‘The Orange Collection’ – Volume 5 by Poet Jordan

Poet Jordan Volume 5.jpg


  1. Confidence
  2. River’s Edge
  3. Beautiful
  4. Surface
  5. Fading Memory (Dementia)
  6. With you in mind
  7. Standing next to you
  8. A brief conversation (1900s)
  9. Nothing is worth more
  10. Helping Hand
  11. To my inner self
  12. /Feeling/Thoughts/Idea/Worry/Dream/Imagination
  13. Chill
  14. Looking into your eyes
  15. I Could
  16. Painting on the Wall

1. Confidence

Can be rocked like a boat,
Float like boat,
Even sink like a boat,

I’m not saying confidence is a boat,
But it certainly acts a lot like one.

2. River’s Edge

Let’s go down to the river’s edge,
See the water lap against the sandy shore,
Skim stones across the water,
Breathe in the summer air,
Fill our minds with e fresh air we crave,

Down at the river’s edge,
We laugh,
Hold hands,
Sit on the sandy shore,
Looking out at the calm water,
For as far as we can see,

The perfect moment to share our thoughts,
Talking deep into topics I never thought I would talk about,

The water lapping continuously,
But the sight and sound never become boring,

Down at the river’s edge,
I fall in love with you,
Never ever wanting to leave,
Leave the sandy shore,
Never mind leaving you,

The sandy shore,
The lapping waves,
The beautiful views,
The perfect company,
Times like these should be never ending,

From the corner of my eye I see a small boat,
Two ores,
Sitting upon the river’s edge,
Times like these don’t have to end just yet,

Hand in hand we climb into the boat,
Rowing out onto the calm waters,
Rowing towards the sunset.

3. Beautiful

You are beautiful,
No matter how much I don’t want to think of you,
All I can think is that you are beautiful,
I can barely look into your eyes,
It reminds me of what I feel for you,

The beauty I will never forget,
But my heart will sink every time I see you,
Knowing there are feelings in this world,
That you will never know,

To be told that you are beautiful,
Must seem as if I am making fun,
It could not be further from the truth,

Why would I say that you are beautiful,
And not mean it at all?

Never mind that,
I will shine every time inside,
When I see your beautiful self,

I will keep saying you are beautiful,
Until the end of my day.

4. Surface

What lay beneath the surface,
May not be what you see above it,
The surface holds in what is beneath,
It keeps it from escaping,

The surface acts as a barrier,
Sometimes between the dream,
And reality,

What is beneath the surface,
May sometimes never be known,
It simply just sits there dormant,

Some people have what it feels,
Knowing how they feel,
But just don’t know how to say it,
So it remains below the surface,

The opposite can also occur,
Knowing what they’ve been told,
Some news,
Some feelings,
Some information,
And it doesn’t get through the surface,
Either by choice,
Or not willing to accept it,

The surface holds,
Good thoughts,
Good ways,
All sit above and below,
It’s just the surface that some people see,

It can be hard to explain how you feel,
Hard to get your good thoughts out,
The surface can be tough place,
Mentally and physically.

5. Fading Memory (Dementia)

When the memory starts to fade,
I worry I won’t remember you,
For all the love I have for you now,
One day my memory will fade,
Forgetting you,
And all I ever said,

If there was one face I could remember,
When everything becomes all confusing,
It would be yours,
To see the glow you bring,
The joy you bring into my heart,

I fear losing the memories of you,
Losing the love I have,
And not remembering the good times,

What happens if my memory fades tomorrow?
I wouldn’t remember today,
And what I have written about you,
Every word written from the heart,

As much as I can write,
I cannot capture the feelings I have,
The feelings to which made me love you,
The words I write give no justice to you,
The memories you have given me,
Or the inspiration you provide,

If there was one face I could remember,
When I become confused,
It would be yours of course,
The joy you bring into my heart,
Sometimes words seem so familiar,
My memory forgets what I have written,
It’s like I’ve written them before in some way,

Until my memory fades,
I will look at you,
Look at a picture of you,
Engraving it upon my memory,
So one day I hope I will never forget you.

6. With you in mind

I do everything,
I think of you in my mind,
Not one single thing I do,
Goes without a thought of you,

If you would like it,
Would you approve,
Is it the right choice,

Everything in my mind,
I share with you,
Even if it’s only within my mind,

I’d like to know how you would be,
If I shared my choices with you,

I’d like to think I made the right choice,
For the right reasons,
For you,

I make choices with my heart,
But I look to you for the final piece,
The piece that makes me believe,
Makes me calm in the choices I make,

You may never know what I choose,
And why I have chosen what I have,
You are a constant thought,
A thought to help,
Keeping me calm.

7. Standing Next to You

When I stand next to you,
I feel all nervous and shy,
What I am thinking,
What I am feeling,
I cannot tell you right now,
Because I would have to speak out loud,
My mind is telling me to do so,
I choose to remain silent,

Your fragrance brings me close to you,
Your smile is forever making my heart skip a beat,
My mind full of a thousand thoughts and feelings,

However I stand here next to you,
In silence that is noisy to me,
I only wish I could transfer thoughts through my eyes into yours,
You would understand what I have to say,
And I would have an excuse to look into your eyes,
Not that I need to have an excuse,

Standing next to you,
I feel close to you,
However in reality I could be a million miles away,
And sometimes feel that far away,
I will always let you know how I feel,
Always know I am there,

One day I will realise,
I am not to stand next to you forever more,
And the thoughts that I have,
Are just that,

It may hurt,
It may sadden me inside,

I will have to be positive on the outside,
I will continue to stand next to you,
Support you,
Help you,
Make you smile, laugh and think,

From afar,

From standing next to you,

Standing next to you,
I will be there.

8. A brief conversation (1900s)

Ah good day Miss Y,
What a pleasure it is to see you,
I see you far too little these days,
We must meet more regularly,
To share your thoughts more,

Afternoon Mr X,
I have been frantic to say the least,
No time to spare,
Times are tough,
I have been unwell,

Sorry to hear that Miss Y,
Why is it that every time I see you,
You are always smiling?
If ever busy or how tough life is,
Is there time to smile?

Life is short Mr X,
Smiling is easy when you are happy,
No matter what is going on in life,
You look to God for guidance,
Make the most of what you have,

Very well Miss Y,
I wish I had your view on life,
You put on a brave face upon the world,
Step aside from the worries,
A true snippet of joy when I see you,

Thank you Mr X,
I must be on my way,
We will have to meet soon,
To discuss the world again,

Good day to you Miss Y,
I hope life brings you good fortune,
I hope to see you again soon.

9. Nothing is worth more

Nothing is worth more,
Than what is in your heart,
How you believe,
What you believe,
You heart cannot lie,

If there is something,
Or someone,
You believe in most,
Let nothing stop you,

Take your beliefs with you,
Wherever you go,
Whatever you’re doing,

Nothing is worth more,
Than what makes you happy,
If something or someone,
Tries to knock what you believe,
Look to what you have,
Take a deep breath,
And blow the negativity away,

Nothing is worth more,
Than what is in your heart,
Live your life for your heart,
Live your life for your beliefs.

10. Helping Hand

You give a helping hand,
Holding your hand out to help,
You stretch as far as you can,
The strain of the arm cannot go any further,

However no one takes your hand for help,
It begs to wonder why hold it out in the first place,
Because it is human to help,
Wanting to be a good person in the world,

A helping hand that wants nothing in return,
Only to support, encourage, help,

What to do,
If the hand stretched out in front of me,
Is ignored,
Left to go cold,
Left outstretched forever more,

Knowing that you know the hand is there,
At any point in time to help,
Makes the world a strange place to be,

Take the hand for help,
For it is useless otherwise.

11. To my inner self

To my inner self,
I am sorry I cannot fulfil your dreams,
It’s just that some things in life,
Will never happen,
No matter how much I care,
How much I try to show I care,
The dream that I have will not happen,

No one is more disappointed than me,
I control my destiny,
And I have lost control,
I have tried to give the best I can,

To my inner self,
Those thoughts you have,
Of people in the world,
Never let them out,
You are only going to get hurt,
You won’t get the response you dreamt,

To my inner self,
“Be Happy”,
If it was only that easy,

To my inner self,
Time to take control,
Make dreams again.

12. / Feeling / Thought / Idea / Worry / Dream / Imagination /

It lays dormant,
Waiting for a trigger,
A trigger to set it off,

It may be never let out,
Dormancy continuing,
Taking up space,
In an overcrowded mind,

If it was easier to forget it,
Make room in the mind,
I would,

However erasing it won’t work,
It’s settled in my mind,
Knowing it will never leave,
Dormant as can be,

One day it may become active,
For now,

13. Chill

Even thou it is a cold day,
I feel inside like it’s a warm summers day,
There’s something in the air,
Making me feel alive,
Despite the chill in the air,
The warmth within fills me with joy,
The wind blows hard,
The chill penetrating the clothes I wear,
Inside I feel so warm,
Warm like a summers day inside,
Yet a winters day surrounds me.

14. Looking into your eyes

The look in your eyes,
I missed how much I liked looking into them,
I never wanted to look away,
Never not wanted to look into them,

It was the fact that every time I looked into them,
It reminded me of what I feel for you,
What my heart is beating for everyday,

Looking into your eyes makes me feel calm,
Only ever for a split second I may see,
Each second I look,
I melt into feelings,
Feelings I have for you,

Some days I think about your eyes,
Just the tip of a mad world we live,
Thinking of how beautiful they are,
Dreaming of seeing them so soon,

Each day arrives with hope of a glimpse,
A glimpse of you,
A glimpse into your eyes,
As I know when I see your look,
I’ll know what you’re thinking,
How you are feeling,

The eyes will never lie,
That is why I look to yours,
Because they are my saviour,
They tell the truth and nothing else,
My place I can be calm,
Even if it’s for a split second.

15. I Could..

I could change the name,
But my heart will stay the same,
I could change the day,
But my heart will stay the same,
I could change the hair,
But my heart will stay the same,
I could say things differently,
But my heart will stay the same,
I could ignore what is said,
But my heart will stay the same,
I could run to another country,
But my heart will stay the same,
I could tell you what I think,
But my heart will stay the same,
I could make myself disappear,
But my heart will stay the same,
I could change my beliefs,
But my heart will stay the same,
I could..
I could change anything really,
But what use would that do my heart?
Because my heart will stay the same.

16. Painting on the Wall

The painting on the wall,
It’s sublime,
It holds the light so well,
I thought you couldn’t be more beautiful,
I then saw the portrait of you hung upon the wall,
The light on the painting shines out to me,
Shines beauty,
I could stare at the portrait every day,
And never be bored of the view that I see,

Only my heart will sink when I just see the painting,
Never to see the real portrait of you in front of me,
However I endeavour to see you,
To see the natural glow you have,
To see the portrait for real in front of me,

I will look after the painting,
As much as I would for you,
Hoping to have a another portrait of you,
To give me hope,
To see the beauty.