‘The Limegreen Collection’ – Volume 3 by Poet Jordan

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  1. 1909
  2. Countryside
  3. In the headlights
  4. Walking in the hills
  5. Where do you want to be
  6. Trust
  7. Words
  8. Hand in hand
  9. After Thoughts
  10. Scary World
  11. Step by Step
  12. Speak
  13. The Wind & the Rain
  14. Questions
  15. Trying
  16. Those Days of Talking to Yourself
  17. Heartbeat
  18. Untitled

1. 1909

One day a young lady caught my eye,
She was all dressed up in a beautiful evening gown,
I admired her from afar,
Only for her to catch my eye,
She shied away as I took off my hat and smiled,

After tidying my waist coat and jacket,
I then donned my hat to make my way over to speak to her,
She was softly spoken with a gracious smile,
I couldn’t remove my eyes from her beautiful face,

As the bustling people past us in the street,
It did not matter who were to pass,
As we spoke as if we were all alone in the ballroom,

I asked if we could meet again,
As brief as we spoke for I was encapsulated by you,
To my surprise the young lady said yes,
Yet I did not know what to say next,

She spoke so quickly and said to see her again,
But I had to ask how and where,
She replied at her place of work,

A new venture she had embarked upon,
A new era of shopping apparently,

I said I would see her again soon,
But that day could not come quick enough,
She smiled and shyly walked away,
I waved goodbye waving my hat within the air,
The smile upon my face is one I’d never felt before,

Within this era I knew she was someone special,
Someone with a heart of gold and determination of a modern lady,
All I could think from that moment is that I’d like to run to the hills with you,
Run to the hills hand in hand,
Leave the bustling world behind,
To walk upon the hills and talk of times gone past,
With only the future to create,
So many dreams within such a short amount of time,

When we met again it was in the ballroom hand in hand,
Gracefully dancing across the floor,
The music played and we spoke for hours,

The beauty in your eyes I could not place anywhere else but within my heart,

The final dance approached and we graced the floor for the final time,
As the final song of the evening came to an end,
And as a gentleman,
I asked I could be kind enough to kiss you goodnight,
For all the hope in the world she accepted my proposal,
A perfect ending to a sublime evening,
As a gentleman I walked her home to make sure she was home safe and sound,
The smile upon our faces we could not move,
Such happiness.

2. Countryside

Driving on a hot summers day through the countryside,
With the wind blowing through your hair,
You close your eyes & forget all the problems in the world,
The sun’s rays beat down upon your skin,
Invigorating the mind to let go,

As you drive along you sit back and enjoy the laughter,
Laughter that has been missing for so long,
The countryside flying by through the windy roads,
Occasionally brushing the countryside hedges as we drove,

The countryside opens up into a wide view of the valleys,
Stopping the car for a moment to take in the view,
The view that stretches for so far on a clear day,

The silence of the countryside renews your energy levels,
The sun’s rays fill you with confidence again,
The smell of the countryside reminds you of the good times,

After taking in the view the journey begins again,
Driving through the countryside to places to inspire the mind.

3. In the headlights

Looking at you like a rabbit caught in the headlights of a car,
Not knowing what to do next,
With so much to say but no time to say it,
I improvise and send a gentle smile,
But like a rabbit in the lights,
Do I run or do I hide?
No time to hide,
Must be quick to catch the smile,
Time is precious,
Must be off,
We’ll meet again soon,
Maybe without the headlights.

4. Walking in the Hills

Everything feels right today to head out into the hills,
The crisp air is nice walking weather,
The sunlight is just right,
The stillness of the winter air makes for a calm walk,

Making the ascent can be hard work,
One wonders why sometimes we do this for fun,
The excitement of walking is a strange for one to understand,

But the smell of the air,
The challenge that is ahead,
Makes for a determined day out,

Out of breath you reach the top,
But the views that lie before you,
Are worth every step and breath you took,
Hard work is eventually paid off,

Nothing can beat the view from which you stand,
It’s Gods natural beauty that lays before you,
Use your mind you capture the image,
Take in everything around you,
This short moment will inspire so much,

Yet the time for the descent comes too quickly,
Heading from the view you worked so hard to reach,
When you look back upon your day,
You will remember that imagine in your mind,
The effort you put in to reach it and capture it,

The beauty that you saw today,
Is only be comparable with one other thing,
And that is you.

5. Where do you want to be

Sometimes in life we wish we could be somewhere else,
We allow ourselves to let our dreams take over to see how it would be,
Even if it’s just within our own mind,
Where we want to be may be a place,
a status or even a different era altogether,

Imagine an era where you truly fitted in,
A place where you belonged,
This place could be anywhere you wanted it to be,
A place in the mind,
A place in time,
Or here and now,
Wherever you may decide,
It will be a place that you will fit in.

I hope to be there with you,
Wherever that place may be,
Within my mind I’m with you everyday,
Help you smile,
Help you in any way I can,

Where we want to be doesn’t have to be constrained to the dreams we have.

6. Trust

What would you say if I asked you to walk with me,
Walk hand in hand to a place of unknown,
Let me take the lead and ask you to trust me,
I would never let anyone hurt you,
Nor would I lead you to a place of danger,
Trust in me and you will forever be happy,

Having you trust me is the greatest gift,
Giving away trust is never easy,
Using that trust I would build a platform for life,

If I asked you to walk with me,
Please trust me,
I can direct you in the right way,
I would guide you, protect you.

7. Words

Words can be powerful,

They can say so much,

Mean so much,

But leave so much more to be explored.

8. Hand in Hand

Hand in hand,
We’ll walk together,

Hand in hand,
We’ll run together,

Hand in hand,
We’ll hold each other,

Hand in hand,
We’ll look at each other,

Hand in hand,
We’ll look into each other’s eyes,

Hand in hand,
I will talk to you,

Hand in hand,
I will listen to every word you say,

Hand in hand,
I will tell you my story,

Hand in hand,
We’ll walk up that hill,

Hand in hand,
I will care for you,

Hand in hand,
I will tell you the truth,

Hand in hand,
I see you, I need you,

Hand in hand,
I can shed a tear with you,

Hand in hand,
I cannot leave you,

Hand in hand,
I will brush your hair from your eyes to one side,

Hand in hand,
I will softly kiss you,

Hand in hand,
I will make sure your safe,

Hand in hand,
Tell me how you feel.

9. After Thoughts

After I get home I pen my thoughts of what the day was like,
I met you in a crowded street,
Only your smile to go along with,
But there was something about your eyes,
I became lost within them,

After that dance I could not stop thinking that you were the one,
The softness of the kiss we had,
It made me tingle inside,
And as a man of the world,
I did not often feel this way,

From this moment on I could not be without you,
I would do anything to get to see you,
No cost or no object could get in the way,

Times were busy,
If not hectic at times,
So many people around,
But I will make time to see you.

10. Scary World

The world is a big scary place,
You don’t have to look far to find that out,

We make our own world,
We decide what we want,
And what we don’t want in the world,

Sometimes we can’t have control,
Unfortunately this is not always for the good,
And at times make the world even scarier,

But what you can control can help,
Help living in this big scary world,

If you decide to run away,
Decide to live under a rock,
For the life you live,
That is up to you,

We make our world,
It can be improved in many ways,

Just a small glimpse of another world,
Two worlds even coming together,
Can improve the world that we live,
The life that we live,

If you decide you don’t want to enjoy life,
Enjoy life as we should,
That again, Is up to you,

Personally I look to you,
To make this world more bearable,
To help enjoy the time I have on this planet,

But if you look away from me,
There isn’t anything I can do to turn you around,
That is the life you have chosen,

We make our own world,
Each and every one of us.

11. Step by Step

Every day we take new steps in the world,
From being the first in life,
To the steps we carry on taking in life,

Every step is new,
No matter what age you are,
Step by step,
Each one brings a new challenge in life,

Sometimes we take many steps to get to something new,
We stride to achieve,
But only by taking one bit at a time,

Sometimes we take a step backwards,
Being for the good,
Or the bad,
Taking steps isn’t always in the same direction,

Every step gets me closer to you,
Every new step from you makes you stronger,

Step by step I learn every day,
That the steps we take are not the same.

12. Speak

If you do not speak,
You cannot be heard,

If you do not listen,
Then no one will speak,

When the mouth is shut,
It is a much quieter place,

Staying shut for too long,
May cause the jaw to stick,

If you do not speak,
No one will know what you feel,

If you do not speak,
But just think,
And only think,
Only thinking will occur,

Yet thinking cannot be heard,

Eventually there will be no speech,
There will be no thinking,
No feelings,
Just nothing,

Remaining quiet for ever more.

13. The Wind & the Rain

The wind and the rain hit hard upon the window,
Battering the window without any thought,
It’s like it’s relentless in what it’s trying to tell you,

Looking out at the pouring rain,
The comfort of the indoors has much more appeal,
But at some stage the weather must be faced,
Such as every challenge in life,
We must battle on,

The battering weather can only go as far,
As far as the outside of the clothes you wear,

Letting in the pouring wind and the howling gales,
Would chill you to the bone,
Leaving you exposed to the world,

When it’s time to head into the weather,
Wrap up warm and protect yourself as much as you can,

Whatever the world has to throw at you,
You must protect yourself the best you can,

The wind may blow,
The wind may try to take you off your feet,
But you must remain upright and battle on,

With the pouring rain hitting your eyes,
It may temporarily blind you from what you can see,
Distort the view you have ahead,
But yet we put our hood upon our head,
Tackle the rain,
Making sure we get through to the other side,

No matter how we feel,
Or how we are in life,
That rain and wind will continue to fall,
Sometimes harder than ever before,
Getting in our way of our daily lives,
Reminding us all that life is not easy,

When we hear the weather upon the window,
From the comfort of the place we call home,
Looking out at that view,
Take a moment to ponder how lucky you are.

14. Questions

Is that a dream I see upon your face?
Or is it that your face is the dream?
What is that dream you hold in your eyes?
How did you come to that choice of dream?
Have you always thought it?
Has it changed over the years?
Is that dream your final fantasy?
Did I ever influence your dream?
Am I in the dream I see upon your face?
Can I help you achieve that dream?
What makes you hold onto that dream?
Do you think you’ll ever reach it?
Do you see the dream within my eyes?
Do you think that they are similar?
What is your dream?
What is it? I can see it on your face, but why?
What is it exactly?
Can you tell me because I can’t work it out?

15. Trying

Everyone tries their hardest in life,
I mean,
You should try no matter what,

But what happens,
When you try so hard,
So hard it hurts?
It hurts you when there is nothing given back,

You cannot force happiness,
Only give it a helping hand,
To make happiness fit where it’s needed,

Sometimes I’m just fed up of trying,
Some days I think I have given all I can,
Why try harder when there is no one to listen?

I know the world can be a silent place,
But for now it’s too silent,
And it’s not a nice silence to add,

I try my hardest,
But no one is there to listen.

16. Those Days of Talking to Yourself

Ever get those days where you think you’re talking to yourself?
Where friends are only people,
And people are just seen as other people,

At the end of the day we are just seen as a number,
A statistic in some way or other,
A file, an account, a figure,

Those days of talking to yourself get closer and closer,
No one to talk to about the things you want to talk about,
Same thing day in day out,
Same number going around and around,

The world ever becoming quieter,
Less people to talk to,
More time to talk to yourself,
More time to think to yourself,

When what you say doesn’t matter,
The moments you would say something,
You don’t bother to anymore,
Because no one is listening,

Even when you talk to yourself,
You can barely stand the conversation,
The same one you’ve been having for years,
Still finding no answer from the first time that you started the conversation,
Even when you find someone to talk to,
Someone you want to talk to finally,
Its neither the right time or place,
Pushed back into another corner,
Waiting for the right moment,
The moment that rarely comes along,

Those days of talking to yourself,
Increasingly becoming boring,
Increasingly becoming tiring,

Yet the day carries on,
Moving on into the next day,
And the next day,
And the next day,
Etc etc etc,

Talking to yourself you have to question why,
Why you are talking to yourself,
What is it that stops you from speaking out,

It’s when you speak out and no one hears you,
That’s what hurts the most,
Is it because the voice has lost its confidence?
Or what you have to say just isn’t interesting?

Back to talking to yourself,
The one place that it is listened to,
Over and over again.

17. Heartbeat

The heart beats every day,
Of every hour,
Of every minute,
Of every second,

Providing the body with the oxygen it needs,
Oxygen to survive and live,

Yet there is so much more that the heart delivers,
It delivers the feelings I have for this world,

Sometimes it struggles,
Sometimes it feels it cannot go on,

Yet the heart keeps beating,
Through the struggle,
Through the day,
Through the pain,

When still, I feel the heart beat loudly,
Pulsating harder and harder,
Getting those feelings around my body,
In the hope that they will leave,
So you can see what is inside of me,

I feel my heart cannot go on forever,
It feels tired yet in need to battle on,

If there was ever a thank you,
It is to my heart,
For getting me through every feeling I have,
For providing the elements needed to feel as I do,
Yet it has been hurt (many times),
Felt like it has been pushed away,

It remains within my chest keeping me going,
And as long as it continues,
I will be ever thankful.

18. Untitled

What do you need to make you happy?
Do you need anything? Anyone?

Only You Know.

Only you can fill out the answer.

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