‘The Purple Collection’ – Volume 4 by Poet Jordan

Poet Jordan Volume 4.jpg


  1. Seasons
  2. Shadow
  3. Ignoring
  4. Care
  5. Believe
  6. Untitled (Talking)
  7. Key
  8. One Life
  9. The Ascent
  10. Time # 1
  11. Time # 2
  12. Time # 3
  13. Time # 4
  14. We create the futures past
  15. Untitled 11/2
  16. My heart will go first
  17. For you:
  18. Arms

1. Seasons

Changing seasons,
From dark to light,
From cold to warm,
With each season,
It brings new skies,
Forever changing skies,
Clouds flying by,
Almost like the second hand of a clock,

As the season changes,
Colours are revealed,
The sun in a different form,
Seen in a different way,

The changing of the seasons,
Promotes new growth,
New light for the season ahead,
The changing seasons give hope,
The earth begins to wake up,
After the cold looking forward to the warmth,

Every season is forever changing,
Changing the way we tackle the season,
Whatever is given to us in a season,
We live through and make the most of.

2. Shadow

Ever feel like you’re missing,
Missing from the world you live,
Never knowing what goes on,
Seeing nothing,
Hearing even less,
Missing out on day to day conversations,
Being there as a person,
Rather than just an entity,
With success surrounding everyone,
Except you it would seem,
The mind thinks that there is something missing,
Is there something?
The feelings say there is,
With people doing what they want to do,
Reaching out and achieving,
Or just being themselves,
I see myself as a shadow,
A shadow of my former self,
Where I have gone I do not know.

3. Ignoring

Walking around the earth,
It’s easy to ignore what is in front of you,
What’s been said to you,
How someone feels,

Perhaps ignoring whatever it may be,
Will not help,
Sitting in silence will do nothing,
Is it not better to react?

To react,
To show,
To let out,

What you think of a situation,
A feeling,

If ignoring what is in front of you,
Helps you in anyway,
Do you not think what else it affects?
Does it affect someone else?

There is plenty of space on this planet,
To walk away and ignore what’s in front of you,
But to say nothing at all,
To think that problems will blow away,
Maybe not the correct way,

As long as the thing you want to ignore,
Is out of the way in your mind,
Surely it wouldn’t affect anyone/anything else,
Would it?

4. Care

If I care,
I would cry,
If I knew,
What you thought,
I could be happier,
Shed a tear to say goodbye,
Bye to the feelings,
I held on for,
For such a long time,
If I care,
I would share,
All that I feel,
But in doing so,
I may get hurt,
Which then I would cry,
Letting you know I care,
I would have thought,
Would make the world,
A happier place to be,
But instead,
The world isn’t so light,
A dark place,
Where I cared.

5. Believe

Is what we have on our plate,
All that we eat?
Do we see what we want to see upon our plate?
I dare to venture to what is put in front of me,
I need to see everything, In order to believe you,
Is what is put in front of us believable,
Or is there something hidden that doesn’t want to be shared?
There are some things in life I cannot believe,
And some things I believe in too much,
I can only look on,
Hoping what you have is believable.

6. Untitled (Talking)

Ever wondered how the story pans out? Giving everything you have only to be knocked back. It’s never enough is it. The story continues day in day out no matter what happens. I have given up enough time thinking about you and what you would be thinking about. I helped you in every way possible because I care. Giving everything you would think that happiness would prevail but it does not, in fact where happiness is I don’t think anyone would know. Trying your hardest you would think that there would be a reaction but in fact, nothing. How can there be nothing? Humans are meant to give a reaction, even if it’s a good one or a bad one. But what happened when you hear nothing? What does that mean? Is it part of the story? Does that in itself mean something? Something that you are scared to share or just too scared to talk? Life is one long wait for something to happen, whatever that may be it could be a very long wait. And what happens when you’ve waited for such a long time in fact you are faced with failure? Rejection? Sometimes the mind cannot cope with what is said to it, or in some cases when nothing is said. It tends to over think everything and wonder to deeper, darker places. Is life too short or is it just too long to wait until the end of time? It is never enough, giving all you have to offer, your thoughts, your feelings, your time. Yet some have the ways in life to ignore what is in front of them or to settle the meanings of things that have said in the world. Just a few simple words could solve many things in life yet they are kept in silence and choosing to ignore the topic in hand. How this effects people and how they go about their lives is what baffles me the most. If a problem could be solved in a few simple words, then just say the words. Let the words flow from the mouth or put pen to paper to let out what the answer or feeling may be. With this in mind the words of my mind flow onto this paper as if it was water flowing in a stream, maybe that it why I cannot feel so comfortable as I the mind yet what it feels out on paper, yet the paper itself does not exist except in a pixelated format. The art of communication has changed in many ways, some are personal some others are not, but there are many ways in which you could say just what you want. I would say the most of conversations are irrelevant but the important ones in life are worth writing down and keeping forever. At this stage I am waiting for the next step, but until then the world lives in silence and the mind in constrained to the walls that hold it.

7. Key

If I never get to kiss you,
I will always have a tear in my eye,
Thinking of what could have been,
What should have been,
Seeing you walk around the world,
Never ever getting to be close to you,

Our eyes may cross each other’s path,
But you’ll never understand the pain that is behind them,
The thoughts that I have for you,
Never mind the feelings I have for you,

Where do you keep such feelings?
Lock them away for evermore?
Under lock and key with only you having the key to unlock what’s inside,
That key is precious,
It may mean nothing else to anyone else,
The understanding that the key holds,
To what is inside those feelings,
Will mean everything,

How often you use the key to those feelings,
Is up to you, How and why should they be let out?
What sets off the need to unlock such feelings,

To know that you know,
That the feelings are there,
For you to take some comfort if you ever need to,

Yet they may never be spoken of,
Never used.
Kept under lock and key for evermore.

8.One Life

We have once chance in this life to live,
To be who we want to be,
To be who we want to be with,
Once chance to get it right,
Because life doesn’t last forever,
If it did then there would be nothing to fight for,
Fight to live the life you want to live,
Once chance, one life,
One person differs from the next,
Although we see similarities in one another,
The one you like,
Is the one you see the most similar with,

We have the chance to make a difference,
For the good,
For the one we care most about,
Enthusiasm can be strong,
Too strong at times,
But this is how to show what matters,
Who matters,

One life to live,
So let’s live it.

9. The Ascent

I will climb the nearest mountain,
Huff and puff until I reached the top,
Once I get there,
I will open my heart to you,
Tell you everything I know,
The mountain may be physically climbed,
But mentally it is only the beginning,

Every step I take to get to the top,
I will be thinking of you,
Every step,
Every breath will be for you,
There will be times when I feel I feel I cannot go on,
But the thoughts of you will make me stronger,
They will get me to the top,
Where I will be able to breathe easier,
Be me and share my heart,
Even if my heart cannot be heard,
I will shout the loudest,
Never giving up that one day,
One day you will hear me,

And when you hear me,
Every step I took would be worth it.

10. Time # 1

Time is very precious in this world,
We always say time goes too quickly,
More so when we are having fun,

What happens when we aren’t having fun,
And the time slowly ticks past,
We have more time to think of our lives,
And how better the time should be spent,

Time is precious,
We all know that,
We all have moments In our lives,
Where we would like to have spent time differently,
Spend time on other things in life,

Time will never run out,
The clock ticks,
The clock is forever changing,

I know how I want to spend my time,
Who I want to spend my time with,
How the time repays itself,
Repays me in kindness.

11. Time # 2

When you’ve put everything into something you truly believe in,
When you’ve waited so long to say what you want to say,
You’ve put every feeling you have on the line,
Only for nothing to be given back,
Utter silence,

What do you do with the time you have spent?
It cannot be replaced,
Yet I don’t want it to be replaced,
I only ever wanted to give,
Never wanted anything in return,
But yet that is a lie,

All I ever wanted is a simple reply,
All I ever wanted was someone to talk to,
It’s just at what point do you stop believing,
Stop thinking,
When there’s answers yet to be answered,
It surely doesn’t take much,
Does it? I don’t know,

Putting everything in,
Doesn’t mean you’ll get all the answers,
Sitting in silence does nothing for me,
Yet it is for some it’s a way to hide,
A few simple words is all that it takes,
To make life go on,
To set the record straight,
When you’ve said all you can,
And hear silence back,
Only silence will prevail.

12. Time # 3

Say you go for a long walk,
You walk along the path,
Keep walking through every possible problem that you could face in time,
And I mean every possible problem,
Only for you to battle on and be so positive,
Time has taken its toll,
But you are still here,
Keeping a fine positive head upon this world,

Walking passes the thinking time,
Why do you think I like to walk?
So a long walk would give time,
To explain all that I have,
It wouldn’t take long,

But it can take as long as you need,
I have all day for you,
I have many thoughts on what you have said,
Many thoughts on what I have said,

It’s just finding the time.

13. Time # 4

I’ll never know,

Time won’t let me find out.

14. We create the futures past

We create the futures past,
We look to the future,
Which in turn creates the past,
However it is inevitable that we look to the past,
To try and find the answers for the future,
We create the futures past,
To make history,
To make a legacy,
For everyone to see,
See how we created the future,
To make the past,
The past that everyone will see,
We create the futures past,
Having control (sometimes),
Having the influence,
To make our future,
What we want it to be,
We create the futures past,
But is our destiny set in stone,
Or do we rely on others influence?
Do we allow ourselves to be influenced?
We create the futures past,
Every day of every year,
The past is what we lived,
The future is what we must live,
We create the futures past,
Whether we are in control or not,
We are that person who lives that life,
That life to create the futures past.

15. Untitled 11/2

On the outside,
It may seem all calm and quiet,
Getting on with life,
Acknowledge what is required,
If you could get into my head,
I’m screaming out,
Screaming at the highest point I can,
No one can hear me,
Especially you,
I need you to hear me,
The silence is louder than the noise,
How is this even possible?
The need may never be met,
But you will hear what I say,
I say it every day,
Undeterred by everything,
And everyone.

16. My heart will go first

Whatever that shall may be,
It will be my heart that will go first,
I have always put it forwards,
Battle scarred and worn out,
It has given everything possible,
No more can it give,

It will be the heart that goes first,
Because nothing else has given more,
With the passion in life,
The beating heart fights,
Fighting for what it feels is right,
But not always does it win,
Not always is it heard,

It will be my heart that goes first,
Because it always has.

17. For you:

You are beautiful,
You are inspirational,
The way you smile,
The way you bring light into the room,
The deep look in your eyes captures your every emotion,
Butterflies flutter in my stomach when I see you,
I wish they could escape to show you how much you mean,

Sometimes I wonder if I ever should have let out my thoughts,
Life is complicated enough without my interruptions,
But for some reason I let what I feel out into the world,
I needed to tell you after so long,

You inspire me in life,
To write,
To live,
To be me,

I may never hold your hand,
I may never kiss your lips,
But every day I will dream,
Every day I will think of you,

If you ever need a helping hand,
Or an ear to let your thoughts or problems out,
I’ll never be far away,
You are beautiful.

18. Arms

My arms will always be open here for you,
Waiting for you to get to me,
Eveready to help you in a moment’s notice,
There will always be warmth for you,
If you ever feel cold,
My arms will hold you close,
Keep you warm and protected.