‘The Hill Above’ – Volume 9 by Poet Jordan

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  1. The bike she use to ride
  2. Progressing Era
  3. Remember this
  4. I Never Knew
  5. Sunshine
  6. In Our Eyes
  7. Walking Back
  8. How did I not notice
  9. The Hill
  10. Where are you now, Where are you now?
  11. Holding back
  12. Twitch / Depression
  13. About the other day…
  14. Sit back (and enjoy the ride)
  15. Today
  16. After All
  17. You, I & Everyone
  18. Who makes the world turn
  19. Untitled / Random
  20. A Love Poem
  21. Living in Memories
  22. The Usual Day
  23. Physical Love
  24. Drawn to you
  25. The Party Begins
  26. Natural
  27. Belong
  28. Get Back Up

1. The bike she use to ride

As he stared at the bike she use ride,
It stood against the wall,
Very still unlike it use to be,

It hadn’t been touched for years,
Not since the passing of the life that once road it,
Along the country lanes she use to ride,
I saw her daily as I walked the path,
The path to the view,
The view with many memories,

We use to enjoy that view,
Our first kiss was there,
After courting for many weeks,
I saw something in her,
I had never seen before,

We cycled in the lanes,
Wind in the hair,
Without a thought for anyone else,

One day I’ll restore that bike,
To the beauty once like it’s owner,
Yet it would bring back many memories,
Of all being good times had,

With the bike against the wall,
I still imagine her collecting it to ride,
Swift like a summer’s breeze,
She’d be away and riding,

One day it’ll be ridden again,
When I have the courage to remember the memories,
Why the need for courage you may ask?
If all the memories were good,
Then remember now and forever more,

The truth is I want to remember the memories,
But it just makes me fill with sadness,
That I miss her so much each day,
No matter how much I remember,
She won’t be back to collect her bike,

I will restore her bike one day,
I’ll ride it to the views,
Through the lanes,
Like we use to do,
Remember her like she was still here,

Her bike is resting,
Just like she is now,
I have no doubt she’s riding in heaven,
Willing me on to ride that bike again,

To feel the wind in the hair,
I will do so one day,
And when the time comes,
We’ll ride together again,
In heaven above.

2. Progressing Era

As the era progresses,
I want to run further back,
The way the era is going,
I do not see where I am going,

Looking back I saw the path,
The path I was meant to follow,
I was with you and we lived,

The era is at the point of unknown,
From here where does it go?

The mighty hills look good to hide,
But one day I’d have to come back,

The era progresses,
And the longer it is without you,
Life becomes driftwood,
Floating away never knowing,

I will run back to the beginning,
Beginning of the era,
The era that defined everything,
And do many things differently,

Starting by running,
With you from the hills,
Into life as we see it fit.

3. Remember this

When I realised it was over,
I never wanted to go outside,
It seemed such a big place,
And I knew you were out there somewhere,

As I looked from the window,
All I could see was a passing car,
The odd walker on their way,

I sat and waited by the telephone,
Expecting you to call at any moment,
As it turns out that I was waiting for nothing,
Nothing came,
No one telephoned,

I knew you were out there somewhere,
And I couldn’t do anything about it,

Even today I head out of the door,
Knowing that one day I will see you again,
Albeit the chances are few and far between,
But you are there, you are living life,

I still look out of the window,
See the world go by,
And I wonder if…

But then I remember this:

Life goes on,
We make today our history,
Tomorrow never comes,
We forever live in the present.

4. I Never Knew

I never knew what it was,
That funny feeling I felt,
It came and went,
Just like the day and the night,
But I never knew what it was,

When it appeared it felt so nice,
At times I didn’t know how to be,

I did not know where it came from,
Or what it was that made me feel like this,
Something so strong could not be unreal,

Then one day it all came to,
I looked up and you sat next to me,
I was feeling this funny sensation,
It became stronger when I looked at you,
Yet the feeling did not fade when I thought of you,

How did it take so long for me to know,
That you were the one that made me feel like this,

I had to stand back and think to what this means,
Such strange feelings for so long,
And at times I did not know what it meant,
Do they mean the same then as they do now?
So many questions without answers,
The heart starts to beat uncontrollably,

Once calm and I think a little more,
More controlled and more deeply,
Looking around,
There is nothing else that makes me feel this way,

I decide to wait and see what happens,
Why act so quickly,
When there is more to find out from within,

Time goes on and it is the same time and time again,
Every time I see you it’s the same feelings,
At times I just do not speak,
I am silenced by what I am feeling,

It is you these feelings are for,
I never knew how strong they were,

Now I am stunned,
Staring at you in awe,
Never would I thought I would feel like this,

About you,

About how much I love you.

5. Sunshine

The morning rises,
A chill surrounds the air we’re in,
Rumours of a warm sunny day are all around,

As the morning goes on,
The sun slowly but surely breaks the clouds,
Breaking them apart to reveal the sun’s rays,

The earth starts to warm,
The temperature rises,
The chill soon departs to give a glorious day,

We bask in the sunshine,
Providing us with energy for the day ahead,
And a new lease of happiness,

We bask in the sun, spreading joy,
The clouds have retreated,
It’s time to be free,

It’s amazing what bit of sunshine can do,
From dull to happy,
That’s Sunshine!

6. In Our Eyes

In our eyes the world is reflected,
The world is viewed in every eye,

Only taking in what you want to see,
And sometimes seeing what you never want to see,

You can look away,
Close your eyes,
But the world will still be there,

In our eyes the world is how we see it,
What we see we can act upon,
To make the world a better place,

After all, it is our world,
And our eyes have to see the world.

7. Walking Back

Walking back to the place that made you happy,
Each step you take,
You get a little younger,
A little less wiser (but that came with age),

How far you walk is up to you,
How far back do you have to go,
To find a place when you were happy,
Nevertheless each step you get a little younger,

Walking back you live in memory lane,
Going through ups and downs,
Remembering things you thought were gone,
By the end of the walk,
It’s worth going through everything again,
To get back to that place of happiness.

8. How did I not notice

How did I not notice,
The love that was there,
It was for you,

I looked for so long,
For where it was meant to be,
How did I not notice,

It seemed lost in the wide world,
With so many people,
Many thoughts flew around,
Not noticing something so obvious,
Is a worry,

Yet a relief if not surprising,
I may have gone through life,
Without ever noticing at all,

But here I am,
At a place where I have noticed,
Ready to live upon what I realise,

How did I not notice,
I do not know,
For after so long without notice,
I have now.

9. The Hill

No matter what angle I see you from,
It’s still a beautiful view,
From afar, from a distance,
I long to walk to you,
Climb to the top of your world,

No matter how many times I’ve seen you,
You always appear magical to me,
A beautiful hill,
With views to match,

My only regret,
Is that I never walk with you,
As much as I should,

Always there,
The hill that inspires a mind,
You’ll always be there,
Waiting to be walked,

The highs and lows,
Just like walking with you,

The highs and lows,
Like life itself,

I’ll never get bored of looking out for you,
You’re beautiful just like the memories.

10. Where are you now, Where are you now?

Where are you now,
Where are you now?

Are you happy in the world you live,

Does it take time to think of me,

Do even ever think of me,

Or is life that far gone,

I’m just a mere speck in the line of life,

Why did I let you go,

To be free,

I keep saying to myself,

To be free,

That is why I let you go,

Where are you now,
Where are you now?

I can only imagine your world,

Is a beautiful place to be,

Never a thought of me,

Never time to reminisce,

So where are you now,

Where could I have been,

If I had never let go,

It’s time to go,

Too much time to think,

You’re free,

You’re free,

That’s why I let you go,

Like a bird you flew away,

Where are you now,
Where are you now?

I don’t think I’ll ever know,

You’ll never know,

I still think of you,

With a smile,

And hope life is all but well.

11. Holding back

I want to go,
Let me go,
I need to go,

Don’t hold me back,
Take your hands off,
I have to go,

Stop holding me,
I cannot miss this,
You’re grip is too tight,

I beg you to let go,
I cannot reach if you keep hold,

I need to go,
This is not where I want to be,
I want to let go,

Just let go!

12. Twitch / Depression

Like a twitch it never goes away,
Always there,
Always close to you,

No matter what you do,

It is there,
It’s hard to live with,
But somehow it is lived with,

Like the twitch,
It is a reminder,
That life is not perfect,

Happiness could surround you,
The mindset of one is all but wrong,

All but here,
But never there,

Life goes on,
With nothing or no none to care.

13. About the other day…

The eyes open at the break of dawn,
With a rub of eyes I realise the day is here,
I look around and I now know the time is right,
Up I get for the day ahead,

After starting the day I put on my walking shoes,
I pause for thought in what I am to do, to say,
My head and my conscience are clear,
Just like the plan for the day,

For the day ahead I need something to help the mind,
The trusty iPod will get me through,
With a tune to fit any occasion, feeling or moment,

I walk out the door and the day is bright,
The walk is on and I see the route in my mind,
Across the land I shall walk,
Yet the surroundings could be more interesting,
Passing through areas of concrete,
Before reaching the green pastures of joy,

However the aim of this walk is not to see,
But to say what I have meant to say for ages,

As I walk along the summer sun is in full blaze,
The rays give me the energy, if not a little sunburn,
The music plays in my ears, encouraging me on,
Blocking out the day to day noise of the traffic,

I check the time and I make good progress,
Here today time means nothing,
But I better make sure I leave time for progress,

Mid way through the walk I pause for breath,
A sip of the drink and the change of a song,
A cloud has covered the sun, Only briefly,
But a welcomed cloud to rest the sunned skin,

I walk on, push on, to get to where I am headed,

As I reach the outer city,
The world becomes greener, a happier place,
From here I leave the roads,
Entering onto a rough road and a track or two,

Here is when I realise what I am about to do,
Why I have come all this way,

The sun appears stronger than ever,
I walk along the path, I hear a gentle rustle of the trees,
With the trees to provide cover from the sun,
A cool breeze flows along the country path,
Cooling me down after such a mammoth walk,

Just another short distance to walk,
Past the cottage and through the field,
Avoids walking round to the track,
Albeit on a wet day the track is preferred,

I walk up to the stables from the field,
Climbing the gate I see no sign of life,
Apart from the animals running around,

I catch my breath,
Then I hear noise from around the corner,
My heart starts to beat faster,
No time for a still heart today it would seem,
One day I’m sure that will catch up with me,

As I appear from the corner,
I see who I have travelled all this way for,
With her back to me she carries on,
I smile and take a deep breath for the final time,

I call her name and I startle her a little,
Soon she turns and smiles,
She seems pleased to see me,

I forgot to mention,
It’s been a little while since we met up,
The other day,
From a moment we were friends,
It all turned peculiar when we had a moment,
A moment I realised I had to do this,

“Hi!” I said, “Sorry to make you jump”,
“That’s ok, just wasn’t expecting to see you”, said with a broad smile,

We caught up a little more,
Nattering on about this that and everything,
So natural we spoke,
So pleasant it is to hear her voice,
For hours I could speak to her,
And not regret for any moment the time spent listening to her,

I was about to take the plunge and speak of what I needed to say,
I could see in her eye that she wanted to talk,
She knew why I was here, but not what I was about to mention,
Now I hoped she would want to hear of what I have to say,
But how do you start such an important topic,
Well, here goes,

“About the other day….” I said,

Her eyes lit up before shyly looking at the floor and said, “I thought you might be here about that”,

“I’m actually here as I want to see you more than anything, speak to you”, I said nervously,

“Sorry if I made you feel awkward, I wasn’t sure what to do”, as she twiddled her thumbs,

She refers to the moment we stared and looked at one another the other day,
Our eyes glaring at each other, head and noses touching, one step away from a kiss,

“It wasn’t awkward at all, almost perfect! Shame we were interrupted”.
At this moment I was in complete awe of her, her eyes gleamed!

A moments silence followed, but a short moment at that,

She said, “I never thought you liked me in that way!?, we’ve known each other for such a long time”.

At this moment I moved closer, smiling and with so much to say I had to calm myself,

“I’ve always liked you! From being a friend and as we’ve grown so has the feelings I have for you” – I feel relieved at this point,
But I carry on; “I don’t know what you feel but that moment the other day was the best thing to ever happen”.

She smiled and moved closer to me,
We held hands standing in front of each other,

“I like you too, how could I not!” Standing there with almost a tear in her eye,
“I just thought someone like you would never like someone like me”,

We embraced in a soft gentle hug,
She was warm, just like I had imagined,
I felt secure in her arms, this felt so right,

I said, “I never thought someone like you could like me, you’re beautiful”,

At that moment we our noses were touching again,
This time the perfect moment happened,
We kissed, we held each other,
Soft, beautiful, nothing else mattered,

From here we knew what we both felt,
My walk was worth every step,
Every moment from the waking day,
I knew this was meant to be,

The walk was worth everything,
Even if it wasn’t to have the happy ending,
She would have known how I feel,

The walk home seemed a bit too much after today,
A long beautiful day,
Not one more step I could take for now,

So I caught the bus instead.

14. Sit back (and enjoy the ride)

Sit back and enjoy the ride,
Cos you’re not getting off,
No matter how hard you try,

Whichever way life takes you,
That’s the way that you go,
You gotta fight for your right to live,

Up and down just like the ride,
Life isn’t as straight forward as you think,

Sit back and enjoy the ride,
Get a good book to read,
Cos it’s gonna be a long journey,

And when it’s your time to get off,
Leave the book behind,
The next person will need something to read,

It’s the ride of your life,
But whichever way it takes you,
You need something,
Or someone,
To get you through.

15. Today

Today I woke up with hope in my heart,
I dreamt of you and the joy you brought,
My eyes gleamed from the moment they opened,

Today I woke up with love in my heart,
A bright day ahead with no sigh in sight,
No clouds in the sky to cover the beauty of the day,

Today I woke up in a mass of excitement,
Thinking of you after dreaming the night away,
You’ve taken my breath away with all the excitement,

Today I woke up and I will see you again,
My dreams are answered once again,
My thoughts are inspired and replenished,

Today I woke up with the world at my feet,
From which I intend to walk until my final day,
With you as my inspiration, guide and hope.

16. After All

After all I am who I am,
I am who you see,

After all,
I cannot change the way I think,
I can be influenced,
But what I truly feel is known deep down,

After all the life lived so far,
I gain the knowledge of life,
Without knowing everything there is to be known,

After all for people who look at me,
Make up their own mind of what they see,
I am who you see,
What you hear from me,
Will change your view maybe,

After all,
I am here and I think and feel what I do,
Why live life constrained to what others want,
What they feel,
It may not always be right,

After all,
My life is here to be lived,
As much as possible,
And after all I want you to live yours.

17. You, I & Everyone

You fall in love with the person,
And not just their looks,

You connect with them,
Rather than just hosting them,

You believe in them,
Not just believe in yourself,

You reach out for them,
In every moment of their need,

I fell in love with you,
And not just your looks,

I connected with you,
Rather than being a host,

I believe in you,
Forever more than I believe in myself,

I reach out for you,
In times of need, or just every day,

Everyone falls in love with someone,
And not just someone’s looks,

Everyone has someone to connect with,
Rather than being a host to someone,

Everyone believes,
Because there is more to believing in just themselves,

Everyone reaches out,
To help and support.

18. Who makes the world turn

Who makes the world turn,

Is it you?

Or is it me?

How about we turn the world together,
Make the world a different place,

Turn it holding hands,
So we know how fast we go,

Through the light of the day,
And the dark of the night,
We’ll stand next to each other,
And make the world turn,

Who makes the world turn,
We do!

19. Untitled / Random

You see the dream,
You see me,
You see,
You see,
You see me,
You see me to,
You see me to believe.
You don’t see the dream,
You don’t see me,
You don’t see,
You don’t,
You don’t,
You don’t see,
You don’t see me,
You don’t see me to,
You don’t see me to believe.

20. A Love Poem

It could be short,
Or could be sweet,

The poem could talk about you,
Or even refer to you,

In all honesty,
It’s irrelevant in what it says,
Between the start and the end,

As long as it says,

I love you,

What else could you need to know?
Many things you might say,

Why you? Well…

Your personality is heart warming,

The smile upon your face is what makes me smile,

The connection we have,

Because you are beautiful,

I love you.

21. Living in Memories

I live in memories,
Jumping from one to the next,
Hopping from one year to another,

Surrounded by them,
They are here, Everywhere!

Never blocking current memories,
Just reminding how life has been,
And how to create a better future for all,

Some memories stand out more than others,
But yet the other memories are still there,
Waiting in the wings ready to be thought of,

We all live in memories,
Every day we create our own,
And we dream too of ones to create.

22. The Usual Day

The usual day starts with the night before,
A final thought of you before I close my eyes,

The first thought in the morning is of you,
The smile it brings to my face when I think of you,
Nothing gets me ready for the day,
More than a thought about you,

As I get ready for the day,
I think of you as if I were to see you,
I’d like you to see me in my smartest state,

However I am not always in such a way,
Some days the busy tolls of life take their way,
Like the usual day does,

I drive along I wonder what the day will bring,
The mind has plenty to concentrate on, work on,
Just for a split second,
I wonder what you’ll be doing while I am so far away,
While I am here thinking of you, albeit brief,

Sitting at my desk I write an email,
Wishing I was sending one to you,
The usual daily process but yet thinking of you,

At the end of the day after all the work is done,
It’s time to go,
Time to be on the move once again,

From here to there,
Always something that sparks a thought,
From the morning till noon,
Forward to the afternoon and evening,

I sit in the evening after a busy day,
And ponder whether to talk to you,
Sometimes it feels right,
Other times it is jus time to rest and think,

The usual day ends once again,
The usual manic ways of life continue,
But it’s ending never changes,
Ending how it started,
Thinking of you.

23. Physical Love

Can you ever love someone so much,
Even without kissing them?
Making love to them?

(Of course there is unconditional love,
Such as for family, This goes without saying,
And albeit a different topic,)

The love we all look for,
The one the books, poems & films are based on,
What our hearts strive for,

Can it be so that we never love physically,
But every emotion we have is the love for one?

Love forever makes the heart fonder for someone,
Can it be so without ever being physical?

Such a question ponders many answers,
Many views in which I don’t think there is one answer,

Does love have to be physical?
True love I mean,
Can you love without holding hands, kissing, making love?

Of course you can care for someone beyond this world!
There is nothing that can be in your way to show you care,

Either way, Love is there.

24. Drawn to you

Drawn to you,
Like a moth to a flame,
Just without getting hurt,
I’m drawn to you,
By the positive light you shine,
Moving ever closer.

25. The Party Begins

The party begins,
And in only have one thought on the mind,
I wanna dance with you,

The music plays,
The people chatter loudly above the music,
Conversation is good all around,

Each good song I hear,
Inspires me on to ask you to dance,
The only thing holding me back,
Is my rigid, dance-less figure,

Perhaps a drink or two will loosen the joints,
Get the dancing muscles moving,

The party goes on,
The music plays and the good vibes felt,

We never danced together,
However everyone had a dance,
Even my funky dance moves made an appearance,

The party begins,
And continues,
Maybe next time I’ll dance with you.

26. Natural

Love is natural,
And so are you.

27. Belong

You belong with me tonight,
Every night and Every day.

28. Get Back Up

I’ve fallen for you,
Fallen a long way,
I just don’t think,
I’ll get back up.

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