always be another chapter,
To write, read and act out,

The longer time goes on,
The larger the chapter would appear to be,
The longest and last chapter that there would ever be,

For each and every other chapter up to now,
Is a long lost story covered in dust,
Waiting for the story to be loved again,
Waiting for the story to be finished,

Pages left blank will never rest,
Never will they be finished,
Until written and read out,

From time to time,
The wind may blow the dust off the book,
Just to see what was and how it was left,

Heavy does the heart become,
Even after a few pages have been turned,
The wind unsettles the dust that had laid upon the book,
Unsettled memories that also lay undisturbed for many a year,

If the heart cannot read again,
What the chapter that lay ahead,
The book is closed and the chapters are left,
Left again to capture dust,
No thought to capture the heart once more,
No way to get lost between love and feelings,

The book may have closed,
Yet the memories live on in the heart,
In the world we live,
No matter how busy we are,

The book may have closed,
Yet that one chapter is still to be completed,
Read and loved.

5 A scent that could only be you

A calm breeze blew past,
Something caught my attention,
My head turning as quick as it could,
What was that I could smell?
Was it what I thought it was?

So familiar was the scent,
And so heavenly as always is,
I knew it was you,
It could only be you,

A scent so unique to you,
It could only be you,

I wish I could capture the scent,
Bottle it to keep forever,
I could then take the scent anywhere,
Anywhere I travelled,

It would always remind me of you,
When I needed you the most,
Like when the day is dark,
And I feel a little bit down,
The bottled smell of heaven,
Is all I would need,
To bring the world I live back to life.

6 My Love

My love for you is unforgettable,

It’s something which is a huge part of me,

Nothing is greater my love.

7 Would you…

Walk with me? Through time and create memories.
Travel with me? Around the world seeing the sights and sounds the world has to offer.

Sit with me? When I need a helping hand to get through the tough moments.
Laugh with me? To share the same humour we have and create laughter louder than anything else.

Smile with me? As your smile is infectious it would be rude not to smile back at you, and therefore with you.
Cry with me? For those sad moments in life when we just need to release a tear or two.

Lay next to me? To keep each other warm, to stay safe, to relax one another.
Kiss me? Because there is no other one that kisses as sweet as you.

Touch me? Because when I touch you, it is nothing like I have felt before.
Hug me? As for a hug I help us be together, even if so briefly.

Would you… Consider me.
Would you… Take a moment.

To think of me when you are 60? Look back in life and if I am not by your side, and think of me.
Be with me when I’m 60? As you have always done, or lay next to me when the time has come.

Would you…
Spend the rest of your life with me? Because no one else will make me happier, calmer and more.

8 Love Others First

Love life,
As this is the life we have been given,

Love others,
As love can be for many,

Love yourself last,
As everyone should be before you,

Put others before you,
And others will put you first,
In thought as well as memory,

Look out for each other,
And the world will be a brighter place,

To keep simple rules,
To which will make life so pleasurable.

9 Words are everlasting

I have not much more to say,
Not many more words to describe,
What we have between you and I,

Apart from the words that are,
How we are so special together,

I hope that we live to 100 years old,
So we can share so much time together,
Share the thoughts and words,
That grace our lives,
In order to be shared between one another,

Words are everlasting in heart and mind,
That is why I write this today,
For you to read again and again,

So when we are gone,
When our time is up,
Part of us shall live forever,
In words for generations to read,
What love we had,
And what words are ever lasting.

10 The Rolling Sea, The Rolling Waves

The rolling sea,
Heads towards the shore,
Quite innocent it may look,
The power of the sea,
Should never be underestimated,

A clatter of the sea,
Hitting the sand hard on the shore,
Displacement of sand,
Confusion of the waves,
A forever changing world,

The power of the sea,
Is forever stronger than we could ever be,
Never try to estimate the power that is,
As for one day it will catch you out,

The rolling sea,
Brings rolling waves,
A sight for the eyes,
And for the ears,
A natural orchestra,
Of sound and waves,

The rolling sea,
Heads towards the shore,
The power of the sea,
Is there for everyone to see.

11 Would it mean a single thing?

If I were to die in your arms,
Lay lifeless after fighting for everything,
Would it mean a single thing?

I chose to give everything up,
Put it on the line,
So that I would be with you,

If I were to die in your arms,
I can could only thank you,
For being in my life,
Giving me some hope,
That something good would become true,

I chose this life,
Because I thought it was right,
And indeed it was,
Even with every fright that might have been,

If I were to die in your arms,
Would it mean a single thing?
No more would be said,
And no more would be written,

Life itself is never endless,
Yet we fight for what is right,
Until the very last breath we take.

12 The bond

When you rest your head against mine,
I love the feel of your hair next to mine,

The feeling of you next to me,
Is one like no other in this world,

When you put your arms around me,
I can only but automatically,
Put my arms around you,

It seals the bond that we have,
The one so strong,
Nothing or noone would ever break it,

A bond built from strength,
To be stronger than any other,

The bond that love is.


13 Sand

If I were made of sand,
I could get close to you,
Like never before,

I could build around you,
Grain by grain,
To get close to you,

I’d support you,
With enough room to move,
Enough room,
To work around you and with you,

Just as long as I can be close to you,
I need not worry about anything else,

If I were made of sand,
I could get close to you,
Be next to you,
For anything you need me for,

Grain by grain,
I’d be closer to you,
All to build something,
Strong and supportive.

14 As I walked

As I walked home,
It was cold and crisp,
I realised many things,
Many things that caused a thought or two,
You weren’t feeling the same for me,
As the world I lived in,
Didn’t feel the same for me,

I thought a lot about you,
How beautiful you are,
Thought more than I should,
With never a moment to think,
That you would not think of me,
In the same light, same way, same feeling,
So many thoughts wasted, Lost,
In the blink of an eye,
In a step towards somewhere,

A moment of reflection,
As I walk in the cold crisp night,
I remember,
I looked over and I saw you smile,
Knowing you didn’t know that I adore you,
Find you beautiful more each day that I saw you,

As I sipped my drink,
Quietly, calmly, looking on and around,
I filled with excitement that the joy we could have,
Only to be awoken by the true reality,
That you need not be thinking what I think,
Because you were happy as you were,
And not in need of me,
No matter how much I wished I could be,
Needed by you,
Believed in by you,

How to live a life,
Asking myself,
Should I share with you what I feel?
What use would it be?
To share something that is felt with heart,
Believed so much by me,
Worthless in this life we lead,

As I walked home,
The feelings I had,
Were over,
A silence prevailed,
There is no way forward,
With the feeling that is in my heart,
The only way forward,
Is home from here,

Time now is not to shed tears,
Just move on,
Thank the world for such thoughts and feelings,
Yet knowing the pain,
The pain you will never ever know about,
Because you never asked,
Wrote what you thought about,

I looked back just in case you followed,
But I knew you wouldn’t be there,
Because you never knew,
How much you meant to me.

15 Loud Enough?

The crowd gather,
The stage is set,
And I’m ready to go,
Lights upon the stage are lit,

The music starts,
And the words written,
With every inch of soul,
Are sung out loud,

I’m singing my heart out to you,
In front of everyone,
That is in my life right now,
Yet the crowd talk amongst themselves,
Not hearing what I am singing,
Or who I’m singing to,

She hasn’t noticed,
This is a song written about you,
Inspired by you, and,
For you and only you,
Each word written with you in mind,

No matter how loud I sing,
No matter how great I sing,
The song is sung,
To a crowd that just talks on and on,
Perhaps that may say all I need to hear,
What I say is not to be true or become true,

Yet I carry on singing,
No matter what anybody says or does,
Or in this case doesn’t do,
Nor even say a single word,

I will carry on,
As this is what I do,
How I share what is me.

16 I forgot something

I’d purposefully forget something,
Just so I can go back and see you,
One more time before I really have to go,
In the hope I catch one moment with you,
Just to tell you that you are beautiful,

As I have to let go from the hug we give to each other,
I stop and pause to think for a split second,
It is now or never as whether I decide to kiss you gently,

Through my mind goes a thousand thoughts,
And I only ever come back to one,
The kiss with you,

All from purposely forgetting something,
Just so I could get one moment with you,

I’d purposefully forget something,
Just so I can go back and see you,
One more time before I really have to go,

Another split second passes,
And the moment has passed,
I forgot something on purpose,
To see you once more,

Yet nothing comes from it,
And the heart leaves the room,
Only leaving me to go,
With no more moments to look back upon.

17 140

If you remember the day,
When you could only say,
As much as the characters would let you,
And no more could be added,
Limited by characters,
140 back in the day,

For every character,
Chosen with care,
As all could be shown,
Was within this small space,

Today is a whole different way,
An endless message it can be,
A text as long as your arm,
An email longer than you could ever imagine,

Unrestricted space to say what you feel,
From clouds to drives,
Websites and blogs,
Putting in words what your heart beats for,
Or just wanting a conversation to get through the day,
Get to know how you are just a little bit at a time,

Send is pressed and all hope lies in wait,

Nothing is heard back for days,
If at all ever,
What is the point I ask of writing and waiting?

Now there is the ability to ask more,
Even less has heard back,

Now with only one form of 140 characters,
To tweet would seem how many,
Not what you say or to whom,

Back in the day,
140 characters was all there was,
Enough room then to show everything,
Now space is near enough unlimited,

Yet the space is vast,
And the feelings are shared,
But the space just absorbs what is,
And nothing is ever heard.

18 Hindsight

Hindsight can and always be useful.
That’s why we should look at it first.


19 Moon

Wherever I go the moon follows me,
I look to the sky and you are there,

What are you trying to tell me,
Why do you look directly at me?

What is it that you want to show me,
For I have nothing to show you,

For you are the moon,
And I know very little of you,

As you feel so far away,
You are so far away.

20 Like a Flower

Like a flower,
Each day we open up,
To a new day,
A new day to show the world,
We are who we are,

Like a flower,
We each grow into our own colours,
Blossoming into our own personalities.

21 Jet stream

I’m on a jet stream,
Coming to find you,
Wherever you may be,
I will find you to love you,

I don’t care,
How far I have to go,
To travel to be with you,

I’d go around the world and back,
Just to make sure,
You were the one I love,

I’m on a jet stream,
Coming to find you,
I just need a helping hand or two,
To show me where you are,

I will ride this jet stream,
Until I find you safe and well.

22 Smile

I can make you smile,
From ear to ear,

I make you laugh,
So naturally,
It works without evening trying,

Once I see you smile,
It makes my day.

23 Gem Stone

You were a gem of a stone,
Precious to me,
But never ever to be,

I often think,
What a gem of a stone,
A stone more so,
Precious than any other stone,
That I have come across,
On many paths I have walked,

So precious and so polite,
A wonder of a true gem of a stone.

24 What it is

If that’s what it is,
Then that is what it is,
How am I meant to change,
What is now,
And what was,
In order to be something,
That is nothing,

If something you feel,
Is just that,
And no one acts upon what you feel,
Even after you made it clear,
That all is felt in the heart,
Is as real as the word we stand in,

If that’s what it is,
Then that is what it is.

25 If you

If you cared,
You would call,

Just once in a while,
To see if I was well.

26 Always

I will always rise from the ground,
Whether I’m dead or alive,
Because I will always be there if you need me,
Through moments of silence,
Or the loudness of life,
I will always be there.

27 #Untitled22_1

I may be looking at you from afar,
You may not even notice that I am there,

Yet here I am,
I am who I am,
And I feel what I feel.

28 Natural Course

Let nature take its course,
Do not let it deviate from what is meant to be,
If someone so natural enters your life,
Let the course be what is meant to be,

Don’t feel the need to alter what is natural,
For time and effort would all be but wasted,

Let nature take its course,
As disturbing it won’t do no great good.

29 The North

Take me back,
To the north,

The North,
The North,
The North of where I am,

The South,
As I know,
Is drowning,
And I seek to escape,
From here,

To travel north,
To see, to hear,
A place so far away.

30 #Untitled22_2

To keep you warm,
I’d keep you close,

I am not all or nothing,
I am all in for love with you.