‘The Dark Green Collection’- Volume 7 by Poet Jordan

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  1. Planet Earth
  2. With One Eye Open
  3. I will always like you
  4. Screaming into the fire
  5. The power of words
  6. Every Time
  7. Silence
  8. Photograph
  9. The Green Grass
  10. The Walk
  11. Howling Gust
  12. A Glimpse
  13. Stood Here
  14. Let Me
  15. Let Words Carry your Heart
  16. Aim
  17. Docks
  18. Cathedral
  19. Upon a Plate
  20. Technology
  21. sdrawkcaB
  22. Water Noise
  23. Setting Sun
  24. Regress
  25. Weather Mood
  26. Life
  27. Greeting
  28. Deemed Inappropriate?
  29. How I Feel
  30. Perfection

1. Planet Earth

The world is a stricken place,
Slowly we eat away at the good we have,

With every person who walks the earth,
A poisoned soul walks amongst us,
Willing to hurt another,
For what reason is to be unknown,

The world is shrinking,
As our feet multiply to walk on earth,
The world is smaller than it has ever been,

With our heart we should love,
With our hands we should create,
A world where we know we can be safe,

The earth we walk is a wise place,
Allowing us to breathe the air,
Enjoy the beauty it has created,

I fear the world we live is a changing place,
From era to era,
From one set of footsteps we follow another,

Remove the hate we have,
Replace it with a smile,
Trust another with your life,
Like you would want them to do with yours,

The world may take time to heal,
Time we don’t always have,
It may never be a balanced world,
We need to look after our world.

2. With one eye open

With one eye open,
I lie on my back,
Upon the green grass,
Basking in the spring sunshine,
Looking up at the sky,
I see the clouds fly by,
The breeze as light as the clouds,

To why I have just one eye open,
I don’t quite know,
Perhaps the world looks better,
Maybe it’s just a different view,

I know when I open my eyes,
Stand up from the grass,
I Look around,
Take a deep breath,
Then with a sigh,
With one eye open,

I lie back down,

The world wouldn’t have changed,

So I lie down,
With both eyes open,
I look back at the clouds,
And I wish they could take me away,
Scoop me up and carry me away,
To a place far away.

3. I will always like you

Whatever you go through,
Whatever you feel in this world,
I will always I like you,
We may never speak again,
Never laugh like the days gone by,
But I will always like you,

I watch the clock to reach the time,
Where I can close my eyes,
And dream of you,
Here I know I am with you,
In a place of a happy world,

Each day I think of you,
Yet you don’t know this,
And you’ll never read this to know,

Each glimpse of your eye,
Just takes me back to when I hugged you,
When I thought you felt the same,

I will always like you,
Care for you,

I’ll just have to learn,
To give,
And never receive.

4. Screaming into the fire

Screaming into the fire,
We can’t help but get hurt,
Heat of the flames getting ever closer,
Fear of reaching out,
The fear of feeling what’s real,
The fear of hearing what’s felt,

Screaming into the fire,
It’s like no one can hear you,
Despite the flames being in your mind,
They still hurt as if they were real,

Screaming into the fire,
I cannot give you any more,
I have told you everything,
The hurt will always be there,
Until you help me extinguish the flames.

5. The power of words

The power of speech is yours,
You choose what you want to do,

The spoken word is powerful,
The silent word is useless,

Power of speech is natural to some,
Others fear the power of words,

Given the choice I would prefer the power,
I have used the power of speech to say so much,

Yet the silent word hangs heavy on the mind,
Why be silent when there are words to be said?

The power of speech is yours,
The words you use are for the world to hear,
But if not the world then just for me.

6. Every time

Every time I think,
I have removed you from my mind,
You come running back,
To hold my hand,
Dragging me back,
To the era we were happy,
Running up that hill,

You keep returning,
You keep smiling,
You stay quiet,

You think the world continues,
Ignoring what is to be said,
What is to be sorted,

Like everything,
It’s easier to stay quiet,
Than to sort life out,

Every time I think,
You are gone,
You are actually there.

7. Silence

The silent hills remind me of the silence you prevail,
How sad it must be to sit alone and never speak,
I am here to listen and ponder to what is thought,
But sat on top of the hill I can hear your silence,

I am no angel but I am a human with a heart,
I deserve to be spoken to, if not written to,
I shall not rest until the day that you shift the silence,

The silent hills will always be a place of joy to me,
I know where my heart is and share with you all I can,
The painful silence is that of hearing nothing in return,
It’s like sending a letter and it being returned to sender,
Unlike the letter I cannot rip up the words I have said,

I am all for silence, to recover, to think, to regenerate,
But when in the hills and there is a problem to solve,
Staying silent upon the hill will do no good,
If no one shouts no one can hear to help you in your need,

I will await for the silence to break, shift, dissolve,
Until then the thoughts I have will remain with me,
To be civil, but not the natural self one can be,

The silence of the hills will never be painful,
The silence you share will always be painful to the core.

8. Photograph

Ever wanted to jump into a photograph,
To find out what’s happening,
Happening at that exact moment in time,
As the picture captures a moment,
Forever it can be seen,

No matter how much you stare,
The picture will never change,
That moment is a moment,
Whatever has changed since then will be,

Let the camera that has captured that moment,
Be forever in your heart,
The joy you had,
The experience you gained,

We all have photographs,
Captured forever,
Maybe forever wanting to jump,
Jump back to that moment,
Restart from that moment,
And change the course we call life,

Without the photograph,
We would forget moments in life,
And even if we remembered them,
The memory fades,
Yet the photograph outlives anything,

Never dwell upon an old photograph,
Remember the reason why it was taken,
What it shows for that moment in life,

Then open the door and breathe the air,
The world is in front of you,
Many more moments await,
They await to be captured,
There is no second chance,
This is your moment.

9. The Green Grass

The green grass,
May only be grass to you,
But it is the start of the path for me,
You may disregard the grass you walk upon,
For I it is the basis of the ground I walk to succeed,

The green grass makes up the view we see,
Adding it’s colour to the eyes that see,

Some may just see green,
I see each individual blade,
Each blade that holds my foot,
Upon the surface of the earth,
So I can move to the destination that I desire,

I wish I was as resilient as the grass I walk upon,
Sit upon to rest the weary legs,

The green grass may be just that,
However I see it as the start,
To the journey,
The challenge we face,
We choose to take.

10. The Walk

The journey to the start,
A bus ride so familiar,
Ridden many times,

A short walk to the start,
The walk ahead will take me away,
Form the world we are,
To the world I want to be,

The walk so simple,
But fills the mind with inspiration,
A slight climb,
Enough to pause to breathe easy,

Yet never walked with anyone,
Never walked with you,

Maybe I’ll never walk it with you,
In my mind you walk with me,
Every day,

We walk up the slight incline,
Hand in hand,

In reality,
I walk alone,
Think alone,

The path I take,
Never bores me,

I grew up going up this hill,
I’m still growing every day,
So I shall never be too old to walk,

I will always need to walk,
Clear the mind of the perils we face,

No hill is too high,
No hill is too easy,
It doesn’t have to be a challenge,
To gain the benefit of the views we see,

I like to walk,
With you or without,
I will walk until the day I die.

11. Howling gust

With the wind howling,
And the gulls gliding in the gust,
I sit and abide the time,
No day is greater,
As for today I write freely,

The wind hits the window,
I see the gusting gulls,
I am thankful for being indoors,

With an hour to go,
And the wind howling,
I spare the thought,
Do I need to brace the wind?

The answer is a resounding yes,
The comfort of home awaits,

No wind no matter how strong,
Will defy me from home,
The gulls may enjoy the gust,
I for one prefer the warmth,

If I could glide like the gulls,
I would glide all the way home,
Put the natural resource to use,

With the wind howling,
The cobwebs are cleared from here.

12. A Glimpse

All I need is a glimpse,
Of you,
How the warmth it brings,
Can never be described,
Only felt,
To reach out to you,
For the reach back,
A glimpse will do,
It will have to do,
For now,
Now is not tomorrow,
A glimpse,
Is always on the horizon,
A horizon I look forward to,

13. Stood Here

I’ll never understand why I’m stood here,
Waiting for you, to which you may never arrive,
The rain pours yet I still stand here,
Gripping the text book ready for the day,
The water seeps into every crevice there is,

Finally I give up all hope,
Start walking as I should have sooner,
Soaked to the bone for the remainder of the day,
I waited for you in every season that the day brought,

Some days were just not worth the wait,
Because you never arrived,
Nor did you wait for me,
Never returned was the time I waited for you,

Those cold days I thought you’d bring me warmth,
Never came,
Never did you really know how much time I spent on you,
The long days waiting is time gone, but not forgotten,

I’ll never understand why I’m stood here,
I was patient, often soaked,
Often I felt like linger here for too long,
Perhaps I should concentrated more on life,

But those days I waited, you arrived,
Made up for everything, made my day,
I knew it would be a good day, positive day,

Looking back, at what has been,
I’ll never understand why I’m stood here.

14. Let Me

Let me be,
Let me see,
The real you,

Let me know,
What you feel,

Let out the belief,
Let me be your belief,

Let me breathe,
Let me breathe with you,

Let me get to know you,
Let’s get to know one another,

Let me in,
Don’t keep me out,

Let me be,
Let me be with you.

15. Let Words Carry your Heart

Let words carry your heart,
Each and every word,
Let the words flow,
Like the heart,
Delivering the flow of blood,

Let words carry your heart,
Let them show what’s inside,
Free the heart,
Open out into a whole new world,

Let words carry your heart,
Use the words to describe what you feel,
Let it flow,
Let it make sense as you know it does.

16. Aim

Aim High, Fall Hard,
Aim Higher, Fall Harder,

Aim so high,
I cannot fall,

I cannot reach that high,
Therefore I cannot fall.

17. Docks

Historic docks,
With one or two stories to tell,
A haven for boats,
And as time has passed,
From working mills,
Comes abodes in plenty,
When frozen,
A place to skate for visiting birds,
With opportunities for a photo or two,
At times of hustle & bustle,
People are the blood of the docks,
Flowing, seeing, experiencing,
Historic as they may be,
The docks forever present,
Forever making history.

18. Cathedral

Captivating cathedral,
Standing tall,
Every time I walk past,
I am stunned at the beauty,
Never one for history,
But the history she holds,
I would listen to for hours,
Hundreds of years,
For it has stood,
I wish I could have seen the build,
People pass,
Never a wonder to what’s inside,
I wonder what I haven’t seen,
What lies beneath the surface,
What space is there to explore,
Warm to see,
But never warm to take a pew,
A service here,
Is like no other,
Sounds resonate,
But bass is not its friend,
A stunning building,
With more ponders,
Than some care to imagine.

19. Upon a plate

Here is my heart upon a plate,
I’m writing this to tell you,
Dam you if you don’t know,
What I have done to like you so,
With my heart upon a plate,
I am dead inside,
With nothing to keep me going,
I’m writing to tell you,
As we never speak to one another,
I realise the help I have to offer,
Isn’t what you want or need,
Here is my heart upon the plate,
Recycle it if you do not use it.

20. Technology

I have every piece of technology,
Available to use,
Ready and powered to go,

Yet something is wrong,

I can’t talk to you,
You who I want to speak,

Everything around me,
Becomes obsolete,

No matter what I do,
What I have,
I will never have you,
To hold,
To speak to,

Will give me the power,
But power is useless,
Without you.

21. sdrawkcaB

The world moves forward,
As I step backwards,
No matter how fast I go forwards,
I end up going backwards,
So backwards the world almost stops turning,
I realise I’ll never succeed to how I dream,
With moving forward,
The world must come with me,
I must move forward as one,
The mind must be level with the body,
If not slightly ahead.

22. Water Noise

Some days I need to get away,
The noise surrounds me,
It like a flood filled room,
Little room to move,
No way to escape,

As the room fills,
The panic sets in,
So I close my eyes,
Hoping the flood of noise retreats,

Once retreated,
The noise still reverberates,
By giving time,
It becomes silent once more,

Some days just need to be escaped,
Some days that just doesn’t happen,

The noise fills the room,
Like water flooding in,
This is just life,
No matter how much you stress,
We have to live in this world.

23. Setting Sun

When I say I love with you,
The sun never sets,

The sun keeps shining,
And I keep holding on to you,

Letting go is not an option,

Your memory is all I have left,
If I lose that then I lose you,
The sun sets,
And then I cannot say I love you.

24. Regress

When I told you I adored you,
I never thought it would be like this,
With the wind in my sail,
I clearly said too much,
With nothing from you,
I regress into why I spoke,
My thoughts never change,
But my heart wonders,
Never again shall I speak,
For it is hurt,
For it speaks little these days,
The wind has gone,
And my sail is still,
Only a thought of you,
Brings a breeze into my life,
But I regress,
My words I thought were joy,
Brought harm
To my own mind & body.

25. Weather Mood

Changes in the weather,
Can be as quick as the mood you feel,
Form one day of sun and joy,
To the next day,
Rain and wind hamper your day,

The mental picture,
Of the blue sky,
And the sun to match,
Stay at the front of the mind,
Forever trying to will you on,

The change in mood,
As quick as the weather,
Quicker than the ebb of the tide,

For I have only ever live,
To be on the happy side,

But just like the weather,
The ebbing tide,
That cannot be,

Influenced by you,
By others,
Even me,

The mood felt,
The feelings inside,
Change so rapidly,
It’s a wonder why,
I don’t know how to feel,

I wish for more settled weather,
The mood will calm,
A day or two of calm water,
The mind will think,
The mood shall be stable,

If you ever think,
The weather outside is irrelevant,
Take a step back,
As it is where we live,
And it is what makes us.

26. Life

The path is set,
The road is built,

No chance to change it,

So we walk this way,

With no parallel world,

We live here and now.

27. Greeting

Good day,
Hey you,

I love you,


28. Deemed Inappropriate?

Sitting dormant does me no good,
I sit there waiting for news,
But every day I hear nothing,
I cautiously think what to do,

So do I run out and find you,
Do I call to see how you are,

If I call,
This would be unusual?

I cannot call you,
Just for a talk,
Because we never have,

But what if I wanted to start?
What if I wanted to call you,
Just to speak to you?

To catch up,
Share thoughts of the day,
The week,
The current moment, now,

How this is seen as unusual,
Communication between,
You and I,

Would it be deemed inappropriate?
I think not,

Heaven forbid I speak,
Speak to who I like,

Speak to enjoy,
To hear a different voice of view,

I see it like this,
Everyone else like that,

I shall speak to you,
If never heard.

29. How I Feel

There are no words to describe,
How I feel about you,
The smile I see in you,
Is the skip that my heart feels,

If I tried to speak,
It would make no sense,
Such as the love I have for you,

The desire to join you,
To sit next to you,
And talk for hours,
Is forever a dream of mine,

As the world turns,
Time ticks by,
I will never let a moment pass,
Without you within my mind,

Love is strange,
Effecting you in many a way,
But when you can’t control it,
What is one meant to do?

With my heart,
Wanting to break out of my chest,
Run to you,
Kiss you,
Tell you all shall be ok from now,

However that is out of my control,
A narrow world we live,
Without being questioned,
Help from me is worthless,
Whatever I show,
How I show it,
There is no point,
No control,
No belief anymore,

There are no words to describe
How I feel for you,
And now way to show you.

30. Perfection

Moments away from perfection,
Days away from perfection,
Weeks away from perfection,

That is how close it was,
How life was perfect,
Living the dream,
Rather than living in a dream,

How within a flicker of time,
A flicker of an action,
All can change,

Moments, days, weeks,
All but become obsolete,
Become history,

Never will I be so close again,
How close is unforgiveable,

Now I know,
What to expect from perfection,

It now just depends,
If I will ever get there again.