‘The Light Blue Collection’ – Volume 6 by Poet Jordan

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  1. Find Faith
  2. Getting to the end
  3. Dwell
  4. When I see you
  5. [Idea of writing a poem that will make someone adore you immediately]
  6. Finding Yourself
  7. Yesterday
  8. Energy
  9. Never
  10. Me
  11. Returning Journey
  12. My Agnes
  13. Childhood Home
  14. Giving everything for nothing
  15. Mentally
  16. Fake smiles (& San Francisco)
  17. One lump or two Mr Selfridge?
  18. The closet place to heaven
  19. If I… # 2
  20. Many seasons in a day
  21. Running
  22. Think
  23. Slam the door
  24. Just let go
  25. Relentless Human
  26. Irrelevant
  27. Beyond & into a new world
  28. Poem
  29. Getting through life

1. Find Faith

To find faith,
Is it ever too late,
To what faith do we find,
How do we know when we have found faith,
It cannot be shameful to find it,
The happiness it brings,
The strength the faith gives,
I see faith from afar,
Knowing it is there somewhere,
For me to find and explore,
I just wonder,
Will I find faith,
Or will it find me?

2. Getting to the end

I’ve thought of the end,
Before I have worked out how to get there,
Seeing the ending is joyous to all,

Getting there proves to be difficult,
Knowing the end,
Wanting to end well,
How difficult it is to make it happen,
Is something I know far too well,

I’ve thought of the end,
And the end is a happy one,
Now how to get there.

3. Dwell

Why dwell on the past,
When there is a future to be lived?
Forget that the past is meant to influence the future,
Take control now,
And move forward now,
Start creating the future now,
Without a regret that has happened in the past,
Dwelling upon memories gone by,
Reminds the soul that it’s gone forever,
Dwell on the future and the prospects it holds,
Will have to learn to live with time,
Patience will follow with this,
It seems nothing in life can be rushed,
Life is for living,
I cannot say this enough.

4. When I see you

When I see you,
I never appreciate,
How much you mean to me,
It is only whenever,
Later when you have gone,
I see a picture of you,
I see how much you mean to me,

When I see you,
I am dumbfounded,
Unable to say anything of use,
Yet shouting inside,
All the answers that you need,
All the help I can offer,

When I see you,
I think the world of you,
Believing I can help you be strong,
Knowing I can be strong for you.

5. [Idea of writing a poem that will
make someone adore you immediately]

I have always wanted to write,
A poem to encapsulate what I feel,
Showing you what you mean to me,
A poem to make you feel nothing but pure emotion,
A poem that takes control of you,
Makes you senseless to what you feel about anything,
However at that moment,
You can do nothing but look at me,
Kiss me,
Hold me in your arms,

That poem has yet to materialise,
Yet it’s in every poem that I write,
This is some sort of tribute to such poetry,
One day it’ll be written and put to the test.

6. Finding Yourself

How do you find yourself,
To be a better person,
How deep do you have to look to find yourself,
In theory you shouldn’t be that deep,
You are the person within yourself,
So why is it hard to find yourself,
Be yourself,
Life is about searching,
Finding new corners to turn every day,
How many corners can there be in life,
Before you are going around and around,
I pray to be a better person,
To find myself to find help for others,
I need to find myself,
To prove I am a better person.

7. Yesterday

Yesterday we met up,
Smiled brightly at each other,
Heading off for a walk in the glorious sunshine,
Only a light breeze in the air,
Time did not matter,
There was only ever time to talk,
Exploring our surroundings,
Exploring the many thoughts we have,
Smiling brightly & holding hands,
Yesterday we met up,
Today I woke up and dreamt yesterday.

8. Energy

The energy that we generate to live,
Must come from the inside of our body,
Energy created from the food we eat,
The passion we have to live,
Or our mind in order to get through life,

It shouldn’t come from a alternative source,
Whatever it may be,
A substance,
Something unnatural,

The natural energy we use,
Is free and available to all,
It’s how we harness it to our best needs,
We need to understand how the energy flows,
From one source to another,
To give us enough to live.

9. Never

Never held your hand,
Never have I kissed your lips,
I may never do such natural things,
Things I dream of every day,
Never holding that moment forever,
Where you know where you’ve made a connection,
Looking into their eyes,
Knowing they are the beauty I long for,
Yet knowing inside you’ve made everything above,
Be a dream,
Be real in a different world,
Living in that world cannot be done forever.

10. Me

I’ve tried to show – me,
What I’m about,
What makes me tick,
But no one listens,
No one spares the time to listen,
I cannot be explained in a moment,
A confused array of words will leave my mouth,
Given time it will start to make sense,
And you will see what I am about,
Why and where I want to be.

11. Returning Journey

Going back to a place,
Where everything meant so much,
A place that is etched into my mind forever,
A place where;
A charterer defined,
But not necessarily understood,
A place that shaped life that is today,
And a place that lives in the heart,
After so long,
The heart longs to return,
To see the place that was once home,
The place that means so much,
However feels so far away at times,
As I return,
Many thoughts will return,
Feelings I haven’t stumbled upon for so long,
I will see things differently,
Feeling like I was only here yesterday,
And memories like they occurred,,
How I will feel,
Or how I will be,
A journey that will answer such thoughts,
A journey that be so short,
But memories lasting a lifetime,
To add memories to memories,
Where to find the space and time,
It would take a lifetime to explain,
To share the memories of such a place,
Going back to a place,
Where you feel so strong,
Can invigorate the mind for time to come.

12. My Agnes

You are my Agnes,
Smart like a angel,
Bright like a star,
Punctual like a professional,
Polite like any good person,

You are my Agnes,
And how I adore you,
I wonder if I’ll ever talk to you again,

You are my Agnes,
Hair looking glorious,
Dressed so simply,
Yet it is the beauty I see,

You are my Agnes,
The Agnes I will never be with,
The humble soul,
Of such a humble person,
I’ll never share my true thoughts of you,

You are my Agnes,
You are my muse,

My world is quieter without you.

13. Childhood Home

I’ll never be as calm,
As when as I am at my childhood home,
I feel at ease,
I am at home,

Never have I felt such a place,
A place where I know my own,
Where everything else does not matter,
And if it does matter,
I know I’m in a place for help,
A place to help me,
Help you,
Help anyone that needs it,

A problem shared here,
Is a problem sorted,
We talk in our own time,
We think when we like,
Decisions are made,
Put into place,

I feel at home here,
I will until the day that I die,
Time spent here,
Is time spent recharging the mind,
The body,
The batteries,

My childhood home will be me,
Always will be me,
A place I will always call home.

14. Giving everything for nothing

Everything for nothing,
All in for everything,

Returning with nothing,
Staying for every minute,
No thanks for time given,

Every thought mentioned,
All thoughts hidden,

Words are said,
Said to lie or to hide,

Moments of reflection,
Only just to be that,

My hands are empty,
No more to give.

15. Mentally

Mentally tied down,
Each thought a pain,
Like you’re being whipped,
And again,
The world continuing like it’s ‘normal’,

But mentally the pain is there,
Hurting after every thought,
Like banging a drum repeatedly,
Mentally the mind is at its end,
Finding it hard to get on with life,

Mentally you have to fight,
Even if it’s just half the battle,
You cannot let the demons in,
You cannot let the bad side win,

However much the pain hurts,
Never mind how persistent,
The whipping,
The banging,
Of the mind that thinks it’s at the end,

Fighting the mind is all you have,
All you can do,
Working with it,
To work out the good and the bad,
Reaching an equilibrium,
A place which lives in harmony.

16. Fake smiles (& San Francisco)

Fake smiles are ever occurring,
No matter where you are,
Who you are,
What you are,
Or what you believe,
Fake smiles are a place to hide,

A smile brings joy,
Fake smiles hide what’s wrong in the world,
Fake smiles will never last forever,
The pain must come out,
The tears must fall,
The heart must bleed what it hides,
From there,
Fake smiles will fade,

For real smiles to glow,
Blossom and shine,

And if you wonder,
What it has to do with San Francisco,
It has nothing at all in relation,
San Francisco brings a real smile,
A real smile from a real place,
A place that made me smile.

17. One lump or two Mr Selfridge?

Life descended into chaos,
As feelings for more than one rise to the surface,
Looking around wondering what to do,
No help for an answer,
Even after calling out to you,

Despite riding high in life,
The world of money ticking along,
Praise and glory received from around,
The gift of the gab has truly got you far,

However deep down,
Under that surface of a confident person,
The perils of the heart,
Hang heavy on the mind that rest upon the shoulders,

Knowing that one love is always by your side,
And the love you long for is beyond this world,

The eyes have strayed,
The mind to follow soon after,
The attraction can be too much for the soul to contain,

Life at any moment could be chaos,
From personal thoughts to professionally profound,
Riding high yet deep down in turmoil,

Hanging from your heart you know what the answer is,
Too afraid to take it and make it real,
Knowing that others are too afraid to speak,
Speak their real mind,
And only say what everyone wants to hear,

Knowing deep down how you feel for someone,
And not being able to share it with them,
Hurts the most of all,

No matter how far the eyes have strayed,
They see the real you and the you they want to see,
It is the personality and the beauty combined,
That makes me think of you day by day,

Life on the floor continues,
The world wanting more glitz and glamour,
The show must go on as they say,
The smiles must continue,
The heart remains in the chest,
Still with the answer upon it,

One day my dear,
It will all become clear,
As clear as mud I fear.

18. The closet place to heaven I could be

I was the closet place to heaven I could be,
So high I was within the clouds,
As white as clean linen,
Quieter than ever I have been,

As I stand and see the view,
I thought of heaven,
And being with you,

As I took each step,
I could hear your voice,
Encouraging me on,
Visualising your smile,
To get me through the pain,

If this is what heaven is like,
I hope one day I will be here,
Here with you to share the views,

As the clouds break,
It feels like reality is all too close,
But I know where I feel so calm,

I was the closet place to heaven I could be,
With every thought of you,
Always one step ahead,
To keep me going,
To keep me believing.

19. If I.. #2

If I..
Remember correctly,
I once told you I loved you,
If I..
Think carefully,
I can tell you where I was,
If I..
Could go back,
And tell you again,
I would,
If I..
Never see you again,
Never get to speak to you,
Go back to the time,
I told you I love you,
If I..
Haven’t engrained that moment in your memory,
I failed,
If I..
Don’t think about you every day,
Then I can live a little more freely,
Heavy thoughts still remain,
If I..
Live beyond my sorrow,
For losing you,
For loving you,
If I..
Can forget you at all,
It would be a miracle,
If I..
Will just be that,
If forever more.

20. Many seasons in a day

Life is like the seasons,
You walk through life,
Each day feeling one season for another,

Some days you may feel like 4 seasons in one day,
Just like the weather you may walk in,
Just like the feelings to encounter in life,

From dry to sunny, / Nervous to exhilarated,
To rain to snow, / Happy to Sad

Life is like the seasons,
Like the feelings you experience every day,
Constantly changing,
Keeping you guessing to what’s next in life,

A change in the season,
Is sometimes not always for the bad,
A change can be good,
A new challenge,
A new season to grow and be alive.

21. Running

Stepping back from what I knew,
I run,
I hide,
Looking back I knew all too much,
I breathe heavily,
Resting my head against the wall,
Am I running from you,
Or the feelings I have for you?

I can run as fast as I can,
Hiding in the most obscure places,
Forever looking back,
Back at what there is,

But as I run,
I realise what I carry,
Within my heart,
Is what I’m running away from,

No matter how much I run,
How much I hide,
What I feel,
Is within me forever more,

So I stop for a second,
Look around,
Breathing heavily,
Slowly getting my breathe back,

I run,
But it does not help,

I confront what I feel,
But it does not help,

I imagine your eyes,
I look into your eyes,
No need to run or hide from here,

Yet here I am,
Running away from what I feel,

I cover my face with my hands,
I hide once more,
But not forever,

Do I run to you?
Or run away?

In either way,
Silence is awaiting me,
I wonder,
If this is what I’m really running from,

I will run,
I will hide,
In me I know what I feel.

22. Think

Constantly thinking what you think,
Because I don’t know what you think,
So I have to think about what you’re thinking,
Then I think that I don’t have a clue what to think,

If I could tell what you were thinking,
Then I would be calmer in what I think,
I only think about you,
And what you think of me,
But if you don’t think of me,
Please just tell me so I can think elsewhere,
Elsewhere to hide from the constant thoughts I think,

I will never stop thinking of you,
It’s too late to stop thinking,
I can only ever think of you more,
However if you do not think of me,
My thoughts that I think are ultimately wasted,

Thinking too much can hurt the mind,
And in turn too much thinking will hurt the heart,

Who would have thought thinking would be so complicated?
I know what I think,
I don’t know what you think,
If you tell me what you think,
I think it will hurt,
Hurt hard and make me think even more,

I will never stop thinking of you,
I will never stop liking you.

23. Slam the door

Please slam the door in my face,
It would make me feel better,

How about you also laugh,
While you slam the door,

Ask me to take a step forward,
So you know the door will hit me,

Please slam the door shut in my face,
At least I will know where I stand,

The slam of the door,
Would reverberate around my mind,
It would sound better,
Than the constant noise I hear,
Constant thoughts I have,

Please slam that door,
As hard as you can,
Shut me out forever.

24. Just let go

What would I be like if I just let go?
Left the rule book behind,
And not think of the consequences tomorrow,

Just let go and see what happens,
Let the rule book burn in the fire,
While I dance around it without a care,

Each day comes and goes,
Abiding by the rules,
And never see any gain,

Why see others take life with two hands,
And live like there is no rules,
Or a book to put them in,

From this they enjoy life,
Savour every moment,
Have fun without the thoughts,
Thoughts of tomorrow,
And what may occur,

What would I be like if I just let go?
Left the rule book behind.

25. Relentless Human

You’re relentless,
In what you do,
Day in, day out,
Never forfeiting,
Always helping,

Yet there comes a time,
When there is no more you can do,
Time to seek help,
Help to provide the support you need,

You’re relentless,
But still human after all,

You’ll always be helping,
Always proud of what you do,

But there comes a time,
When you can only do so much.

26. Irrelevant

It’s irrelevant to what I say,
Because my voice,
Is not strong enough,
To make me heard,

And when it is heard,
It is not believed,
Or understood,

I told you,
How I feel,
With nothing in return,
The promise,
Of voices to be exchanged,
To share what’s been said,

It’s all irrelevant,
Isn’t it?

What I say,
What I do,
What I think,

If it meant something,
Something would have been said,
Would have been done,
Thoughts would not have been let out,

It’s all irrelevant,
Isn’t it?

27. Beyond & into a new world

Beyond the mask,
Is a whole new world,
A world where I am me,
And you are true,

Beyond the mask,
Is how I see you,
And I am who you want me to be,

Beyond the mask,
I create the dreams we desire,
The dream of life and love,

Beyond this mask,
A whole new world is waiting,
For you and me,
To be next to each other,

Beyond this mask,
I wait for you,

Beyond this mask,
Is me,
Is the real me,
The person who is alive.

28. Poem

Is poetry that we write,
What we read,
Always come from the heart?

I can write from the heart,
Gain ideas from the world,
And write from a hypothetical view,

What is written,
What is read,
Could be looked at from many a view,
Absorbed in the wrong way,
In a different way to what was meant,

Is the poetry we write,
A mission,
A statement,
Or everything we believe?

29. Getting through life

In life,
You have to go through the shit to get to the other side,
No matter how much shit there is,
Even if it’s up to the knees,
You will have to get through it in life,
To get to the other side,
No one ever said life was easy,
If it were so easy,
What would we do each day?